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Anybody out there, Brexiteers? by Thanos Kalamidas

You think, no big thing; things might change a bit for the exporting companies and some goods in the supermarkets might be a bit more expensive but most of the people don’t live on champagne and roquefort cheese. After all UK is the ninth largest economy in the world; everybody is going to be fine!

And then you get your bank statement posted from Germany, from your bank’s “European head office” in Berlin and you think …wow! Brexit is here, my bank knows it and I have no idea what’s really going on and how much this is going to shape my life. Do I need visa and work permit now to live in my house with my family? Do I need …what do I need? Does anybody have any idea what do I need? Theresa? Boris? Anybody?

brex001_400Nobody. Literally nobody while nearly 2.5 million UK nationals living in EU realized day after day that their future is somewhere between: we are pawns in a game we don’t understand and Boris changes the rules in daily base and we are screwed suddenly becoming second category unwelcome immigrants. Just like the ones UK likes to avoid wants to kick out and used as escuse for the Brexit. The irony of contemporary life.

But hey, don’t worry; Trump wants talks for a ‘cutting edge’ free trade deal with the UK to start immediately after Brexit. That should make me feel better. NO! It does NOT. British people don’t want Trump’s modified potatoes and carrots or any other artificial food and drink. They don’t want to buy his guns, planes and missiles and definitely no more hotel and golf clubs from him.

Boris keeps saying how badly May is failing and how poor her Chequers proposal is but he is coming rather short to any kind of proposals himself. Two years since the beginning of the negotiations except saying how bad job Theresa is doing, Mr Johnson hasn’t offer a single suggestion on how she should act and what to say.

Did I mention Jacob Rees-Mogg? Sorry my mistake. The British Donald Trump with a little of Farage and Disney’s Goofy; in total: three catastrophes in one body. His public contribution to any conversation about Brexit is even smaller than Michael Gove’s or Joan Collins’, another glorious Brexiteer. At least her excuse is that she likes …Trump and Trump is against EU.

In the meantime I rechecked the bank’s statement. Head office. Germany. WOW! Imagine that. The ninth largest economy supporting the fourth largest economy, all for the glory of a Brexit.

But at least there will be open borders with the Irish republic. Because …because it is part of the empire and Queen Theresa wishes so. So, no worries, nobody is going to miss champagne and roquefort cheese, they will be coming from Dublin.Last minutes denial or we don’t know what the hell we are saying? And, what about the 2.5 million UK nationals living in EU? Well this is Juncker’s problem, you might say. He can make a law and help them if he wants or kick them out of EU which will make him the evil bastard he is.

What about the 2.7 million EU citizens living in UK? No worries there, no worries at all. UK legally will keep the British educated, well professional established, basicaly not east europeans, with good work experience, in needed positions with low salaries and the rest will become tourists or …illegal immigrants. UK is not going to be blackmailed for its 2.5 million UK nationals living in EU because it has 2.7 million EU citizens living in UK for hostages.

What did I say in the beginning? Either pawns in a game we don’t understand or Boris changes the rules in daily base or plainly screwed with the second case winning every single moment UK reaches a no deal Brexit.

No deal Brexit, this seems to be the only way and you know why? Because they have absolutely no idea what to do. Both sides. UK and EU. In UK things are a bit worst because even those who fought for Brexit didn’t believe that it would happen so there was no plan for the day after. And now we are in the day after after after with no plan and 2.5 million UK nationals living in EU while 2.7 million EU citizens living in UK. In total 5.2 million people live in limbo! A country the population size of Norway or Ireland.

But hey, no worries; the banks have created European head offices in Berlin! The ninth largest economy is moving to Berlin while Boris, Jacob and Theresa argue who’s the toughest!

And I’m really worrying!

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He Said, She Said, We Say…… by Leah Sellers

These old Republican Good ‘Ole Boys are crafty “Me, Too” Chicken Coop marauders. Yep.

In setting up this so-called Hearing as He Said, She Said with no proper and fair previous Investigative Process (preferably by the FBI), they intend to kill two Chickens with one cold, hard, pre-sharpened Stone. A winning History of past He Said, She Said inquiries and incidents, nationally and globally, where He Said wins the day, because How could such a man of accrued Republican Party Power and ultra-Con-servative Judicial Power, renown, celebrity, inspiration, and so on and so on Do such a Thang ? What do you think Dr. Cosby ?

kavafox01_400Nope. No fair and just process for you little lady. Judge Kavanaugh, your stated Sexual Assaulter (along with his drunken Buddy-in-Possible-Crime, whose intrusive fall upon you and your stated Accoster, saved Ford’s further physical assault, although not her Lifetime of Psychological Tainting), because the Republican Need to have Kavanaugh on the Court so that the Ragin’ Red Republicans can Control Women’s Bodies and Lives, and Kavanaugh can Pardon King Trumpty when his deeds finally catch-up to him (thanks to the FBI you refuse to use in Mrs. Ford’s case). Hmmm……

Yep. And because the Republicans are afraid of the Optics and Cosmetics of a panel of All White Men bearing down upon Mrs. Ford, they have hired a Trained-to-Prosecute, Female ‘assistant’, Rachel Mitchell, to bear down upon Mrs. Ford instead (sigh, Oh me, Oh my !). But the Republicans claim that they are doing it to save the ‘Feelings, nothing more than Feelings’ of Mrs. Ford. Bless their Little Pea-Pickin’ Hearts !

