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The Differences Between Mockingbirds and Eagles by Leah Sellers

“Pa, what are you doing,” Ma Mockingbird chirped from the edge of their Home Nest.

“I am practicin’ my triple loop, swoop and scoop maneuver on the Grub Worms and Grasshoppers, Ma ! Watch this !” Pa Mockingbird said as he rolled into a triple aerial loop, swooped forward and scooped a large flying grasshopper into his gaping beak. He then flew up into the Nest grinning proudly at his fine feathered Life’s Mate.

mockin00001_400“Very impressive, Pa, and the Grasshopper will make a good supper for all of us later today, seeing as we have already had our breakfast of cheesy Grub Worms early this morning. But you are supposed to be helping me with Spring cCleaning, Pa. We have got to get the Nest ready for our new batch of Hatchlings. I’ll be laying them soon,” Ma said matter-of-factly.

“I wish we could get Chick to fly the coop, so to Human Speak, and find a Mate of his own. I’d like to teach my GrandFledglings my new triple loop, swoop and scoop maneuver,” Pa Mockingbird complained.

“Pa, Chick is different, and we’re living in different times. We just need to be kindly patient, and fly beside him until he finally finds his foot-and-wing in the world,” Ma Mockingbird said gently.

“And stop using Chick’s behaviors as an excuse for your own, Pa,” Ma Mockingbird said as she switched gears quickly. “We need to get the Nest ready for what We need to have it ready for.”

“But Ma, I am already late gettin’ down to the ’Ole Domino Gang, and catchin’ up on all of the Human gossip and goings-on in the world…..”

“I don’t care, Pa. I, too, am late getting down to the local Public Library that I like to visit every day as well,” Ma Mockingbird interrupted sharply. “You do not see me trying to get out of what must be done first, in order to get my other needs fulfilled beforehand.”

“Why in the feather pluckin’ world do you go down to that ’ole local Library every day, Ma ? How borin’ ! You can’t even read all that Human Hen Scratch, that’s plopped down on all of those collected pieces of paper they call Books,” Pa Mockingbird sneered.

The full column HERE!

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US to include Afghans in review

Afghanistan will send a team to the US to take part in a major policy review of the region, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has announced. In a joint news conference with the new US envoy in the region, Richard Holbrooke, Mr. Karzai said he was “very thankful” to be involved in the talks.

In recent weeks US officials have been critical of Mr. Karzai’s leadership. US President Barack Obama, who regards Afghanistan as a priority, accused his government of being “very detached”.

Is always amazing when you read something like that. So they were going to talk about the future of Afghanistan without including the people of Afghanistan in this talk? That says something on how American foreign policy worked all these years and why Americans are so popular all around the world!

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Discussing terrorism settlement with Libya

Negotiations between the United States and Libya that could result in compensation for past acts of state-sponsored terrorism by Libya are under way, a senior State Department official said Friday.

U.S. and Libyan officials met Wednesday and Thursday, the official said. The nations hope to hammer out a deal in which Libya would “resolve all outstanding claims in good faith” and offer “fair compensation” to victims and their families, he said.

“We are just at the beginning of this process. The goal is to get something that is fair and comprehensive,” the official said.

Amazing who would expect that from Muammar Gaddafi back in eighties? Life has some strange turns!

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Ex-aide criticizes Bush over Iraq

Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan has said US President George W Bush was not “open and forthright” on Iraq and rushed to an unnecessary war. In simple language, he …lied!!!

In a new book, Mr. McClellan says Mr. Bush relied on a “political propaganda campaign” to sell the war. His handling of Hurricane Katrina is also attacked. From July 2003 to his resignation in April 2006, Mr. McClellan was a loyal defender of the Bush administration. In response, a White House spokeswoman said Mr. McClellan was “disgruntled”.

Dana Perino added: “For those of us who fully supported him, before, during and after he was press secretary, we are puzzled. It is sad – this is not the Scott we knew.” Mr. McClellan was a long-standing member of Mr. Bush’s inner circle, having worked for him when he was Texas governor before following him to the White House.

Not much good for history to remember George W. Bush, even the …mice are leaving the boat before sinking to the bottom of …forgetness!

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George, put off tough decisions

Democratic opponents of US President George W Bush have accused him of putting off tough decisions on Iraq until after the presidential elections.

The criticism follows Mr. Bush’s announcement of a “major strategic shift” that includes suspending troop withdrawals after July. He says this would allow senior commander General David Petraeus to assess the next step in Iraq.

But his opponents say the people want answers from this president, now. The decision to halt withdrawals means the US presence in Iraq is likely to last well beyond January 2009, when Mr. Bush will leave office and whoever wins the November elections will take over.

Well they are right, aren’t they? He cannot take a decision the next president will be forced to honor against her/his policy!

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Lewinsky question

There is one subject Chelsea Clinton will not discuss. At least three times in the past two weeks, the former and possible future first daughter has been asked about the Monica Lewinsky scandal’s influence on the presidential campaign of her mother, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.

The answer has evolved each time. When a student at Butler University in Indianapolis first asked the question on March 25, she drew applause and gave a short response that ended with: “I do not think that is any of your business.”

Definitely was nobody’s business and should not be but your parents unfortunately for you made it …your business and in extent anybody’s business. The tragic of this, is that Bill and Hillary are the only ones to come clean out of it!

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Democrats to wrap up fight

US Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean has said he would like the party’s presidential nominating contest decided by 1 July to avoid bitter in-fighting.

Mr. Dean told US network ABC he did not want rivalry between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to “degenerate into a big fight at the convention” in August. Mr. Obama has begun a six-day tour of Pennsylvania, which votes on 22 April.

Meanwhile the Republican contender John McCain has aired his first advert aimed at November’s general election. The Arizona senator is effectively guaranteed to pick up his party’s nomination to run for president at the Republican National Convention in September.

In the Democratic contest, Senator Obama is ahead of Senator Clinton in terms of the number of delegates won in the party’s primary elections. But the battle for the presidential nomination seems set to continue all the way to the party’s national convention in late August.

And he’s not the only one; I think everybody had enough of all the dirt thrown around. Is about time Hillary and Obama to wrap out and decide who of the them will be the next …Vice-President of the US.



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