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We Will Drive Them to the Ground! by Leah Sellers

The seventeen year old Texas-American Girl peered seriously at the much older German Lady she had grown to Respect and Love through exchanged Letters throughout the years, and Memories of the times Frau Eckfelder had gladly Babysat her when her American Dad and Mom went out to dinner and the movies, while her Dad was stationed at the American Ramstein Air Base many years ago.

“Frau Eckfelder, I need to ask you some very important Questions, but I’m afraid of offending you,” Cheyenne said earnestly.
farm01_400_01Frau Eckfelder stared for a moment at the Young Teenage Girl sitting across from her at the kitchen table through her sturdy glasses and replied, “Let me hear your Questions, Cheyenne. I will determine whether or not I can adequately Answer them for you.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Cheyenne said as she nervously wiggled in her hand carved wooden chair, and strove to sit up straight.

“Frau Eckfelder, you need to know that Mom did not want me asking you these Questions. I am going against her wishes.”

Frau Eckfelder’s facial expression did not change. “Go ahead, Child.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Cheyenne said quietly. “Frau Eckfelder, first of all, I need you to know that I Love and Respect you tremendously, and that’s one of the main reasons that these Questions are so hard for me to ask you, and yet so hard not to.”

“Yes, go on,” Frau Eckfelder said gently.

“Frau Eckfelder, how could someone as Good and as Intelligent as you are have supported the Nazi Regime ? How could you follow someone like Hitler ?”

“I’ve been to your Lutheran Church with you and your Son and Daughter’s Families. I know that you truly Believe in the Teachings of Jesus Christ. That most of the folks who decided to follow Hitler and his Hateful Regime went to the same Christian Church that y’all do.”

“Yes, that is true, Cheyenne. And what you are asking is indeed a very difficult thing to hear and to think about. But it is true nonetheless,” Frau Eckfelder admitted with a small sigh.

“However, I understand why it is important for you to ask me these things. So, I will do my best to answer them.”

“Mom told me that you lost your Husband a couple of days after the War was declared over, because the area he was killed in had not heard that the War was over yet.”

“That is true,” Frau Eckfelder said sadly.

“Why would a Good Man like your Husband fight for the Nazis ?” Cheyenne asked. “Please, explain that to me.”

“Cheyenne, they were very difficult times. By the time everyone who would have opposed Hitler finally woke up to what was actually happening within our Country, it was too late,” Frau Eckfelder said slowly.

“To oppose Hitler made you an Outcast. Those who did were harassed. They had their businesses ransacked and burned down. Their houses ransacked and burned. They were spit upon and shunned by everyone privately and publicly.”

“Those who did it publicly were putting on a Big Show for EveryOne else to see so that they ThemSelves would not be thought of as a Traitor to Germany.”

“Eventually the Protesters and Dissenters were jailed, threatened, tortured and some were even murdered. Some were shot outright in the streets. Especially when the Crimes against the Jews and Other Immigrants became more frequent and violent in nature.”

“People, like myself and my Beloved Friedrich, became to afraid to oppose Hitler and his Followers,” Frau Eckfelder said sadly. “And as a result, Germany fell under his Evil Spell, and marched to War.”

“But how could such an Educated and Civilized Society do such a thing, Frau Eckfelder ?

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Nancy’s Trouble Makin’ Signs! by Leah Sellers

Linda Lou opened the Barn Door and slipped in to find her Friend, Nancy, painting Signs.
“Hey, Nancy ! What’cha’ paintin’ on those boards ?”

Nancy held up the white board she was working on. It read, “No Christians Allowed !”

“Nancy, what in the World ?! You are a Christian ! We go to the same Baptist Church ! You teach my little Sarah in your Sunday School Class ! Is this a Joke or what ?!”

“It’s no Joke, Linda Lou, but the Tricksters in our Texas Legislature are puttin’ out a Bill that has already passed through the Senate that claims that Anybody can Refuse Help to or Refuse to Hire or Refuse to Work for Anybody else based on their Religious Beliefs,” Nancy said firmly.

nancy01“Are you talking about the Folks who don’t want to Open their Doors of Business up to those Homosexuals, Bi-Sexuals or Transexuals. Whatever that is,” Linda Lou said a bit snidely. “You should be supporting that, Nancy. Those folks are livin’ in Sin !”

