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UN mission to study African wars

The UN Security Council is on a mission to Africa to look at the continent’s wars and see how they might be ended.

The mission is due to have its first discussions with Somalia’s government and its opponents, then go to Sudan and several other countries at war.

It has decided it is too dangerous to hold its Somali talks on Somali soil – they will be held in Djibouti instead. The Security Council is also hoping to broker the first official direct talks between the Somalis.

To study what? Obviously Ban Ki-moon is there to totally fail. When there is a war like the one in Sudan, when there are places like Darfur there is nothing to study but a lot to act!

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Sudan cuts Chad ties

Sudan says it has cut off diplomatic relations with Chad, blaming it for helping rebels from Darfur to launch an attack on Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir made the announcement on state television. Sudan has accused Chad of helping the Jem rebels to attack the Khartoum suburb of Omdurman, which the rebels said they had taken control of. Although the government says the rebels have been defeated, this is the closest they have come to Khartoum.

Remember that Darfur is in Sudan, remember what’s going on in this poor African country, think how many more …innocent!!!

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