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There Are No Leaders by David Sparenberg

tree01_400_03I can talk of myself and speak of various activities I engage in, giving myself partial identity through these engagements.  Some of what I do I might even excel at.

Before the values of Big Money, I am next to nothing.  Before the suits and masks of the powerful and those who hold the strings of puppet-politics, I am nobody, a socially invisible speck, a mere murmur passing unheard into the obscenity of silence.

I recognize that I walk differently, am moving in a different direction to rhythms of a different drum.  My heart might even be echoing heartbeats from the fiery core of the ancient Earth.   My Earth-walk is in the DreamMaker way.  Now I turn to people.

Underneath the tedious disguises of society, in the forever ever-ripening dream of freedom, we are identical.  I come to you—to you and to others reachable at near-distance: I look into your eyes this moment and lift my hands in the gesture of exchanging gifts.

The world is serious—a serious, ambiguous, threatening and threatened place—on threshold tipping lives and species into uncertain futures.  There are no leaders.  Those who pretend to be have no real answers.  Here we are.

This is you, this me—words like harvest fruit in our mouths: the danger, the extravagance, the ordinary, and the possible.

One act of beauty might become the universal increase of giving.  One prayer together might save from extinction the archangel of the Earth, or reconnect us to the sacredness of life.


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The Observable Abysmal Incompetence of Trump’s First 100 Days by Dr. Emanuel Paparella

Donald Trump is very proud of the fact that, as a business man, he knows how to negotiate and make deals. But the crucial logical question is this: how well does he know what he is negotiating? Were we to attempt to answer that question judging by the first 100 days in office, we’d soon discover an abundance of sheer incompetence. Evan business leaders are beginning to acknowledge as much. Trump himself has declared recently that he didn’t think the job would be so hard. That’s a narcissist’s mode of acknowledging ignorance and incompetence, not to speak of corruption.

E.g., the administration has scrambled to come up with the outline of a tax plan that’s more or less the same as the one that has been on Trump’s website for months now: cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 to 15 percent, slashing individual tax rates across the board, and expanding the standard deduction, big-league. This attempt to create the illusion of progress is a longtime Trump tactic.

Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” brags about how he supposedly tricked Holiday Inn into going into business with him on a casino by having construction crews dig holes and fill them up, making it look as if he was already building it when he wasn’t. But assuming that worked then – maybe they thought it was a good deal except for the fact that Trump’s workers seemed so inept? – it can’t now.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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The Creepy Bungling Inspector Clouseau-like Relationship between Trump and the US Spy Agencies by Dr. Emanuel Paparella

Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rep. South Carolina, has dubbed the relationship of President Trump to the US spy agencies to a Dr. Clouseau investigating himself. He is probably on to something considering the various bungling self-defeating and incompetent ways by which  the House has so far been conducting the Russia dealings investigation.

It remains an entertainingly funny reality show controlled by the White House but it feels as if it could change on a dime and turn into a sad ugly tragedy. The question arises: is control slipping away from Trump prompting him to challenge agencies’ integrity and alleging that (in collusion with former president Obama) they monitored his presidential campaign?

papar01_400_02It is well known that counter-allegations have surfaced of Trump’s White House funneling secret intelligence reports to top Republicans investigating its ties to Russian officials as well as the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. These investigations, if proven, will seriously threaten his presidency. They also may reflect a deepening distrust of the intelligence community among Trump’s political advisers who remain bungling amateurs when it comes to classified information and covert programs. Michael Hayden, former CIA head and the National Security Agency has quipped lately that those bunglings “reveal a chasm of ignorance about how stuff is done.

It is also well known that Trump, with the backing of political advisers Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, initially sought to put Wall Street billionaire Stephen Feinberg in charge of a review of the intelligence agencies. An early assessment of the review suggested the elimination of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, (the umbrella agency created after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks) in order to better streamline and coordinate intelligence. At least that was the official rationale. The oversight agency was simply an unnecessary bureaucracy that ended up manipulating and distorting information. Now, however, the operative words are no longer “dismantle” the intelligence agencies, but “trim and optimize” to better make them manageable. The question arises: manageable by whom?

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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The House-Whites of Washington and the democrats of USA by Thanos Kalamidas

americ01_400It is over a month since Donald Trump’s enthronement in Washington DC and after the first hit, democrats seem to have moved from denial to acceptance and now reaction. Actually I found that there was a certain level of hypocrisy during the denial period from the Democrats. After preaching Trump for so long before the elections that he has to accept the outcome whatever that is when he actually won they flagged the …popular vote and the “not my president”. And I would definitely understand their anger and that they felt cheated if the electoral system was something new. But it wasn’t. Clinton, Obama and so many others before were elected with the same electoral system. So, how is it cheating now and never was before? Is exactly the same electoral system, isn’t it?

But …water under the bridge. They crossed their denial period in a month and they moved to reacting. The American Democrats. The American Democrats or the American democrats? It’s not the same, is it? I actually feel that while American Democrats have accepted that Trump is the 45th US President, they have started employing Tea Party policies and they aim for the 2018 elections targeting a Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) with a Democrat majority which will cripple Trump’s administration, the American democrats are still numb trying to find their way in this mess.