“Linda Lou, those folks are Born that way. It’s in their DNA or their Environment and other Factors may have brought them to it. But if they are not Promiscuous, and they truly Love the Person they have chosen to Be with. Then, in my Book, they are not Sinners. They are just Human Beings who want Regular Lives like EveryOne else. They want to fall in Love, and Marry, and build a Good Life together, and maybe even have kids to raise up to be Good and Loving Souls and Citizens just like EveryOne else.”

“Why should they be vilified and crucified for wanting to Obtain and Build what everyone else wants to Obtain and Build ? Why should they have all of their Equal Opportunities stripped from them just because they are considered to be Different, and so therefore a Lesser Being and Dis-posable ?”

“Linda Lou, Christ Teaches Us to Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves. He did not Teach Us to Fear and Hate Others just because they are Different. Christ Teaches Us that We are to Reach Out to Others, no matter how UnComfortable or Fearful we might Be, with God’s Abundant Love and Compassionate Actions.”

“If I embrace Being a Christian, how can I agree with Folks wanting to make Fear-based and Hateful Laws like this ?”

“Folks like these so-called Law Makers want to Criminalize Nature’s very own Biology. What they should really be Criminalizing is Promiscuity, because Careless Promiscuity is what brings on Dis-eases of the Mind, Heart, Soul and Body; not being Born or Shaped to Love a Man or a Woman. As far as I’m concerned Our Church, and Our Law Makers are focused on the wrong subject matter,” Nancy said definitively.

“Take Chester, for instance, he is our Good Friend, and he is a Good Soul. He goes to our Church and proclaims that he is a Christian, but Chester is a Homosexual. A Homosexual who wants what every other Heterosexual wants. He wants SomeOne to Love and Build a Good and Productive Life with, and to live with and in a State of Dignity and Opportunity.”

“Chester is not inherently Evil or Sinful just because he was Born to be a Different type of Sexual Being.”

“Chester is a Man of Good Character. He is a Loving and Generous Man. If he must be judged, he should be judged on his True Character; not his sexual biological make-up.”
Linda Lou was stunned. She had not expected this. “You’ve really given some Thought to this.”

“Yes, I have. My Church has forced me to. I don’t like the Fear and Hate I see pouring out of our Church’s Pulpit and into the Hearts and Minds of Our Church’s Members,” Nancy explained.

“Pastor Blowhard and President Blowharder are not Being Good Future Role Models. They are Fear and Hate Mongers. They are Dividers. They are Science Deniers. They are Knowledge and Wisdom Deniers,” Nancy continued.

“We All need to Join Hands in Common Ground Unity, and strive to get along and find what’s Good in One Another.”

“Well, I don’t know about the Holdin’ Hands part. Just look at what Folks are sayin’ about Joe Biden because he Touches people.”

“And that is ridiculous ! Joe Biden is a Good and Wise Leader. He is a Loving Human Being. He strives to be Christ-like. Joe Biden has known great pain in his Life through the Loss of his first wife and his children.”

“Joe Biden Knows the Healing qualities of a warm Hug, a playful or comforting Pat on the Back, a kiss of Blessing or Endearment on the top of a person’s head, a whispered Compliment or word of Encouragement into a doubtful Ear,” Nancy said emphatically.

“Pshaw ! Folks today are goin’ overboard on that. There’s a big difference between grabbin’ a woman’s pussy cat or pinchin’ her boobies just because a Selfish and Careless person feels they’re privileged enough to do so, and somebody else Hugging or Pecking someone on the Head or the Cheek to Bless or Reassure them through a moment in time.”

“In a world where a lot of Folks reach out and Touch SomeOne with a Machine. A zip and a zap of Energetic Impulses that stimulate the Brain and sometimes the Body, like when you see something that makes you Laugh Out Loud and gets your positive Endorphins to boppin’ around your innards, in a myriad of ways.”

“But don’t you give me a Supportive or friendly Hug or a Pat on the Back or a Kiss on the crown of my Head or I’ll ruin your Reputation ! I’ll spoil your chances to get a Job you’d be great at ! Pshaw ! Get back to the Real World, Folks !”

