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What did really happen in the NATO summit?

From the Ovi magazine

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NATO meets Putin now!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting leaders of the NATO alliance in Romania, his first and last at such a summit as Russian head of state.


The talks come after NATO accepted US plans for a missile defense shield on European soil – opposed by Russia. But it also failed to agree a blueprint for membership for Georgia and Ukraine – which Russia also opposes. Russia said the alliance’s promise of eventual membership to its neighbors was “a huge strategic mistake”.

The biggest fear for the Russians has been the American plan for the missile umbrella on their borders and somehow this is going to be Bush’s administration last and biggest failure with a little help from Germany and France!

About time to show that the …old Europe is here and strong!


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Bush in Romania

US President George W Bush is expected to push for NATO’s eastern expansion during a key summit in Romania.


Mr. Bush is expected to tell the alliance’s biggest-ever gathering that NATO membership must be open to any European democracy that seeks it. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is expected to voice concern over its eastward expansion – Russia has warned of a crisis if Ukraine tries to join.

NATO’s role in Afghanistan will also be on the agenda at the two-day summit. Mr. Bush arrived in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, late on Tuesday. He has said he will press the 26-member NATO alliance to support Membership Action Plans for both Ukraine and Georgia.

The US president, who will meet Mr. Putin for talks on Sunday, said he had been assured by other NATO members that Russia would not have a veto on Kiev’s possible admission.

A lot expect this to be the final failure of the Bush administration!


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Romanian Report

From the original Ovi magazine (Ovi lehti in Finnish)

Low birth rate harming Romania

Romanian President Traian Basescu said this week that he is worried his country was “going through a demographic desert” because of a drop in birth rates since 1990. “In 17 years, Romania has lost 1.4mn people due to emigration and the lower birth rate,” Basescu said during a conference on population in the central town of Sibiu.

“Today, we count only one child per woman. If this birth rate remains as it is, we will only have 16mn residents in Romania in 2050, 11mn in 2075 and 8.5mn in 2100,” he warned. Romania currently has 21.6mn inhabitants.

In other new, tens of thousands of migrant workers from Romania are to be blocked from working in Britain amid concerns that economic migration is placing new strains on public services. Ahh, here we have the intricacies of the EU in all its glory.

Bromsgrove volunteers help out in Romania

A group of volunteers from the UK witnessed first-hand the importance of this year’s fund-raising subject of the Day of Kindness (September 18th) when they visited the slums of Romania.

The week-long expedition was organised to raise awareness of one of Europe’s poorest and most disadvantaged countries and was hailed as a life-changing experience by some of the volunteers on their return. The trip saw them discover the reality of the struggle many Romanians endure each day with no running water and very primitive sanitation.

For more on raising funds for The Smiles Foundation, call John and Joan Mayo on 0044 1527 875602 or log onto: www.thesmilesfoundation.org

Best women handball teams in Europe

The 2007 Women’s Champions Trophy will take place in Vâlcea, Romania from 22 – 23 September 2007. Vâlcea is no stranger to top handball events and the city is steeped in handball traditions. The arena in Vâlcea was renovated and used for the preliminary and main round of the 2000 Women’s European Championship.

The competition in Ramnicu Valcea is held for the first time under the name Champions’ Tournament, called Europe’s Supercup previously. The participating teams are Slagelse DT (Denmark) – winner of Champions League 2006-2007, Zvezda Zvenigorod (Russia) – winner of EHF Cup, Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea and Lada Togliatti, invited by the European Handball Federation (EHF).

Talking of balls, do you know why snakes don’t have balls? It’s because very few of them can dance.

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