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We Will Drive Them to the Ground! by Leah Sellers

The seventeen year old Texas-American Girl peered seriously at the much older German Lady she had grown to Respect and Love through exchanged Letters throughout the years, and Memories of the times Frau Eckfelder had gladly Babysat her when her American Dad and Mom went out to dinner and the movies, while her Dad was stationed at the American Ramstein Air Base many years ago.

“Frau Eckfelder, I need to ask you some very important Questions, but I’m afraid of offending you,” Cheyenne said earnestly.
farm01_400_01Frau Eckfelder stared for a moment at the Young Teenage Girl sitting across from her at the kitchen table through her sturdy glasses and replied, “Let me hear your Questions, Cheyenne. I will determine whether or not I can adequately Answer them for you.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Cheyenne said as she nervously wiggled in her hand carved wooden chair, and strove to sit up straight.

“Frau Eckfelder, you need to know that Mom did not want me asking you these Questions. I am going against her wishes.”

Frau Eckfelder’s facial expression did not change. “Go ahead, Child.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Cheyenne said quietly. “Frau Eckfelder, first of all, I need you to know that I Love and Respect you tremendously, and that’s one of the main reasons that these Questions are so hard for me to ask you, and yet so hard not to.”

“Yes, go on,” Frau Eckfelder said gently.

“Frau Eckfelder, how could someone as Good and as Intelligent as you are have supported the Nazi Regime ? How could you follow someone like Hitler ?”

“I’ve been to your Lutheran Church with you and your Son and Daughter’s Families. I know that you truly Believe in the Teachings of Jesus Christ. That most of the folks who decided to follow Hitler and his Hateful Regime went to the same Christian Church that y’all do.”

“Yes, that is true, Cheyenne. And what you are asking is indeed a very difficult thing to hear and to think about. But it is true nonetheless,” Frau Eckfelder admitted with a small sigh.

“However, I understand why it is important for you to ask me these things. So, I will do my best to answer them.”

“Mom told me that you lost your Husband a couple of days after the War was declared over, because the area he was killed in had not heard that the War was over yet.”

“That is true,” Frau Eckfelder said sadly.

“Why would a Good Man like your Husband fight for the Nazis ?” Cheyenne asked. “Please, explain that to me.”

“Cheyenne, they were very difficult times. By the time everyone who would have opposed Hitler finally woke up to what was actually happening within our Country, it was too late,” Frau Eckfelder said slowly.

“To oppose Hitler made you an Outcast. Those who did were harassed. They had their businesses ransacked and burned down. Their houses ransacked and burned. They were spit upon and shunned by everyone privately and publicly.”

“Those who did it publicly were putting on a Big Show for EveryOne else to see so that they ThemSelves would not be thought of as a Traitor to Germany.”

“Eventually the Protesters and Dissenters were jailed, threatened, tortured and some were even murdered. Some were shot outright in the streets. Especially when the Crimes against the Jews and Other Immigrants became more frequent and violent in nature.”

“People, like myself and my Beloved Friedrich, became to afraid to oppose Hitler and his Followers,” Frau Eckfelder said sadly. “And as a result, Germany fell under his Evil Spell, and marched to War.”

“But how could such an Educated and Civilized Society do such a thing, Frau Eckfelder ?

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It’s good to be home again by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota

I have returned from my summer trip to Europe and report that conditions have changed.

In England stood out for the views by its educated experts on money and markets. They don’t know and don’t care. New announcements and shifts are just shrugged off or, worse yet, ignored. Refusing to think or getting involved is the equivalent of Socrates’ poisoned hemlock cup – conditions will not improve by themselves.

eur01_400Institutions which label themselves as European now need to re-think their position as to its meaning in times of Brexit and growing conflicts and polarization. How can ship captains make a choice between the rescue of drowning migrants and personal jail time for doing so? Are we all in the same boat? Even in theatre performances the audience and troupe performances have lost their traditional bite.

Germany has a whole set of growing problems. I am not referring to the physical tremors of Chancellor Merkel. When standing is a problem she can sit. In the U.S., President Roosevelt served the country in spite of difficult illnesses, for more than three terms.

But I am concerned about the diminution of German ability to rely on its traditional strengths. When German intellectuals talk about U.S. policies there is very little well-formed reasoning, or even desire for input and learning. Rather, flash judgements and condemnations are made, remindful of the checking of boxes.

When the official airplanes of both the chancellor and the president repeatedly either can’t fly or must return to land right after takeoff, then the motto of “advancement with technology “ does not fare very well. Misleading public information on air contamination by car diesel engines is a shameful event.  Failed technology to measure societal impact of government action is wasteful and inefficient.