“Where and How will we All end up in a World where Humans think a Supportive Hug or a Kiss on the Head is absolutely Terrible, but it’s alright to vote in a President who gropes and mauls every woman he wants to ?”
Or how about all of these Corporations that want to put so many Drones into the Air that we Kill Off all of the Birds on our Planet and fill our Skies so full of Zippin’, Blippin’ Machines that Privacy goes completely to the wayside, and we drive OurSelves Crazy for a Profit ?!

“How does that Profiteth AnyOne at all ?! Hmmm, tell me how ?! Human Beings that don’t think Long Term, and just hedonistically Live In the here and now Only, are Humanity’s and the Earth’s own worst Enemies !”

“Lordy, Linda Lou, We All gotta’ Stop and Think instead of just chasin’ after the Bling and Ching of things !”

“We’re destroyin’ Our very own Home – Earth – for a Profit that in the long run will Profiteth us Nothing at All ! Zippo ! That’s what !” Nancy said forcefully.

“Nancy, why are you always talkin’ about Energies of this or that ? What in the world does that have to do with you painting Signs that say “No Christians Allowed”, and what does that other sign over there say ? The wording looks different.”

Nancy held up the Sign in question. It read, “No Whites Allowed !”

“Girl, you are asking for trouble,” Linda Lou said nervously.

“Yes, I am seeking to stir up some lively and long overdue Conversation about what it really means to be a Christian. And as for my always talkin’ about Energies, I do so because the World – the Cosmos is nothing but the Giving and Taking, the Creation and Destruction of Energies of all kinds, Linda Lou.”

“Heck, it takes Energy to make these Signs of Fear and Hate to Give Energy to Conversations of Energetic Conversion. The Conversion of Fear and Hate into Love and Courage, ’cause it takes far more Energetic Hard Work to strive for Love and Common Ground than it does to Give into the Destructive and Dark Energies of Fear and Hate.”

“Everything is all about Energy, and the Energies we Decide to – we Choose to put out into the World, and believe me, We will All make plenty of Mis-takes and Mis-steps along the way. But even when bearing the Consequences of such things, if you are a Christian, we are supposed to keep puttin’ out Love Energies, no matter what.”

“Energies of Grace, Compassionate Action, Empathy and Forgiveness are Love Energies, and each time we put them out, we BeCome Stronger and are Energetically Given even more Love Energies to fortify and magnify the Love Energies we were already Working with.”

“Now, sometimes, Love Energies can make us UnComfortable. Can make us Squirm with Dis-taste. But working through that Dis-comfort and Squirmy Energy also makes us Stronger and more Knowledgeable about the Energies moving around inside of OurSelves and inside of Others.”

“Take what I’m doin’ right here in the Barn that my Grandpa Built with his Brothers almost a hundred years ago, Energetically speakin’, that is,” Nancy said nostalgically.

“I do not want to Live in a World of Destructively Patterned Profit Making and Taking, and the Beating down of Others to make myself feel Better Than or Cleaner Than SomeOne else. I Fear It. I might even Hate that Reality. But I Choose to Peacefully Struggle against that Reality with what I Know to Be Love Energies.”

“Peaceful Confrontation of a Darkly Destructive Energetic Reality that exists or that is sliding into and Dis-rupting what already is or a more Enlightened and Loving Reality being struggled toward..”

“Yes, like it or not, you and I, Linda Lou, have BeCome a part of the Trumpian Tower of Babel. But we can Resist it with Love Energies that have a little Energetic Edge and Jolt to them like these little Signs I’m expending my Energies on to try and move the Fear and Hate Energies out and away from Our Church Home. Even though we have a knot-headed Pastor who spews Fear and Hate Energies out of his Mouth as soon as they enter that prejudiced and racist pea-brain of his.”

“The Immigrants running away from the murder and mayhem of their beleaguered Countries for our Borders are not Evil Criminals. They are frightened Souls looking for Peace, Stability and Positive Life Opportunities in America’s Land of Milk of Honey. Only to find soured Milk and Honey due to the Mis-guided and Cruel Mis-Management of the Trumpian Regime Machine and its Rabble Rousing, Lyin’ and Denyin’ Tower of Babbel.”

“Ha ! Lord forgive you, Nancy. Some would call you a Blasphemer.”

