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Accepts Advice but Not Orders

oviPresident Bashar al-Assad of Syria, sounding defiant, confident and, to critics, out of touch with the magnitude of his people’s grievances, proposed Sunday what he called a plan to resolve the country’s 21-month uprising with a new constitution and cabinet. “Everyone who comes to Syria knows that Syria accepts advice but not orders,” he said.

Ok here is an advice. “Don’t ask for television in your cell; reduce your demands to books!!!

Later I might have some more advice but this is a good start.

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Damascus hit

The news report: Fighting is intensifying across the Syrian capital Damascus, where the military has deployed tanks and helicopters, activists say. Shooting was reported in one of the main central streets and a square housing the Central Bank. Rebel forces say they have launched an all-out assault on the capital, calling it Operation Damascus Volcano.

And makes you wander for how long this will last, how many lives will cost and how many decades it will take the people to forget and forgive. But I think one thing that is in questioning this moment, a question nobody dares ask is what the role of the United Nations is. How does UN protect the people and apart from far away advices what else the UN secretary does.

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Erdogan in Syria

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, as part of efforts to secure a peace deal between Syria and Israel.

Mr. Erdogan said both nations had sought Turkey’s help on the issue. Mediation would begin at a low level and, if successful, progress to higher-level officials, he said.

On Thursday Syria said Israel had indicated it would be prepared to withdraw from the Golan Heights in return for peace. The office of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has declined to comment on the reports, but Mr. Olmert has said that he is interested in peace in Syria.

Israel and Syria remain technically at war, although both sides have recently spoken of their desire for peace.

It looks like a holiday advert; dictators from all around the world come to Syria … What’s the matter with Erdogan? He heard that the North Koreans help Syria to build a nuclear reactor and they run to take their share?

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Syria’s covert nuclear

The United States has accused North Korea of helping Syria build a nuclear reactor that “was not intended for peaceful purposes”.

The site, said to be like one in North Korea, was bombed by Israel in 2007. Syria must “come clean” about its secret nuclear programme, the White House said in a statement after CIA officials briefed members of Congress.

Syria has repeated denials that it has any nuclear weapons programme, or any such agreement with North Korea.But the White House said the “cover-up” operation that Syria carried out after the Israeli air strike reinforced the belief that the reactor “was not intended for peaceful activities”.

“Until 6 September, 2007, the Syrian regime was building a covert nuclear reactor in its eastern desert capable of producing plutonium,” the statement said. “The Syrian regime must come clean before the world regarding its illicit nuclear activities.”

Why every time I read something like that I feel that is going to rain …bombs?

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Network killed …Hariri

I’m still trying to find out when Syria change her name and from Syria is called …network; you see UN must know something I don’t! A UN commission investigating the death of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri says the evidence suggests a network of people was responsible for the attack.

No individuals were named, but the investigators said what it called the “Hariri Network” might also be behind other deadly attacks in Lebanon. The ex-PM and 22 others died in a huge car bombing in Beirut in February 2005.

Past UN inquiries suggested that Syrian and Lebanese intelligence forces had played a role – which Syria denied. The commission said the evidence indicated that the network existed before his assassination and carried out surveillance of the former prime minister. It said at least part of the network continued to operate after Mr. Hariri’s killing.

Lebanon has been in crisis and without a president for months, amid a drawn-out power struggle between the pro- and anti-Syrian factions.


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