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Carl G. Jung: Evolution Toward the Higher Self by Rene Wadlow

Carl Gustav Jung (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961), the Swiss psychiatrist, was the founder of an important current of psychoanalysis which he called “analytical psychology”. Jung’s contribution to a deeper understanding of Taoist thought is stressed in an earlier essay. He provides means for deciphering individual behavior but also challenges facing the wider society. His ideas have had an influence on other disciplines such as religious studies and literary analysis.

jung01_400(For more about Carl G. Jung’s life read: Carl G. Jung: The Integration of Opposites by Rene Wadlow)

Jung developed his insights at a particular time in history, a time of reconstruction and searching after the 1914-1918 war and the time that saw the rise of Hitler and the start of the 1939-1945 war. After the Second World War, he largely revised some of his earlier writings and turned his attention to Chinese and Indian philosophy. He recorded his life experiences which were then edited by his long-time secretary Amiela Jaffé as Memories, Dreams, Refections published after his 1961 death. She later wrote her own appreciation Amiela Jaffé. From the Life and Work of C.G. Jung (1972)

Much of his writings were based on intuition. He recognized the importance of gender issues, of nationalism, and the power of religious motivations in an apparently irreligious epoch. Much of his influence is not so much his conclusions as his intuitions about directions to explore. There are similarities between Jung and the more recent writings of Abraham Maslow whose psychology is based on the idea that there are “higher reaches of human nature.” Both men were more interested in the sense of affirmation rather than neurosis.

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Erich Fromm: Meeting the Challenges of the Century

I believe that the One World which is emerging can come into existence only if a New Man comes into being – a man who has emerged from the archaic ties of blood and soil, and who feels himself to be a citizen of the world whose loyalty is to the human race and to life, rather than to any exclusive part of it, a man who loves his country because he loves mankind, and whose views are not warped by tribal loyalties.
Eric Fromm Beyond the Chains of Illusion

eric01_400_01Eric Fromm (1900-1980), the psychoanalyst concerned with the relation between personality and society, whose birth anniversary we mark on 23 March, was born in 1900.  Thus his life was marked by the socio-political events of the century he faced, especially those of Germany, his birth place.

Erich Fromm was born into an orthodox Jewish family in Frankfurt am Main. The families of both his mother and father had rabbis and Talmudic scholars, and so he grew up in a household where the significance of religious texts was an important part of life. While Fromm later took a great distance from Orthodox Jewish thought, he continued a critical appreciation of Judaism.

He was interested in the prophets of the Old Testament but especially by the hope of the coming of a Messianic Age – a powerful theme in popular Judaism. The coming of the Messiah would establish a better world in which there would be higher spiritual standards but also a new organization of society. The Messianic ideal is one in which the spiritual and the political cannot be separated from one another.

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