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Brown to meet Wall Street bankers

Why? Is he applying for a new job? Gordon Brown will tell Wall Street bankers to reveal their financial losses quickly during his three-day trip to the United States. Mr. Brown believes the move is necessary to help end a global credit crunch.

He will begin his stay by having breakfast at the United Nations with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The prime minister will also be meeting President George W Bush and Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke to discuss problems with the world market.

Later in the week Mr. Brown plans to meet presidential hopefuls Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain to talk about bilateral relations between Britain and the US. He told the Wall Street Journal of plans to capitalize on English’s dominance as the international language, with the British Council and American organizations offering to help anyone in the world who wanted to learn to speak it.

Now I’m sure, the man is looking for a new job and to immigrate to US the same time!!!

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