“Yep, they would, because they have bought into the Fear and Hate Reality Energies instead of Holding fast to Christ’s Love Energies or just plain old good Common Sense,” Nancy said earnestly.

“And lest we forget, Linda Lou. Christ was not a White Man. He was a Middle Eastern Jew. A Brown Man that some of the Folks in Our Church would have Excluded from Polite Society for being a Rebel Rousing, Nomadic Immigrant.”

“When Folks walk up to the Church Doors I want them to feel what Folks like Chester feel when Religious Freedom is used against them out of Fear and Hate, not Christ’s Love.”

“I want them to feel what the Black and Brown skinned folks felt, and in many ways still feel, when they saw Signs like this hanging up in Shop Windows in the past, Linda Lou, because We All need to Evolve Forward into a more Enlightened Future as Christ would have us do.”

“The Jews, the Romans, the Human Beings of Christ’s Time murdered Christ in Public because He was ahead of His Time. They were more Energetically invested in hanging onto their Power built upon and based within Fear, Hatred, Brutal Cruelties and Rivers of Blood than anything else. Especially more important to Them than a Rebel Rouser named Jesus Christ.”

“Christ was sent here to move Everyone forward into God’s Love and Wisdom, and those Folks existing within that kind of Power Structure’s Energies back then said, ’NO !” They labeled Christ a Criminal and Killed him by nailing Him to a Cross and bleeding Him out like some sort of Sacrificial Animal.”

“They had no idea that Christ would Rise Again to Save Us All from OurSelves, anyways. Christ Energies live on in His Divine Ideals passed down through the Ages; a template for Heaven on Earth, instead of waiting for Heaven knows what else when we leave Earth.”

“So, how can I support Fear-based and Hateful Laws, made in ignorance of Science and Facts and steeped in Fear and Hate to make Some Folks feel superior to and better than those Others who are Different from Them, when in Energetic Reality, They are not so very Different from one another at all.”

Christ teaches us to Love and Protect the weak, no matter how that weakness may be defined, or where it may be located, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Are you putting these Signs of yours on every Door of the Church ?”

“You bet I am. “No Christians Allowed and No Whites Allowed ! On every single Door. I want them to feel the initial Feeling of Hurt, Dis-belief and even Anger in a Person’s Gut and Heart when they are Rejected and Excluded from their Community.”

“And then what ?” Linda Lou asked.

“And then the Dis-cussions, good and bad, and everything in-between will begin. Folks will have to defend the indefensible in the Teachings of Christ. They will have a Moment of Stop and Think offered to them, and the rest is up to them and you and me, Linda Lou.”

“There is no gettin’ around it. No matter our SubConscious or Conscious Fears and Hatreds – as Christians, we are to Love and Reach out to One AnOther with Compassionate Action and Understanding. We are supposed to Work through our Fears and Hatreds and Walk the Path of Love. And that is not an easy Path. It is a dad-gummed difficult Path to struggle with and strive to stay on. But as Christians, we must do the Hard Work involved.”

“And Love does not make Laws that Lessen and Exclude Others from the Whole of Society and their possible Opportunities in Life in order for One Group or Tribe to feel better about their Chosen and written in Legal Stone Fear-based and Hateful Actions against them.”

“What time are you putting your Signs up, Nancy ?”

“Some time around midnight, when most folks in that neighborhood are sound asleep.”

“Well, alright then. I’m still not 100% about all that you’ve said, but you are right about Christ wantin’ us to Love Everybody, and, as corny as it sounds, to live in Peace and Harmony. So, I’ll call Hank and tell him that I’m helpin’ you with an important project of yours, and that I’ll be late gettin’ home tonight.”

“What does Pete have to say about what you’re doin’, Nancy ?”

“He doesn’t know about any of this, as of yet. But he will come Sunday morning,” Nancy said with a slight grin.

“What about the Kids ?”

“Linda Lou, they are so far ahead of our generation regarding foolishness like this Hateful Law. In fact, my Millie keeps tellin’ me that when she leaves Home, she’s gonna’ stop going to Church, because the Church is more interested in being Hateful to and Exclusive against Folks like Our Friend, Chester, and accepting the Cruel and Sinful Separation of Immigrant Parents from their Children who are just seeking a better Life for ThemSelves and their Children, than livin’ the Way Christ Taught us to.”

