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Balancing on Brexit tightrope by Thanos Kalamidas

If London mayorship and a term at the foreign office can be a blue print for what is coming then British people will really miss “strong and stable” Theresa May.

Boris Johnson, the new British Prime Minister, a well-known populist and internationally diplomat goofy while a huge question mark. Nobody really knows what Boris, the Prime Minister, will bring into Downing Street and nobody knows how strong and especially how stable his prime-ministry will be. Still, he is the Brexiteers last hope.

boris001_400_01Boris Johnson, in spite of former PR performances while London’s mayor, is literally balancing on a tightrope and this has not only to do with the deadlock situation in the negotiations with EU but mainly with the things the former foreign secretary has promised in the past, he has said in the past and has often confusingly radically change the last three years.

His latest promise and most likely the one that elected him to the prime minister’s seat is that Brexit will end by the end of October with or without an agreement. Pointing that he means an agreement he likes not the one May compromised with. While giving this promise willingly or not, Boris Johnson voluntarily put a possible expiring day to his prime-ministry.

Despite all the problems Britain is facing at the moment, Boris was elected by the conservative party to end Brexit as soon as possible with the less possible damage for the British interests. Period. The rest of the problems are postponed for after Brexit which shows how little the Tories understand the situation and how little they comprehend the vice-versa relationship between the general economic situation and the outcome of a no-deal Brexit. Actually it is the general financial situation that makes a no-deal Brexit nightmarish difficult.

For the rest of the article, please check HERE!

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Anybody out there, Brexiteers? by Thanos Kalamidas

You think, no big thing; things might change a bit for the exporting companies and some goods in the supermarkets might be a bit more expensive but most of the people don’t live on champagne and roquefort cheese. After all UK is the ninth largest economy in the world; everybody is going to be fine!

And then you get your bank statement posted from Germany, from your bank’s “European head office” in Berlin and you think …wow! Brexit is here, my bank knows it and I have no idea what’s really going on and how much this is going to shape my life. Do I need visa and work permit now to live in my house with my family? Do I need …what do I need? Does anybody have any idea what do I need? Theresa? Boris? Anybody?

brex001_400Nobody. Literally nobody while nearly 2.5 million UK nationals living in EU realized day after day that their future is somewhere between: we are pawns in a game we don’t understand and Boris changes the rules in daily base and we are screwed suddenly becoming second category unwelcome immigrants. Just like the ones UK likes to avoid wants to kick out and used as escuse for the Brexit. The irony of contemporary life.

But hey, don’t worry; Trump wants talks for a ‘cutting edge’ free trade deal with the UK to start immediately after Brexit. That should make me feel better. NO! It does NOT. British people don’t want Trump’s modified potatoes and carrots or any other artificial food and drink. They don’t want to buy his guns, planes and missiles and definitely no more hotel and golf clubs from him.

Boris keeps saying how badly May is failing and how poor her Chequers proposal is but he is coming rather short to any kind of proposals himself. Two years since the beginning of the negotiations except saying how bad job Theresa is doing, Mr Johnson hasn’t offer a single suggestion on how she should act and what to say.

Did I mention Jacob Rees-Mogg? Sorry my mistake. The British Donald Trump with a little of Farage and Disney’s Goofy; in total: three catastrophes in one body. His public contribution to any conversation about Brexit is even smaller than Michael Gove’s or Joan Collins’, another glorious Brexiteer. At least her excuse is that she likes …Trump and Trump is against EU.

In the meantime I rechecked the bank’s statement. Head office. Germany. WOW! Imagine that. The ninth largest economy supporting the fourth largest economy, all for the glory of a Brexit.

But at least there will be open borders with the Irish republic. Because …because it is part of the empire and Queen Theresa wishes so. So, no worries, nobody is going to miss champagne and roquefort cheese, they will be coming from Dublin.Last minutes denial or we don’t know what the hell we are saying? And, what about the 2.5 million UK nationals living in EU? Well this is Juncker’s problem, you might say. He can make a law and help them if he wants or kick them out of EU which will make him the evil bastard he is.

What about the 2.7 million EU citizens living in UK? No worries there, no worries at all. UK legally will keep the British educated, well professional established, basicaly not east europeans, with good work experience, in needed positions with low salaries and the rest will become tourists or …illegal immigrants. UK is not going to be blackmailed for its 2.5 million UK nationals living in EU because it has 2.7 million EU citizens living in UK for hostages.

What did I say in the beginning? Either pawns in a game we don’t understand or Boris changes the rules in daily base or plainly screwed with the second case winning every single moment UK reaches a no deal Brexit.

No deal Brexit, this seems to be the only way and you know why? Because they have absolutely no idea what to do. Both sides. UK and EU. In UK things are a bit worst because even those who fought for Brexit didn’t believe that it would happen so there was no plan for the day after. And now we are in the day after after after with no plan and 2.5 million UK nationals living in EU while 2.7 million EU citizens living in UK. In total 5.2 million people live in limbo! A country the population size of Norway or Ireland.

But hey, no worries; the banks have created European head offices in Berlin! The ninth largest economy is moving to Berlin while Boris, Jacob and Theresa argue who’s the toughest!

And I’m really worrying!