Yep. It would be difficult for AnyOne who knows the True Restrained Brutal and Cruel Character (which leaks out from time-to-time) of Someone to Watch that Predatory Someone continue to Rise in Power and Stature through the ranks of our Courts of Law and Society, and then head to the Supreme Court in order to make Laws the Laws of the Land.

Yep. Wouldn’t every Self-Respecting Woman want herself to be left in those Lawful Hands ?

So, Thursday is it, because the Republican led Congress says so. He’ll Say and She’ll Say, and then what will our auspicious Congressfolks who are supposed to represent We the People say that We Say ?


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macron01_400The cheer was always going to be qualified. The bubbles would be less effervescent, more a case of relieved sighing rather than frothy exultation.  After another electoral hack, and another round of threats, the French election was being played out in an era that may, in time, be given the Trump name.

The pollsters did rest a bit easier after the election result, with Emmanuel Macron outdoing his contender Marine Le Pen by fifteen percent. Their soothsayers have been failing of late, and this result provided some form of revival. But what it did show, as it did in the United Kingdom, is that the battle between the forces of nationalist nostalgia and autonomy, and the market model masquerading as prosperity and democracy, will continue to rage.

In any other set of circumstances, it would have been seen as thumping, clear, and unquestionable: a 66 percent approval for Macron, with Parisians going the whole hog with 90 per cent. But such are the times that the 34 percent, left unattended to the north and south of the country, may well become the future governing power, a disease that takes hold, and eventually conquering the host.

While it was second highest score in the second round of a presidential vote since 1965, Macron’s margin of victory becomes less significant when compared with that of Jacques Chirac’s 82.21 percent in 2002 over Marine Le Pen’s father. An unescapable fact is that 11 million votes were cast in favour of Le Pen.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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The Creepy Bungling Inspector Clouseau-like Relationship between Trump and the US Spy Agencies by Dr. Emanuel Paparella

Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rep. South Carolina, has dubbed the relationship of President Trump to the US spy agencies to a Dr. Clouseau investigating himself. He is probably on to something considering the various bungling self-defeating and incompetent ways by which  the House has so far been conducting the Russia dealings investigation.

It remains an entertainingly funny reality show controlled by the White House but it feels as if it could change on a dime and turn into a sad ugly tragedy. The question arises: is control slipping away from Trump prompting him to challenge agencies’ integrity and alleging that (in collusion with former president Obama) they monitored his presidential campaign?

papar01_400_02It is well known that counter-allegations have surfaced of Trump’s White House funneling secret intelligence reports to top Republicans investigating its ties to Russian officials as well as the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. These investigations, if proven, will seriously threaten his presidency. They also may reflect a deepening distrust of the intelligence community among Trump’s political advisers who remain bungling amateurs when it comes to classified information and covert programs. Michael Hayden, former CIA head and the National Security Agency has quipped lately that those bunglings “reveal a chasm of ignorance about how stuff is done.

It is also well known that Trump, with the backing of political advisers Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, initially sought to put Wall Street billionaire Stephen Feinberg in charge of a review of the intelligence agencies. An early assessment of the review suggested the elimination of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, (the umbrella agency created after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks) in order to better streamline and coordinate intelligence. At least that was the official rationale. The oversight agency was simply an unnecessary bureaucracy that ended up manipulating and distorting information. Now, however, the operative words are no longer “dismantle” the intelligence agencies, but “trim and optimize” to better make them manageable. The question arises: manageable by whom?

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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The psychotic paranoid Sultan by Thanos Kalamidas

For more than a decade, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – the present Turkish President – has been West’s favourite Muslim son. A leader that could work as an example, a role model and a strong breakwater to all kind of Muslim radicalism in Middle East and South East Asia. That’s how the West wanted him to be. So blinded by their own wishes, wants and denials they didn’t see that Erdoğan was a psychotic paranoid authoritarian, totally corrupted by power who manipulated everybody. And by everybody I don’t mean just the west but everybody including the radical Muslims of ISIL.

ovicover_25_03_17The amazing thing about Erdoğan is that while the Europeans were and still are, till very recently, victims of his manipulations, it was the Americans who saw first his real face and a very critical moment for them. It was when Erdoğan refused to help the Americans in their invasion to Iraq and surprisingly when Saddam fell defeated, the Turks appeared as victors ready for the looting. That made George W. Bush’s administration angry and their “friendly” attitude towards Turkey for the rest of the time was only due to keep appearances and of course for geopolitical reasons since Turkey remains an accountable force in the area. Obama continued Bush’s policy with Turkey: keep Erdoğan in a safe distance and doubt anything he says.

