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North Korea tests missiles

North Korea has fired three short-range ship-to-ship missiles off its west coast as part of a military training exercise, reports from South Korea say.

A government source was quoted as saying missiles with a range of nearly 50km (30 miles) were fired into the sea west of the North’s capital, Pyongyang. The North conducted a similar launch in March in what was seen as a snub to the US and the South’s new government.

What remains is to see when the …Americans will test their missiles on the North Koreans!

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The Olympic …torture in South korea

The latest leg of the Olympic torch relay is well under way in South Korea with protesters vowing to disrupt its run through the capital Seoul.

The 24-km (15-mile) route from Olympic Park to City Hall is heavily guarded by 8,000 police officers. Human rights groups have said thousands are preparing to protest over China’s forced repatriation of North Korean refugees and its crackdown in Tibet.

But flag-waving Chinese supporters have so far vastly outnumbered protesters. Police have warned anyone trying to disrupt the relay would be severely punished.

This Olympic torture …sorry Olympic torch will be in familiar …democratic ground soon …North Korea!!!

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Syria’s covert nuclear

The United States has accused North Korea of helping Syria build a nuclear reactor that “was not intended for peaceful purposes”.

The site, said to be like one in North Korea, was bombed by Israel in 2007. Syria must “come clean” about its secret nuclear programme, the White House said in a statement after CIA officials briefed members of Congress.

Syria has repeated denials that it has any nuclear weapons programme, or any such agreement with North Korea.But the White House said the “cover-up” operation that Syria carried out after the Israeli air strike reinforced the belief that the reactor “was not intended for peaceful activities”.

“Until 6 September, 2007, the Syrian regime was building a covert nuclear reactor in its eastern desert capable of producing plutonium,” the statement said. “The Syrian regime must come clean before the world regarding its illicit nuclear activities.”

Why every time I read something like that I feel that is going to rain …bombs?

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North Korea nuclear negotiators

Progress has been made on what North Korea will receive from the US in exchange for disclosing its nuclear activities, negotiators have said.

Pyongyang’s foreign ministry said consensus had been reached on US political compensation for the declaration by North Korea. A top US diplomat said progress had been made, but would not give a time-line for a possible breakthrough.

The issue has prevented a deal being clinched in disarmament talks. In February 2007 North Korea had agreed to give up its nuclear weapons in return for aid, in a six-nation deal with the US, China, Japan, South Korea and Russia. The US had accused Pyongyang of missing a year-end deadline to make a full nuclear declaration as promised.

When I hear …progress with North Korea I have a problem, I feel there is something they don’t tell me and usually this is either when they are going to bomb them or when North Korea is going to bomb …Tokyo!

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