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Water without frontiers by Thanos Kalamidas

ovicover_22_03_16Air, water, food. Without those three no life. It’s simple as that. And there is a reason water stands in the middle. Look at the latest space adventures. We want to go to Mars, we are talking about settlers or Mars and we look desperately for water. Any sign of water. Water will bring air and food. With a lot of help but it is achievable. Any planet with signs of water means life.

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered and up to 60 percent of the human adult body is water. The human brain and heart are composed of 73 percent water, and the lungs are about 83 percent water. The skin contains 64 percent water, muscles and kidneys are 79 percent, and even the bones are watery: 31 percent. Each day humans must consume a certain amount of water to survive. Of course, this varies according to age and gender, and also by where someone lives. Generally, an adult male needs about 3 litters per day while an adult female needs about 2.2 litters per day. Some of this water is gotten in food.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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Cleveringa and the GWP Change Agenda

gw02The Executive Secretary of GWP, Rudolph Cleveringa, says that GWP as a network needs to change: “We can’t use the same agenda as we did 20 years ago”. Approaching World Water Day 2016, Cleveringa takes a moment to reflect on GWP’s 20 years in the water world and talks about his vision on how to make the network fit for the future – local inclusion and diversity are words he uses to make his point.

Rudolph Cleveringa has been working at the GWP global secretariat in Stockholm, Sweden, since September 2014. Prior to this, he spent over a decade working for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) based in Rome, Italy – and throughout the years he has lived and worked in several countries and continents, mostly in jobs related to water and development.

“In the late 60’s I read a pocket book about water and development by a French author. This triggered my interest in water and led me to study agro-hydrology and engineering. Later I switched from engineering to social engineering, because I wanted to understand what made projects work for people in the context of the countries where I was living.”

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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March 22nd, Water Day

Water is life!

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Mexico’s water supplies

Mexico is to make a major investment in water projects to try to guarantee that at least 95% of the population has access to clean drinking water by 2012. President Felipe Calderon said the government would invest $21bn (£10.6bn) to expand supply networks and to improve drainage and water treatment.


The aim was to work for the sustainable development of Mexico, he said. A key challenge is Mexico City, home to 20 million people, which suffers both water shortages and flash floods.

“There is an imbalance between the availability of water, population growth and economic development,” said President Calderon as he unveiled the investment program during a visit to the state of Hidalgo. Mexico’s population, currently some 106 million, had quadrupled in the last 55 years, he said, with people tending to concentrate in urban areas where provision of drinking water was more expensive.

Mexico needs too many thing to escape the misery but water is a good beginning as long it starts!


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Today the Ovi magazine says Water is Life!

Water is life! Water is capital! by Leila Dregger

The development of a lake landscape as a model for the ecological regeneration of the Alentejo.

The IT Tsunami Wave rolls into China by Valerie Sartor
Cyrill Eltschinger, celebrated author of ‘Source Code China’, confessed that he wrote his book out of personal frustration: he wanted to advertise to the world what China has to offer from a software/high tech perspective.

Please Release Min Wa, a Burmese Refugee by Rohingya Human Rights
Min Wa was arrested by Bangladesh Rifles during the evening of 16 July, 2005, from his family home, while he was enjoying dinner along with his wife and only daughter…

I Parlamentari europei: un po’ svogliati, a volte. E non tutti onesti by Newropeans-Magazine
Ogni tanto – un po’ per curiosita, un po’ per divertimento, un po’ anche per senso del dovere – visito i siti delle istituzioni europee: e la parte piu democratica e trasparente dell’UE, ed e anche quella che funziona meglio.


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