“Millie says that she can be Christ-like without Church and a Preacher tellin’ her to feel and do things one way when Christ taught us another.”

“Ooo-wee ! That little gal of yours has got some kind of spunk, Nancy. She takes after her Mama,” Linda Lou teased.

“Okay, where’s the paint ?” Linda Lou asked heartily. “Let’s get this show on the road, and get it done. And I must admit that I’m looking forward to seeing the expression on the Pastor’s face when he walks up to unlock the Front Doors of that Church he’s so proud of.”

Nancy chuckled, “From your lips to God’s Ears, Linda Lou . And every Ear and Heart in Our Congregation. Sometimes you just gotta’ do somethin’ a little Different to get Folks to Stop and Think.”

“Well, these Trouble Makin’ Signs should do the trick, I’m thinkin’,” Linda Lou agreed playfully.
Linda Lou held up her two quickly hand painted signs. They read, ‘No Christians Allowed !’ and ‘No Whites Allowed !’ “What do you think, Nancy ?”

Nancy nodded approvingly, and smiling said, “You always did have better handwriting than me, Linda Lou.”

“It is so other worldly to think that America’s White House has BeCome the abode of a Dangerous Divider. That it has been morphed into the Trumpian Tower of Babel with a President who spitefully, vindictively and maliciously Babbels and Blubbers on all sorts of deflecting and mis-directing topics each and every day. We are all being forced to Live within the Energies of a great, big ’ole Tower of Babel of Confusion and Dismay,” Nancy declared.

“Well, as Dylan crooned, ’The Times they are ’a Changin’”, Linda Lou said assuredly.

“You bet they are, Linda Lou, and these Signs are Signs of the Time at
Hand that need ’a Changin’ !” Nancy raised her Voice up into the rafters of her Grandpa‘s old Barn.


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Trump’s Crusade Against Truth is Reminiscent of Scopes Trial by George Cassidy Payne

Later this month The George Eastman Museum in Rochester is set to screen the 1960 courtroom drama Inherit the Wind. Based on the Scopes “Monkey” Trial of 1925, the film remains one of director Stanley Kramer’s most relevant and masterful creations. As the Dryden Theatre wrote in their bulletin: “Inherit the Wind relates the sensational trial of a young teacher, Bertram Cates (Dick York), who is prosecuted for teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution in a high school science class — a violation of state law. Three-time presidential candidate Matthew Brady (Fredric March) is the prosecutor pitted against the controversial and brilliant defence lawyer Henry Drummond (Spencer Tracy) in a rhetorical battle between fundamentalism and science, while newspaper journalist E.K. Hornbeck (Gene Kelly) of the Baltimore Sun gives the case national coverage. Released during the McCarthy era, Inherit the Wind provided a means to critique the present through history.”

truth0001_400The McCarthy reference in particular made me stop and think about Kramer’s film in the context of Donald Trump’s presidency. In 1925 religious fundamentalists refused to accept the evidence and implications of Darwin’s theories. They honestly did not give a damn about facts if they interfered with their version of reality. Today, the policies and views of Mr. Trump are as bigoted, irrational, and unscientific as those who fought to block evolution from schools nearly a century ago. Even as Trump co-opted the language of the McCarthy scare to cast himself as a victim of a witch hunt, the real crusade going on in Washington — and across our nation — has been the one Mr. Trump has personally launched. It is a fundamentalist crusade against the edicts of common sense, the value of moral decency, and the integrity of the scientific method.

Just take Trump’s performance in the past week, in which he made three statements that are as ignorant and close minded as anything introduced and criticized during the Scope’s Trial.

Referencing a comment made by Fox and Friends guest Patrick Moore, a self proclaimed co-founder of Greenpeace, Trump retweeted: “The whole climate crisis is not only Fake News, it’s Fake Science. There is no climate crisis, there’s weather and climate all around the world, and in fact carbon dioxide is the main building block of all life.” Trump punctuated his re-tweet with “Wow!”

