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He says … Euro-elections

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Sarkozy aide ‘misquoted’

Pity, because I don’t misquote when I read all these things going on in Tibet! Bloody petit policies; did the Chinese promised to buy airplanes from France?

France’s human rights minister has denied setting conditions for President Nicolas Sarkozy’s attendance at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Rama Yade said Le Monde newspaper had misquoted her as listing “conditions” for Mr. Sarkozy’s presence at the event. “The word ‘conditions’ was never used,” she said. Le Monde stood by its story.

Ms Yade had been quoted as saying Mr. Sarkozy would miss the event unless China freed political prisoners and agreed to talk to the Dalai Lama. Le Monde had quoted Ms Yade as saying: “Three conditions are essential for him to attend: an end to violence against the population and the liberation of political prisoners; light shed on the events in Tibet; and the opening of a dialogue with the Dalai Lama.”

And the people of Tibet continue …misquote and let’s hope that somebody will have the balls to say something and mean it!

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Nicolas sets Olympics conditions

France‘s human rights minister has set three conditions for President Nicolas Sarkozy‘s attendance of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.

President Nicolas Sarkozy would miss the event unless China sought talks with the Dalai Lama, freed political prisoners and stop violence against Tibetans adding that the recent clashes in Tibet should be investigated.

The Olympic torch is due to arrive in Paris on Monday as part of the global relay ahead of the Games. But let’s see when the Olympic spirit will arrive!

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Free Betancourt NOW!

A French plane and medical team have been put on standby in case the high-profile hostage Ingrid Betancourt, held by Colombian rebels, is released.

The French president’s office said it was a “precautionary” move and there was no information to suggest Ms Betancourt was about to be freed. The former Colombian presidential candidate and French-Colombian citizen is said to be gravely ill. She has spent more than six years as a hostage of the Farc rebels.

France said it had a plane ready in French Guiana so that Ms Betancourt could receive speedy medical care in case she was released, according to a statement from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s press service. The plane would be “ready to intervene at any moment”, it said. News that a plane was on standby comes after Colombia offered prisoner amnesties in exchange for hostages and said France could take freed Farc prisoners as part of a deal.

Let’s hope that this will be the end of her torture.


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The Twins!

Your comments, please! 


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Sarkozy’s ex-wife to wed

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s former wife Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz is set to remarry in New York before some 150 guests. It is said she will marry Moroccan-born public relations executive Richard Attias on Sunday evening in Manhattan.


Mr. Sarkozy married Carla Bruni on 2 February – less than four months after the end of his volatile 11-year marriage to Ms Ciganer-Albeniz. Ms Ciganer-Albeniz left Paris with Mr. Attias on Tuesday. The couple dined out in Manhattan on Saturday night with friends and watched the hit Broadway musical “Mamma Mia,” set to the music of the Swedish pop legend Abba.

They will reportedly exchange vows in a civil ceremony at the Rockefeller Center, followed by a reception in the famous Rainbow Room – which boasts a revolving dance floor and panoramic views of New York.

This is a soup opera presidency and the only person missing is …Alexis!!!


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Sarkozy in trouble

Voters in local elections haven’t been so …kind to President Sarkozy handing key cities to the left. So the socialists got Toulouse, Caen, Strasbourg, Amiens and Reims and they held the power in Paris and Lyon and they are close to get Marseille, the stronghold for the conservatives.

Times are difficult for Sarkozy and his popularity is well on the way down after the last elections on May with him finding more difficult to pass his program.

The revenge of the socialists or people realize that apart of marriages and divorces there is nothing else to come form Mr. Sarkozy?

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