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Toxic fears for Senegal recyclers

Senegal urgently needs to decontaminate areas in and by the capital, Dakar, where hundreds of people have been exposed to lead poisoning, the UN says.

The warning followed a World Health Organization investigation into the deaths of a number of children in an area where lead batteries are recycled. It found very high concentrations of the toxic metal both outside and inside homes in Thiaroye Sur Mer town.

The WHO said many children showed evidence of neurological damage. The health officials say those affected break apart car batteries to resell the lead. About 950 people living in the Dakar district of NGagne Diaw were continuously exposed through ingestion and inhalation of lead-contaminated dust, the WHO said.

What comment can you do when they poison earth?

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UN’s food agency a waste of money

An African leader has dismissed the UN’s food agency as a “waste of money” and called for it to be scrapped.

President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal spoke out days after the UN announced an emergency plan to bring soaring world food prices under control. Mr. Wade said the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was itself largely to blame for the price rises.

His comments came as bakers in Nigeria began a week-long national strike in protest at the cost of flour and sugar. Some global food prices have nearly doubled in the past three years, provoking riots and other protests in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

A bitter truth coming from the one who lives the problem?

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WHO 60th anniversary: our health, our future

Today marks the 60th anniversary of WHO. This special occasion presents WHO with an opportunity to celebrate achievements in global public health over the last 60 years, demonstrate the impact of WHO’s work and address challenges for the future.

WHO’s 60th anniversary celebrations (WHO60) consists of a variety of activities and events that will continue to unfold throughout the year, covering a range of public health issues and particularly emphasizing issues linked to WHO’s six-point agenda.

WHO: www.who.int/en/

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