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Fragments of a City (in raw state) by Yiannis Ioakimidis

Σημεία της πόλης , κι όχι μόνο, όπου φωλιάζει το παράλογο, το αυθόρμητο και το ανθρώπινο απο τον Γιάννη Ιωακειμίδη. Γιάννης Ιωακειμίδης, Ντόπιος τριών πόλεων. Ανασαίνει μέσα σε διαδρόμους βιβλιοπωλείων και στα στενά των πόλεων. Λατρεύει τόσο πολύ την φωτογραφία και την ροκ που η κοπέλα του αναγκάστηκε να μάθει κι απ τα δύο.

Όταν το μεράκι έχει κέφια. Έξω από μαγαζί υδραυλικού στον Πειραιά.

Στην Ελλάδα της Κρίσης κάποιοι διαφυλάσσουν την ανθρωπιά. Δίπλα από φωτοτυπάδικο στο Μαρούσι.


More of Yiannis work / Περισσότερα απο τη δουλειά του Γιάννη Ιωακειμίδη
check HERE! / ΕΔΩ!

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4 News for Ovi bookshelves

4 new EBooks from the Ovi bookshelves, get your FREE copy NOW HERE! and enjoy!

Mount Voio is a photography album from a magnificent Greek landmark accompanied with the poems of a well-known Greek poet.

Mount Voio is one of Greece’s most highly inhabited and forested mountains. Its rich ecosystems, which include numerous mixed forests, consist mainly of oaks, chestnut trees, beech trees, pines, firs and low bushes.  Voio is an ideal habitat for all kinds of wild animals found in northern. And photographed by Ioli Petroulaki.

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Ovi Symposium Part I. The Ovi symposium is a landmark for the Ovi magazine. A symposium organized beyond time and space. A multidimensional symposium “On the Nature of Art within Modernity & the Envisioning of a New Humanism”. Participants from four different continents under the direction of Professor Emanuel Paparella in a dialogue that goes beyond linear time.

This is the first book and it covers the first thirteen meetings of a symposium – 6 June-21 November 2013 – that continues with its 55th meeting on the 2nd of July 2015; tomorrow. Participants in this huge project in alphabetical order: Dr Alessandra Abis, Dr Maria Buccolo, Ms Abigail George, Mr Nikos Laios, Dr Lawrence Nannery, Dr Ernesto Paolozzi, Dr Emanuel Paparella, Mr Edwin Rywalt and Dr Michael Vena.

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Brother Wolf and Sister Wren is a collection of short stories written by the talented Ms Abigail George. All her stories come from the heart of South Africa projecting the spirit of the rainbow but also for long tortured state.

Brother Wolf and Sister Wren is Abigail George’s way to invite to into the secrets of the soul of this land. Brother wolf and sister wren are full of deep feelings, inspirations and energy. You just have to try to follow them. Abigail’s short stories are accompanied but the equally inspirational illustrations made by Thanos Raftopoulos.

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Life in the Age of Extinctions volume 2 – Threshold is David Sparenberg’s closure after three years following the path his soul followed and mother earth led him. A path that started with his first book, “Life in the Age of Extinctions volume 1” also published by Ovi magazine.

David is contemporary as much his message is eternal. His thoughts float full of energy, embracing wishes, thoughts and dreams. Tens of thousands read his first book, a book he was extending his hand to meet you, in his second book he is embracing the reader, he joins the reader in search of harmony.

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Ovi today

Musharraf’s end game by Thanos Kalamidas
The first one has gone and it was about time. Pakistan’s dictator Pervez Musharraf resigned under the pressure of facing charges. Obviously he proved to have a bit of brain and just like Pinochet a few years ago he chose to leave power graciously.

The Anger, the Longing, the Hope by Gush Shalom
One of the wisest pronouncements I have heard in my life was that of an Egyptian general, a few days after Anwar Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem.

Photography By Mari Hokkanen by Alexandra Pereira
Mari Hokkanen (b. 1979) is a fantastic young Finnish female photographer: talented, original and technically skilled. Mari appreciates nostalgic places or environments where she feels she can start telling a story.

South Ossetia: The Guns of August by Rene Wadlow
As the eyes of much of the world was focused on the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing on 8/8/08, Georgian troops moved into the province of South Ossetia to restore Georgian control.

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