Increasingly, a sense of proportion and morality is missing. Take the case of Gustl Mollath who, was inappropriately placed in psychiatry for more than.7 years. Now, when caught, government offers him a paltry compensation of tens of thousands of dollars. At the same time, the Deutsche Bank, provides publicly more than $ 10 million for ineffective managers to depart, and we don’t know about any additional hidden support.

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Detention Centers are Part of America’s Dark History by George Cassidy Payne

As much as I am personally sickened by President Trump’s handling of the border crisis, historically speaking, his draconian policies are far from unprecedented. Shamefully, confining a specific ethnic group in detention centers appears to be as American as eating a hot dog at a baseball game on the 4th of July.

dete01_400The first substantial U.S. detention program began in 1838 under the auspices of President Martin Van Buren, who ordered the U.S. Army to enforce the Treaty of New Echota (essentially an Indian removal treaty). Marshaling the manpower of over 7,000 soldiers, General Winfield Scott was charged with evicting the Cherokee nation from their tribal lands in the south and forcing them to trek 1,200 miles west to reservations in Oklahoma. Before the men, women, and children were sent on the “Trail of Tears”, they were detained in six detention centers called “emigration depots.” These forts existed in North Carolina, as well as Chattanooga, Tennessee and Fort Payne, Alabama.

During the American Civil War, thousands of freed slaves from the plantations were recaptured by the Union army and put into hard labor camps. Women and children were locked away in these camps and left to die from starvation and smallpox. According to some researchers, over 20,000 emancipated slaves were killed in these makeshift concentration camps. (The most infamous of these was established in Natchez, Mississippi and was called the Devil’s Punchbowl because it was located at the bottom of a cavernous pit with trees located on the bluffs above.)

Nearly a half-century later, at the apex of the First World War, President Woodrow Wilson, fearing the subversive potential of Germans and German Americans, set up two internment camps in Hot Springs, N.C., and Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Codifying the president’s fears, Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer decreed that “All aliens interned by the government are regarded as enemies, and their property is treated accordingly.”

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, this official policy of exclusion was expanded to target Japanese and Americans of Japanese descent. Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942, which allowed the military to designate areas “from which any or all persons may be excluded.” The groundwork for this Executive Order was firmly planted when the 1940 census introduced a new question. It required that all respondents include their ethnicity. Also in 1940, a new law was passed so that all aliens over the age of 14 had to be registered.

These extreme measures were followed by perhaps the single most unconstitutional order ever delivered in our nation’s history, namely, the Emergency Detention Act of 1950. Otherwise known as the McCarran Internal  Security Act, this provision authorized the construction of six concentration camps in 1952 in the event that the U.S. government declare a state of emergency. Rather than Indians, Germans, and the Japanese, these camps were intended to hold communists, anti-war activists, and other dissidents. Among other disturbing components, the Act required that the President, in an emergency, assume the right to arrest and detain persons who he believed might engage in espionage or sabotage. It also created a Subversive Activities Control Board (SACB) to effectively monitor the finances and activities of millions of Americans.

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The Special Branch and the Malaysian Deep State by Murray Hunter

The Special Branch and the Malaysian Deep State
If Malaysia aspires to be a democracy then the Special Branch is out of control

Malaysia’s Special Branch, a secretive division within the Royal Malaysian Police force (PDRM), has functioned as one of the country’s most covert units, or did until earlier this year, when the human rights NGO Suhakam accused it of being behind the disappearance of two social activists, Amri Che Mat and Pastor Raymond Koh.

malyapoli01The new Director General of Police, Absul Hamid Bador, denies the accusation, claiming that the unit has no operational capabilities. Nonetheless, the accusation shines a light on a shadowy organization that had its beginnings as an intelligence unit established by the British after WWII to primarily gather human intelligence (HUMINT) on the communist insurgency throughout North Borneo and Malaya as well as spying to counter the growing Communist influence as well as watching the Singaporean trade union and political movements. A third important task was to undertake surveillance and infiltrate the Chinese triads operating in the towns throughout Malaya.

As a colonial creation, it has never been legitimized by act of Parliament, It has, no public charter, and reports neither to the National Parliament or the executive. It became an arm of the police organizational structure with a director who reported to the Director General of Police (IGP). The only indication of its mission and objectives are on the police website, stating that it is“responsible for collecting and processing security intelligence to preserve the law and order of the public and maintain Malaysia’s peace and security.”