There is a tremendous amount that is wrong with this, but let’s start by getting one fact straight. According to Greenpeace, “Although Mr. Moore played a significant role in Greenpeace Canada for several years, he did not found Greenpeace.” The organization went on to clarify that “Phil Cotes, Irving Stowe, and John Bohlen founded Greenpeace in 1970…and the group eventually voted him (Mr. Moore) out of leadership roles and he left the organization in 1986.”

Continue HERE!

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Louis Sohn, A World Citizen Pioneer for World Law by Rene Wadlow

Professor Louis B. Sohn was a great international legal scholar whose teachings continue to contribute to the development of world law. Louis B. Sohn whose birth anniversary we note on 1 March was born in Lwów, Poland (now Lviv, Ukraine) in 1914. Lwów, was a strategic point in east-west trade, industry, and history. sohn001_400Possession of the city had shifted from Poland to Austria in 1772, to Poland in 1919, to the U.S.S.R. just after Sohn escaped in 1939, to Poland again after 1945, and finally since 1991 to Ukraine. Young Sohn received diplomacy and law degrees from John Casimir University in 1935. He continued research in the library, but as a Jew his movements were restricted. Later, both his parents, Isaak and Fredericka, who were medical doctors, perished in the Holocaust. A Harvard professor saw one of Sohn’s papers and invited him to study in America. Sohn caught the last boat out of Poland two weeks before the Nazi invasion. These formative experiences contributed to his hatred of war and racism and to his determination to extend the rule of law from within States to relations among States.

At Harvard, Sohn learned that the professor who had invited him died. But the dean helped the young, multilingual Pole, found him a room and a job in the cafeteria. Soon Sohn began to work with Prof. Manley O. Hudson, a former American judge on the World Court, even though the U.S.A. was not officially a member. Harvard Law was then much under the influence of former dean Roscoe Pound, whose “sociological jurisprudence” emphasized adapting law to new social circumstances. Sohn applied this doctrine to the customary and treaty law among States in the current age.

Sohn earned his LL.M masters degree at Harvard in 1940. He accompanied Judge Hudson to the San Francisco conference on the United Nations Organization, where they worked on the Statute of the International Court of Justice, which is part of the U.N. Charter. Sohn began teaching at Harvard Law School in 1947, publishing case books first on “World Law” (1950) and then on “United Nations Law” (1956). He won his S.J.D. doctorate in law and succeeded Hudson as Bemis Professor of International Law in 1961. He taught there for twenty years. He then accepted an offer from former U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk to teach at the University of Georgia Law School, where Sohn became Woodruff professor

Sohn was a close consultant to the negotiations for the third Law of the Sea Convention, which was signed in 1982, and he proposed its elaborate provisions for binding arbitration of complex maritime disputes. It was during the decade-long negotiations on the Law of the Sea that I worked with Sohn as I was an NGO observer for the World Citizens, and he an official member of the U.S. delegation.

Today, with the conflicting claims over the South China Sea as well as other delimitation conflicts as well as fisheries, pollution, and deep-sea mining issues, I appreciate the vision of Sohn on creating an institution for arbitration for the Law of the Sea. “An authoritative and generally binding methods of establishing procedures is needed, and only an international body with sufficient trust might be able to do it” he explained.

Sohn was troubled by the guarded avoidance of international law by national policy makers toward the end of the violent 20th century. He died in 2006 near Washington, D.C., at age 92. Our continuing efforts to develop world law for a fast-changing world society owes much to the knowledge and vision of Louis Sohn.

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The Anti-Bad-Ju-Ju-Voting Ritual by Leah Sellers

The Man and Woman dressed in ornate leather attire covered with eagle, hawk, turkey, chicken, ostrich, emu, peacock and goose feathers rattled their painted rattles covered with Multi-cultural Sacred Symbols as they danced and chanted around the blazing fire pit.

voter00001_400Suddenly they jumped into a standing position pushing their arms straight out in front of them holding their hands up shouting, “Stop !”

Then they both held their arms straight out to their sides creating a small “t” Cross shape shouting, “Think !”
Lastly, they ended their previous chanting and dancing Ritual by spreading their legs outward and their arms up and outward into a double “V” shape, shouting, “Vote !”

They repeated the Stop, Think, Vote Ritual body symbols’ moves and shouts two more times, before once again shaking their rattles, while slowly lowering them toward their chests, and crossing them to form a “t” Cross shape in the center of their bodies. Bowing their heads they both said “Amen”.