The average American – doesn’t matter what she or he voted – I have the feeling that is not divided but forced to choose between two radically opposite sides that divide him/her. From the one side is Donald Trump and the ruling Trumpist Republican Party with all the sub-Trumpists like the Tea Party, the “bikers for Trump” or the wild west supporters of the second amendment among others; authoritarians, fascists, racists, Nazis, prejudice, ignorant, haters, Russian puppets or at least this is what the media and the Democrats tell them. On the other side are the liberals and the Democratic Party or the raving feminists, the former communists, the anarchists, the pro-abortion, the against law and order, the pro uncontrolled immigration, the trouble makers, the marihuana smokers, the big brother supporters, the Hollywood elitists, the overrated academics, the fake news or at least this is what the Republicans, Fox News and the Trumpists tell them.This is a propaganda game Bannon and his nazi-style methods win at the moment.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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The Rattlin’ Tattlers by Leah Sellers

Rattle !  Rattle ! Whirrrrr !  Rattle !
Ka-boom !  Ka-boom !
“Come on outta’ your Hidey Holes, you Rattlin’ Tattlers !  You do not Rule the Roost here !  I, King Clyde, follower of the Trumpian Way, Rule over this here Chicken Coop  !  And not just this Chicken Coop, but the whole ding-dang-dong Chicken Yard “

Rattle !  Rattle !  Whirrrrr !  Rattle !

Ka-boom !  Ka-boom !

cats01_400“Clyde ?!  Clyde ?!  Put that gol’durned shot gun down for just a minute, will ya’ ?  It’s Sam.  I wanna’ come on into the Chicken Coop to talk without gettin’ my head blown off !”

“Why, sure, Sam !  Come on in, Pardner.  I could sure use some help knabbin’ these ‘ole Rattlin’ Tattlers !  You got your pistol with ya’ ?  Come right on,
in !

Sam slowly and cautiously opened the Chicken Coop’s holey and tattered door to discover his old childhood friend standing in the middle of the Chicken Coop naked as a Jaybird.

“Clyde, where are your clothes ?  What in the heck is goin’ on with you,
Boy ?  Do you understand how crazy all of this looks right now ?  You have got Lillian and the kids scared to death.”

“So, she called you to come on over here to get me in line, did she ?”

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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Fears at Munich: The Mattis Pitch on NATO by Dr. Binoy Kampmark

While the US commander-in-chief finds the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance something of an obsolete joke, and a costly one at that, his own appointment as Defence Secretary James M. Mattis was singing a different tune in Munich.

matis01_400The occasion was that of the Munich Security Conference, the 53rd no less, advertised as “a key annual gathering for the international ‘strategic community’” and founded as the “Internationale Wehrkunde-Begegnung.”

After being introduced by German Defence Minister Ursula Von der Leyden, Mattis reiterated a line he seems he can stick with: Trump “too espouses NATO’s need to adapt to today’s strategic situation for it to remain credible, capable and relevant.” The interpretation there was elementary: European states had to engage in more convincing acts of binge spending on defence.

Moving onto the lingo of watered down geopolitics, Mattis then claimed that, “We all see our community of nations under threat on multiple fronts as the arc of instability builds on NATO’s periphery and beyond.” Nothing like a good jolt of fear to beef military budgets.

MSC chairman Wolfgang Ischinger had set the tone on the sentiment ahead of the receptions, the panels and the strategic love-in. “Instead of waiting in fear of the next Trump tweet, we Europeans should lay the foundations for a Europe that is strong, capable of taking action and committed to Western values.”

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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Is There Still Time Left To Save American Democracy? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella

am01There is an ongoing wishful thinking which began as soon as Donald Trump announced his candidacy: it’s fed by the wrong notion that somehow democratic institutions will stop, or at least curb Trump’s abuse of power. Now that he is president, some historians give us approximately a year to save the Republic.

The delusion seems to be based on a misconception, that somehow the leopard will change its spot, that one institution or other will eventually force him to change his behavior, that the office of presidency will mature him. But what has been demonstrated so far is that he doesn’t seem to care much about institutions as dispensers of laws, only in so far as they represent barriers to kleptocratic authoritarianism and personal ego aggrandizement. It’s all about Donald, all the times. Full stop.

There is a frightening complacency in the air that is redolent of the days of Hitler’s rise in the 30s during the 20th century. Then also things appeared normal to many Germans. They thought nothing had really changed. But they had changed and it was in fact the delusion that they had that soon enough led to regime change.

The mantra now seems to be this: we are Americans, not Germans; we are exceptionalists; we live beyond history; we have freedom because we love freedom; we love freedom because we are free. A bit circular, philosophically and logically speaking, but pernicious in the sense that if fails to acknowledge the historical structure that can enhance or weaken democracy and republics based on democratic structures. The escape from freedom can happen in any country. As Jefferson put: eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Republics, such as that of Rome, can rise and fall. In fact, most Republics have fallen. Historical amnesia will only ensure that all the mistakes of past history will be repeated.

The fact is that the Trump administration currently looks to authoritarian regimes as its models. They are undoubtedly thinking about them, not in a negative sense but sympathetically, in a positive mode.

Let’s remember the 30 but not in Germany, here in the US. At that time we had people vehemently opposed to Roosevelt and what they considered his “welfare state,” his interventionist leaning in Europe to save it from fascism. For them, not FDR but Charles Lindbergh was their hero.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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