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Spirituality, the new Ovi thematic issue

ovicover_02_04_15Even though the idea was to publish this thematic issue in the beginning of 2015, it took us three months to finalize it. Our aim in the beginning was to invite people who could represent a diverse spectrum of beliefs and spiritual ideas.

However, even though with some spiritual beliefs absent, I want to believe that we managed pretty well. Oddly we didn’t only managed to collect diverse article about spirituality but we also managed to have articles diverting spirituality. Which makes everything far more interesting.

I think the best way to see this diverting diversity is to see this special issue as a whole and not just the articles that attract your believes or your curiosity.

Then there are the pictures that accompany the articles and some that stand on their own. They also have stories to tell and to be honest I would like to add more, since I have the feeling that we often mixed spirituality with religion. But the same time as I mentioned before looking at the magazine as a whole you understand that it is not about religion but about spirituality.

From the beginning I had the feeling that this was a strange theme with a lot of semantics but looking at it finished the feeling that mission was accomplice, grew stronger inside me. You see Ovi’s aim was never to give answers but provoke questions. And I think we managed well.

A big thank you to the participants – members of the Ovi team or not – in the series their articles appear in the Ovi Thematic Issue:

Kittirat Yothnangrong,
Lady Layla,
David Sparenberg,
Prof. Emanuel L. Paparella,
Amir Khatib,
Murray Hunter,
Ali Najjar,
Larry Culliford,
Nikos Laios

You can download the magazine, HERE! or read in online


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The Ovi magazine today!

The ‘ME’ Theme Issue by Thanos Kalamidas
The usual suspects have joined Asa and me in a thematic issue for the Ovi magazine with the very difficult title, ‘me’! The theme actually became increasingly difficult when you try to do it, but we did it and here we are with our 21st thematic issue.

War and peace in the virtual world by Akli Hadid
The popularization of the internet has been a wonderful tool to promote peace in the world. It is also a tool that helps war lords coordinate their operations.

Being candidate in more than one country? Maybe. by Newropeans-Magazine
The European Parliament, several months ago, adopted an encouraging report on a Commission proposal, which I consider a good first step for a «Europeanization» of the European elections.

ShowBizz #39 by Thanos K & Asa B
An arrogant rooster, a sycophant pig, a wiseass dog and an intelligent tortoise are just some of the stars of Thanos and Asa’s Show Bizz.

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