Sam opened one of his eyes and peeped a glance at his wife Peggy Joy, waiting for her next cue.

Peggy Joy opened her eyes and smiled at Sam.

“Well ?” Sam asked expectantly.

“You did fine, Sam,” Peggy Joy said happily. “You did a good job memorizing the words to the Prayer Ritual. And your dancin’ and rattlin’ were mighty fine as well.”

Sam beamed. “All I did was keep an eye and an ear on you, Hon, and follow your lead. And I have to admit, Peggy Joy, you had some mighty fine moves yourself durin’ those dancin’ and rattle shakin’ moves of yours.”

Peggy Joy frowned and grinned simultaneously. “Sam, we are creating Sacred Space here, sir. You need to keep your mind on the Lord’s work we’re attempting to do here, please.”

“I apologize, Honey. It’s just that this multi-cultural…..er, what did you call it again ?”

“We’re doin’ an Anti-Bad-Ju-Ju Voting Ritual, Sam,” Peggy Joy said plainly.

“Right, then. This Anti-Bad-Ju-Ju-Voting Ritual usin’ all of these different Religions words for God, and keepin’ all of the Religions of the World, and their People in our Hearts while we’re chantin’ and dancin’ and rattlin’ around that dang hot bonfire, when I can’t even hold all of ’em in my Mind, is a little confusin’ at times,” Sam admitted with a big grin.

“Well, I know that we’re doin’ this on short notice, Sam, because of the dire need for it right now durin’ Early Votin’ and the November 6th Votin’ Day that’s right on our doorsteps and all, but I think we’re doin’ the best job of it that we can. And Lord knows, SomeBody has got to do it. So, it may as well be us.”

“If you say so, Hon,” Sam rumbled. “But if Pastor Strict gets wind of what we’ve been up to he’ll flip the Communion wafers and grape juice.”

“Why do think I suggested that we do this Ritual in the back pasture, Sam ? Peggy Joy asked rhetorically.

“Privacy. I do not want to have tongues waggin’, when we’re just tryin’ to cover all of the bases for this most important and crucial of Votin’ Times.”

“Well, if anybody does catch us dancin’ and rattlin’ around together around our fire pit shoutin’ strange God words and Prayin’, we’ll just say it’s rehearsal for some Halloween gig we’re plannin‘”

“Ha ! That’s a fine idea, Sam !” Peggy Joy laughed.

“Peg-leg, you don’t think God is gonna’ think this is blasphemy somehow ?” Sam asked frankly.

“No, Sam, I do not or I wouldn’t be doin’ it or have asked you to join me in doin’ it. I was raised knowin’ that God made Everything and EveryBody” Peggy Joy explained.

“In fact, I have sort of always seen Religions as the different Faces – the different parts or personalities of God, Almighty. And some folks even think that God is a female or a male and female, both.”

“You don’t say,” Sam said.

“Anyways, if we’re made in His image, then He’s got to be just as Complicated as all of the rest of us Human Bein’s are. And He probably has Moods just like we do, too. Just like the Skies up above and Oceans of the Earth do. Sunny today. Stormy tomorrow, and back to Sunny again. It’s all Physics, Sam.”

“What in the World does Physics have to do with any of this ?” Sam asked challengingly.

“Everything is about Physics, Sam. Everything,” Peggy Joy sighed.

“Peggy Joy, you read too much,” Sam said teasingly.

“No such-a-thing, Sam ! We can never know too much, Hon.” Peggy Joy said flatly.

“Alright, alright, I’ll give you that one. You ready to do this Anti-Bad-Ju-Ju-Votin’ Ritual thing for the third and last time ?” Sam asked.

“I guess we’d better. We still have to feed the livestock and the dogs, and get them all settled in, before I can rummage the kids and us up some tasty leftovers for dinner.” Peggy Joy said.

“Did you say tasty ?” Sam laughed.

“My leftovers are always tasty, mister. You can always go to bed without your supper if you complain too much about my tasty leftovers,” Peggy Joy retorted lightly.

Sam laughed outright, and gave Peggy Joy hug. “Alright, alright, You win. Tasty leftovers, it is.”

