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Lech Kaczynski legacy

It is very sad when somebody dies and especially in this tragic way and of course the Polish people have every right to mourn their president but is a tragic death enough to transform somebody into a hero and wipe out his past?

I mean, good old Lech Kaczynski and his brother weren’t exactly the most democratic figures in Poland. And their political rise was owned at first to Lech Walesa and then to their anti-Russian rhetoric. Rhetoric often unreasonable because you cannot blame a nation because a time in history its leaders suppressed your nation. If ii was like that very few nations today would have good relations if any.

And it wasn’t just that, some of the decision the twin brothers did while they were in control in Poland were pretty embarrassing for a modern democracy and especially a democracy that proud to be an EU member. Of course all that not ignoring the fact that the Polish people feel totally numb at the moment and they need some solace!

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Ovi today

Voices and legality by Thanos KalamidasThe Iranian government condemned the new EU sanctions against Teheran over the uranium enrichment program as illegal and this raises the question what is legal and what illegal.

Nice Beavers! by Clint Wayne
As a self-confessed ‘Wildlife Freak’, it was with great interest that I watched this week’s BBC News report detailing the formation of a Beaver dam and the possible breeding success of two Beavers released under licence here in the UK.

Missile defence system, did Lithuanians betrayed Poland? by Newropeans-Magazine
Probably most of you heard about the anti-missile defence plan for Europe. In short anti-missile radar should be deployed in the Czech Republic, and an interceptor base in Poland.

Cyprus report by Euro Reporter
Euro Reporter finds itself on Cyprus today.

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Poland remembers ghetto uprising

Poland is holding events to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Polish President Lech Kaczynski with 100 guests gathered at a large square on the site of the ghetto, where thousands of Jews died.

Beside the monument to the ghetto fighters, Mr. Kaczynski said the world must remain vigilant to ensure such horrors were not repeated. The uprising was the largest act of Jewish resistance in the Holocaust. For nearly a month in 1943, several hundred Jews, armed with pistols and home-made bombs, resisted German attempts to eradicate the ghetto.

People should remember and remind to the newest generations, but apart from that people of Poland should especially some …twin politicians should remember the catastrophes discriminations bring.

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Polish report

From the original Ovi magazine (Ovi lehti in Finnish)

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Poland’s opposition leader has mocked the prime minister for lacking a driver’s license, compared him with a notorious communist and accused him of forcing two million Poles from their homeland. Donald Tusk, a trim, sandy-blonde economic liberal, is showing a new toughness as he fights to unseat Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski in elections this Sunday, revealing steel unseen when he failed to win power in 2005.

Polls show a tight contest between Tusk’s pro-business and socially conservative Civic Platform, and Kaczynski’s Law and Justice, which is also conservative, but favors greater social spending to help the needy and is more skeptical of the European Union.

The bitter truth is that the amazing twins must go out from power in Poland but what remains causes more wonders. Their anti-communist menace has often led their policies to the limits of fascism and Poland has been often under criticism from the European Parliament, not to forget all the problems the twins caused in the last summit.

Poland may block Russia’s entrance to WTO

Poland warned on Monday that it would block Russia’s entrance to the World Trade Organization if Moscow did not cancel an embargo on exports of Polish meat and produce. Russia imposed the ban in late-2005 after uncovering what it said were violations of food safety regulations. Polish officials maintain that the country’s food quality standards meet EU norms and that the embargo is political.

“If Russia’s position toward Poland doesn’t change, we will have to vote against Russia’s membership in WTO,” Deputy Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski told a news conference in Moscow, according to Russian news agencies.

Poland also warned it would continue to block a strategic EU-Russia agreement if the embargo was not lifted. “Poland has to link these two issues — the embargo and the signing of a new agreement between Russia and the European Union,” Ardanowski was quoted as saying.

The question that arises is not if Russia will stop banning Polish meat but if Polish meat meets the standards of food safety regulations and if the EU can guarantee that they do.

Polish Church Advises People How To Vote

The Polish Catholic Church reminded Poland’s voters that they have an obligation to vote in keeping with the fundamental values taught by the Church. In a letter by Polish Bishops that was read to congregations all over Poland this weekend, people were told that they should pay attention to the moral condition of political candidates, their identity, values and readiness to cooperate with others.

Prime Minister Kaczynski’s voter base rests primarily in the countryside among the older population and followers of Radio Maria’s Father Taduesz Rydzyk. These voters are devoutly Catholic and tend to support Kaczynski. How much some of them support him and his party was made reported today in the Polish Weekly Gazeta Wyborcza.

In Lublin, after a church service yesterday, PIS flyers were distributed on the church’s premises and when a Gazeta Wyborcza reporter started taking pictures, some people surrounded him, started calling him names, and told him to “f**k off!” – One woman even hit him in the face. Finally a man urged people to calm down and the reporter was able to get away.

The candidates whose fliers were distributed said that they had no idea about what happened. They said that people take their flyers and distribute them any way they want. Candidates have no control over what they do.

It seems that the Vatican will never stop getting involved in Polish politics despite the fact that the wall has fallen and the Polish Pope is dead.


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