Today it conducts surveillance, intelligence gathering, and infiltrations that span all aspects of Malaysian society including religious organizations, mosques, churches, and temples, Chinese schools, universities, the state and federal civil services, government agencies, local government, trade unions, NGOs, media organizations, social activists, and even Royal households.

Special Branch attends many public gatherings, press conferences, and events where there are people of interest. Both opposition and government members of parliament are kept under surveillance. It has expanded from just utilising HUMINT gathering and now utilizes all the tools of modern electronic intelligence gathering, with sophisticated cyber abilities.

A former officer who wants to remain anonymous told Asia Sentinel writer that during the first Mahathir era in the 1990s, his responsibility was to film and photograph cabinet ministers and state chief ministers in compromising situations which could be utilized as a lever against them if necessary at some future point. The ex-officer went on to say that a number of guest rooms in hotels around Malaysia have been set up for this specific purpose, making it intriguing that recently Mohamed Azmin Ali, the former Selangor chief minister and current minister of economics, was allegedly surreptitiously filmed in a homosexual liaison by unknown actors.

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Mr. Roy’s Trigger Happy Thumb by Leah Sellers

“Alright, Young Lady. I’ve finally got this Medical Gadget hung around my neck like you wanted,” Mr. Roy said wryly.

“And I am deeply grateful for it, Mr. Roy. It only took me three months to talk you into it,” Maybelle said with a small grin.

“Harumph, I just didn’t want to be encumbered by having to wear this Gizmo twenty-four-seven. But you finally convinced me that since I don’t want anybody staying with me at night yet, that it would set your, and my Boys minds to rest, and get you all off of my back about it,” Mr. Roy complained a bit grumpily.

nz001_400“Thank you, again, Mr. Roy. And it should also make you feel easier about the times you spend alone here at your home, sir. If you are in any physical stress at all, Mr. Roy, all you have to do is mash down on this big plastic button on your necklace, and Help will come,” Maybelle explained for the fourth time.

“I know. I know. I understand how it works, Maybelle. There’s nothing wrong with my memory. Or at least not yet, that is,”

“Now, can I get back to my News program ?” Mr. Roy asked impatiently.
“Yes sir, and while you do that I’ll start dinner. I got the makings for your chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli and southern corn bread at the grocery store on my way over earlier today,” Maybelle said brightly.

Mr. Roy’s eyes lit up, and he smiled saying, “I’ll have to do things your way more often, Maybelle, if it’ll get me a chicken fried steak with all of the fixing’s.”

“What’s on the news today, Mr. Roy ? I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to listen to it as of late.”

“Did you hear about that White Nationalist murdering all of those folks going to Church in New Zealand yesterday ?

“Yes sir, Sam said something to me about it when I got home last night,” Maybelle said as she began Mr. Roy’s dinner. “And didn’t that horrible young man murder Men, Women and Children praising God at two separate Mosques in New Zealand ?”

“I believe you’re right, Maybelle,” Mr. Roy agreed seriously. “And he left behind some kind of idiotic Manifesto explaining all of his fear-based and hateful reasonings for doing it. Seems he’s part of some Internet Gang of White Nationalists who are no better than those fear-based and hateful ISIS or Taliban bunch of Muslim Radicals,” Mr. Roy said disdainfully.

“If you ask me, Mr. Roy Terrorists are all the same,” Maybelle said definitively. “They are all fear-based and hate filled folks who convince themselves that their Hate and Fear are justified by their version of God in whatever Religion they were raised up in or converted to. Or just out of plain old Meanness of Spirit.”

“Bottom line is that they wanna’ Kill and Destroy other Human Beings and their Lives. They want to disrupt and destroy what Is for whatever Controlled by Them Hell they think it should be,” Maybelle continued. “Who in the world could ever trust a bunch of murdering thugs like that to Create anything good in this World or any other World for that matter ?”

“We just All need to come Together and say, “No more ! And Wake up and Embrace the Love of Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha or Yahweh or whoever your God is and stop the killing ” to all of the fear-based and hateful folks around the World thinking about Terrorism or already in the throes of it.”

“We’re All Immigrants from one place or another from some distant time or another. And we’re all different from one another in one way or another. These are not Reasons to go around killing one another over anything or anyone, because Life is too Precious a Gift to waste like that,” Maybelle said emphatically.

“You’ll get no argument from me on that account, Maybelle,” Mr. Roy replied as he raised himself slowly from his reclining chair.

“Do you need help getting to the restroom, Mr. Roy ?” Maybelle asked as she wiped her flour dusted hands clean on a dish towel before heading over to give Mr. Roy a hand.

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