“Peggy Joy, I gotta’ admit that your little Anti-Bad-Ju-Ju-Votin’ Ritual is a pretty thoughtful thing for you to have created, and wanted to share with me. I’m honored,” Sam said seriously.

“And those Cheerleader moves you taught me come in real handy, Hon. I like the Stop, Think and Vote part the best. I can really get into makin’ those bold moves you put with the words.”

“Well, some folks seem to think of Football as a Religion. And King David danced and Praised God in the streets in his baggy underwear. So, I figure that I can add a few little Cheerleadin’ moves I used in high school fully clothed in leather and feathers and get by with it,” Peggy Joy replied.

“Besides, Sam, we are doin’ this Votin’ Ritual to get Everybody tuned into Votin’ to save our wonderful Nation from the dark spirits and demons of Hatred and Fear that our president continues to summon and conjure up.”

“We’re all sufferin’ a National Trauma. All of these Precious Souls bein’ harassed, harried, assaulted and murdered by folks filled with Dis-appointments, Hatreds and Fears of all kinds. Bombs bein’ sent through the mail to some of our finest Public Servants and former Presidents. Folks bein’ slaughtered in their beautiful Temple by some White Supremacist who Hates and Fears Jews and the Refugees and Immigrants they are tryin’ to help and support.”

“We’re really livin’ in some very dangerous times for OurSelves, Our Children and our Precious Democracy, Sam ! We have to combat all of this Bad Ju-Ju poisonin’ that’s chokin’ and drainin’ the Life’s Blood of Democracy right out of our Great Nation !”

“We have to summon Our Nation’s Spirit’s of Light, Love, Peace and Hope. We have to, Sam for our kids – for EveryBody’s kids and OurSelves, for Mercy’s sake. SomeBody has to !”

“Alright, Sam, are you ready ?” Peggy Joy asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be, Peg-leg.”

“You wanna’ dance and rattle clock-wise this time, and I’ll take the counter clock-wise route ? Peggy Joy asked.

“Sure,” Sam said agreeably. “A little change of scenery sounds interestin’.”

“Alrighty then, let’s get ready to shake, rattle and roll out the Voting Spirits,” Peggy Joy said enthusiastically.

The Couple began to dance, rattle and chant around the blazing bonfire once again circling the flames in opposite directions. Sam kept his eyes and ears on every cue Peggy Joy gave him as they Prayed.

“Ah-Yo ! Ah-Mahn ! Ah-ishnu ! Ah-uddha ! Ah-amadan ! Ah-ammed ! Ah-Weh ! Ah-ha ! Ah-choo ! God Almighty, hear your Supplicates. We Supplicate OurSelves before You. We beg You to Save and Protect Your Peoples from this Bad-Ju-Ju – this darkest part of Humanity that has been called forth from the deepest, vilest and most corruptive bowels of our struggling United States !

“We beseech You. We Bow down before you, and beg for Tender Mercies, for Grace and Wisdom, for Empathy and Understanding, for Calm and Thoughtful Sanity to return !”

“Your People need Good and Affordable Healthcare, Lord ! We need to Fix to crumbling Infrastructure ! Your People need Good and Non-Profiteering Public Schools for every Child, Lord ! Our Nation needs as many well educated, analytically and critically Thinking Voters as she can get ! Ah- ha ! Ah-choo !

“Yes, God Almighty ! Our needs are many ! Help your peoples Vote for Leaders of Courage, Ethics, Morals, and Sound Intellect and Emotional Intelligence who will Serve Her Peoples well. Who will strive to Unite and Heal and Tend to and Mend her wounds, and support Her Democratic Strengths ! Ah-ha ! Ah-Choo !”

Then Sam and Peggy Joy stood side by side and ended their Anti-Bad-Ju-Ju-Voting-Ritual by repeating the Stop, Think and Vote Body Symbol moves and shouts three times. “Amen !”

Winded and dripping with sweat the Two finely leathered and feathered Supplicants leaned over and placed their hands on their knees, while still holding onto their motionless rattles.

“Sam looked up and turned to Peggy Joy. “Why did you add those two new words for God at the end this time, Hon ? What religion do Ah-ha and Ah-choo belong to ?”

“Why no Religion at all, Sam. I just happen to be allergic to Goose Feathers.”


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