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That old skeptism

This is the Europe I don’t want to be part of. This is not about Greece, Finland or UK; this is about me. I don’t want to be part of this Europe and I don’t care how this will influence the London stock market tomorrow or the French exchange market next week.
But for that now I have to face a new situation that serves the bankers, the EU bureaucracy and establishment and of course the radicals. Even though I am the one who doubts and requires a well-supported by evidence opposition that could persuade me that I’m wrong and what I see is the continuity of the EU fundamentals, I cannot be a sceptic. Because the word sceptic is used the last decade and more, to semantically veil all the ones who oppose the existence of the Union due to their nationalistic, chauvinistic, fascist, Nazi, racist, isolator, xenophobic and other similar ideologies.

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