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The army moves in Lebanon

Lebanon‘s army has overturned two key measures in an attempt to defuse the crisis between the pro-western government and Shia group Hezbollah.

The army said the Hezbollah-allied head of security at Beirut airport should remain in his post and the group’s phone network be maintained. A row over these two issues sparked this week’s violence in which at least 24 people have died. The army also called on all groups to withdraw gunmen from Beirut’s streets.

Hezbollah must back-up fast if they want to keep any dignity to their acts and not become a terrorist group in the minds of the people which is worst than any administration.

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Hezbollah in west Beirut

Gunmen from Shia militant group Hezbollah have taken control of most of western Beirut, driving out supporters of the pro-Western government.

The gunmen, loyal to Hezbollah and its Shia opposition allies also forced the closure of pro-government media. The fighting was sparked by a government move on Monday to shut down Hezbollah’s telecoms network. At least 11 people, mainly civilians, have been killed and dozens injured in the city in three days of clashes.

Media offices owned by Saad Hariri, a leader of the pro-Western governing coalition, were evacuated and shut on Friday after being attacked by militants loyal to Hezbollah. The UN Security Council has urged the rival parties to stop fighting amid fears of civil war breaking out. Lebanon was plunged into civil war between a 1975-90, drawing in Syria and Israel, the two regional powers. Analysts say the key to avoiding such a conflict this time may be the neutrality of the army, and its

How can you have …neutrality of anybody while innocent people are getting killed?

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Iraq First Lady survives bomb

Iraq‘s First Lady has escaped unhurt after a bomb attack on her motorcade in Baghdad, the office of President Jalal Talabani has said.

His wife, Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed, was travelling to a cultural festival at the National Theatre at the time. Four of her bodyguards were injured in the attack, the office said. Earlier, the US military said that a roadside bomb in Iraq’s mainly Sunni western province of Anbar had killed four US marines.

The attack on the First Lady’s motorcade occurred in the capital’s Karrada district but it is unclear whether she was specifically targeted. The president’s office said: “One of the vehicles of Ms Hiro Ibrahim’s convoy hit an improvised explosive device in the road this morning. She was heading to the National Theatre.”

She was probably watching a western play and the Shia madmen or Iran’s ayatollahs didn’t like it!

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Hezbollah airport spying

A fierce political row has broken out in Lebanon over claims that the radical Shia movement, Hezbollah, secretly filmed aircraft at Beirut‘s airport.

Heads of the Western-backed government accused Hezbollah of preparing for some kind of terrorist attack. Hezbollah dismissed the accusations as scare mongering. The exchanges reflect the divisions that have paralysed Lebanon for eight months and left the country without a president for much of that time.

Is the never ending story!

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Iraqi cleric threatens war

Radical Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has threatened to wage “open war” on the Baghdad government if it does not halt operations against his supporters.

Moqtada Sadr said he was giving the government a “last warning”, and urged it to take “the path of peace”. His statement came as Iraqi troops, with US and UK support, clashed with his forces in Baghdad and the south.

In August the cleric’s militia declared a ceasefire, pledging not to attack government or foreign soldiers. “I’m giving the last warning and the last word to the Iraqi government,” Moqtada Sadr said. “Either it comes to its senses and takes the path of peace… or it will be (seen as) the same as the previous government,” he added, referring to former President Saddam Hussein’s fallen regime.

“If it does not stop the militias that have infiltrated the government, then we will declare an open war until liberation,” he added.

He threatens with open war, and what are they doing now? Playing war? Practicing war?

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