The Europeans from the other played a very strange and schizophrenic game with Turkey. While Turkey had started negotiations with EU for a membership, the EU leadership often used public opinion to delay talks or agreements. The 2005 French referendum for the European Constitution is the best example when 55% voted against with one and only excuse, they didn’t want Turkey as a full member state in the EU. Furthermore while it has never happened with any other candidate country, most EU member states demand to have an internal referendum before fully accepting Turkey in EU. But the same time the Europeans were too keen to support politically Erdoğan everywhere, invest financially in Turkey in the name of Erdoğan with Germany France and Holland majoring in those investment and finally keeping a “neutral” distance with Turkey’s conflicts first with the Kurds and then with another EU member (which actually made it more painful) with Cyprus. In both these cases the European “neutral” attitude is actually in conflict with the European principals since Erdoğan’s hostility against the Kurds is on the limits of a genocide and in Cyprus, Turkey occupies part of the independent and full EU member state as a result of an invasion not much different from Saddam’s to Kuwait. Furthermore Europe has been fully aware of Erdoğan’s dictatorial turn the last five years at least, has been fully aware of the imprisonments, tortures, murders plus Erdoğan’s connection with ISIL’s oil but still they kept treating him as a …partner, ally and friend.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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The House-Whites of Washington and the democrats of USA by Thanos Kalamidas

americ01_400It is over a month since Donald Trump’s enthronement in Washington DC and after the first hit, democrats seem to have moved from denial to acceptance and now reaction. Actually I found that there was a certain level of hypocrisy during the denial period from the Democrats. After preaching Trump for so long before the elections that he has to accept the outcome whatever that is when he actually won they flagged the …popular vote and the “not my president”. And I would definitely understand their anger and that they felt cheated if the electoral system was something new. But it wasn’t. Clinton, Obama and so many others before were elected with the same electoral system. So, how is it cheating now and never was before? Is exactly the same electoral system, isn’t it?

But …water under the bridge. They crossed their denial period in a month and they moved to reacting. The American Democrats. The American Democrats or the American democrats? It’s not the same, is it? I actually feel that while American Democrats have accepted that Trump is the 45th US President, they have started employing Tea Party policies and they aim for the 2018 elections targeting a Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) with a Democrat majority which will cripple Trump’s administration, the American democrats are still numb trying to find their way in this mess.

The average American – doesn’t matter what she or he voted – I have the feeling that is not divided but forced to choose between two radically opposite sides that divide him/her. From the one side is Donald Trump and the ruling Trumpist Republican Party with all the sub-Trumpists like the Tea Party, the “bikers for Trump” or the wild west supporters of the second amendment among others; authoritarians, fascists, racists, Nazis, prejudice, ignorant, haters, Russian puppets or at least this is what the media and the Democrats tell them. On the other side are the liberals and the Democratic Party or the raving feminists, the former communists, the anarchists, the pro-abortion, the against law and order, the pro uncontrolled immigration, the trouble makers, the marihuana smokers, the big brother supporters, the Hollywood elitists, the overrated academics, the fake news or at least this is what the Republicans, Fox News and the Trumpists tell them.This is a propaganda game Bannon and his nazi-style methods win at the moment.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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The Rattlin’ Tattlers by Leah Sellers

Rattle !  Rattle ! Whirrrrr !  Rattle !
Ka-boom !  Ka-boom !
“Come on outta’ your Hidey Holes, you Rattlin’ Tattlers !  You do not Rule the Roost here !  I, King Clyde, follower of the Trumpian Way, Rule over this here Chicken Coop  !  And not just this Chicken Coop, but the whole ding-dang-dong Chicken Yard “

Rattle !  Rattle !  Whirrrrr !  Rattle !

Ka-boom !  Ka-boom !

cats01_400“Clyde ?!  Clyde ?!  Put that gol’durned shot gun down for just a minute, will ya’ ?  It’s Sam.  I wanna’ come on into the Chicken Coop to talk without gettin’ my head blown off !”

“Why, sure, Sam !  Come on in, Pardner.  I could sure use some help knabbin’ these ‘ole Rattlin’ Tattlers !  You got your pistol with ya’ ?  Come right on,
in !

Sam slowly and cautiously opened the Chicken Coop’s holey and tattered door to discover his old childhood friend standing in the middle of the Chicken Coop naked as a Jaybird.

“Clyde, where are your clothes ?  What in the heck is goin’ on with you,
Boy ?  Do you understand how crazy all of this looks right now ?  You have got Lillian and the kids scared to death.”

“So, she called you to come on over here to get me in line, did she ?”

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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