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Eurotunnel shows profit

Wow! Believe it or not, Eurotunnel has reported its first annual profit, boosted by its huge programme of debt restructuring.

The company that runs the tunnel between Britain and France reported a net profit of 1m Euros in the whole of 2007. That included a 3.3m euro exceptional profit from its capital restructuring.

The company has struggled with its debt levels since the tunnel was opened in 1994, but it finally reached agreement with its creditors last year. “The year 2007 proves that the new Eurotunnel group has broken with its past,” the company said in a statement.

You never know now, Euro-Disney in Paris might report profits as well!!!

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Queen cancels diamond party because of the economic gloom

The Queen has cancelled a party to mark her diamond wedding anniversary because she felt it would be “inappropriate” to hold a lavish celebration with the country on the brink of recession.


Guests at the party, which was due to be held at The Ritz this weekend, would have been served champagne from crystal-studded bottles and dined off tablecloths covered with sparkling jewels.

But with her subjects facing rising bills and falling house prices, and the banking system paralysed by the so-called “credit crunch”, the Queen has decided that the celebration would be regarded as insensitive.

Shit! Should I start worrying now?


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Check-in Heathrow

All luggage check-in has been suspended at Heathrow‘s new £4.3bn Terminal 5, after cancelled flights and baggage delays blighted its opening day.

British Airways, which has sole use of the terminal, cancelled 34 flights due to “teething problems” and was later forced to stop luggage check-in. Technical difficulties have also led to baggage delays of up to four hours.

BA blamed the glitches on problems with “staff familiarisation”, which had a knock-on effect on bags and flights. In a day of problems at the new terminal, airport operator BAA said a baggage belt had stopped working, meaning a halt to check-in for passengers with bags.

Not a good day for flying to Heathrow but then which is ever a good day and how much this new terminal has helped?


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The Twins!

Your comments, please! 


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