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Europe in get-ready mode by Thanos Kalamidas

ovicover_04_02_17.gifOdd but Theresa May thinks that she found a new way to press her European semi-former partners for a Brexit on her rules by apointing herself …mediator between EU and Trump. The question now is if the EU needs a mediator with Trump, if Theresa May can be this mediator and how big problem Trump can be for Europe so the Europeans need to seek for a mediator.

Today the 28 European leaders meet in an unofficial summit in Valletta, Malta, with a series of issues to talk, most of them behind closed doors. Trump is not an official priority. Refugees is the official priority and Ms Merkel has a lot to say after meeting the Turkish president Erdogan and his indirect blackmails. Turkey has become a very sensitive issue for the European leadership after Erdogan took off his democratic veil. They have to balance somehow this relationship otherwise Erdogan will make true his threat (and he has exhibit already that he can) to flood Europe with refugees. This is the one side, the other side of the same coin is that Erdogan is an untrustworthy neighbour with questionable even personal aims that have nothing good for Europe. And the Europeans know it. Plus that it is clear by now – including the reasoning for the Brexit – that the Europeans don’t want Turkey in EU despite all reinsurances from some European leaders.

Until now, Europe managed to diplomatically bribe Erdogan or better buy his cooperation with millions of euros and favours but Erdogan has become greedy and nothing seems to satisfy him anymore. The fact is that doesn’t matter how much and for how long you feed a blackmailer, since they see the blackmail working they keep asking for more and more and this minute EU is the victim of a blackmail which somehow has to end. This somehow has to be a united political decision, ready for the consequences and the platform for this decision has to be laid now, in Valletta so everybody can be prepared.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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The Fake News Inquiry: Old Wine in New Bottles by Dr. Binoy Kampmark

Aovicover_01_02_17ny inquiry into fake news is much like having a Royal Commission into the make up and motivation for Halal food. (The latter absurd proposition has been put forth by a few Australian politicians irritated by the Islamist bogeyman.)  Neither mission is particularly helpful, other than to illustrate a mounting ignorance about a phenomenon that always was.

In the United Kingdom, the Culture, Media and Sports Committee has made an announcement that it will investigate claims about the public being persuaded by untruths and the dazzling influence of propaganda.

Invited submissions are to consider, among others, such questions as to what fake news is and where “biased but legitimate commentary shade into propaganda and lies”; the impact of such news on “public understanding of the world, and also on the public response to traditional journalism”

In the hyperbolic words of committee chairman Damian Collins MP, the rise of such fabrications constituted “a threat to democracy and undermines the confidence in the media in general”. The point is almost prosaic, given that Britain has been labouring under such fabrications and propaganda for a good deal since the seedy reign of tycoon Rupert Murdoch commenced.

A society that actually reads The Sun for factual enlightenment is bound to be a victim of the now touted propaganda that is supposedly afflicting the public. It is astonishing that the only reason that “fake news” has renewed currency is because of recent flavourings emanating from the alt-right, or from the Kremlin. In truth, the condition is a pre-existing one in the fourth estate.

Fake news is standard: cereal, wheat and bran, the fibre of the information world. It has been the foodstuff of media for decades, if not centuries. What matters now is the outrage felt by those in news outlets who believe that a tinge of objectivity still remains in the process of news production. It ignores that news that is often not authentic has always been the mainstay of journalism, a case of unchecked sources, careless investigation or, in some cases, pure invention.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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Far-right Dutch MP refused entry to UK

Immigration officials prevent Geert Wilders leaving Heathrow airport to attend showing of his film about ‘fascist’ Qur’an at House of Lords. Geert Wilders, the rightwing Dutch politician accused of Islamophobia, was today refused entry to the UK after arriving at Heathrow airport in London.

Wilders was due to show his 17-minute film Fitna, which criticizes the Qur’an as a “fascist book”, at the House of Lords today. But on Tuesday he received a letter from the Home Office refusing him entry because his opinions “threaten community harmony and therefore public safety”. He arrived at Heathrow shortly after 2pm and was questioned by immigration officials.

What about the …lords or whoever else who invited him to show the film and give a speech, are they going to be deported or at least face their act? Isn’t that a hate crime?

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Bush at No 10

US President George Bush is meeting British PM Gordon Brown for formal talks at Downing Street, on the second day of his two-day visit to the UK.

The two are set to focus on the Middle East, oil and food prices. Mr. Bush arrived at No 10 after breakfast talks with ex-prime minister Tony Blair. The trip is part of Mr. Bush’s final European tour before he leaves office. On Sunday Mr. Bush also met the Queen. His arrival in London was greeted by hundreds of anti-war demonstrators.

I just hope he realized that Brown is not called Tony! But then again …does it matter?

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Brown to calm economy fears

Gordon Brown has said the UK is well placed to deal with global economic crises, after figures showed sharp decline in house prices.

The prime minister said a 2.5% fall in March, recorded by the Halifax, should be seen in the context of 10 years of big increases and low interest rates. He added that the government was not a “spectator” and was “always vigilant” on global economic difficulties. He insisted the UK was in a much better position than in the early 1990s.

The next question is… Gordon what to you take, because the man is under strong illusions!

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