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Sarkozy warns EU expansion

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said the European Union will not be able to expand further without ratification of the Lisbon treaty.

An EU summit in Brussels has been overshadowed by divisions over the reform treaty – which was rejected by Irish voters in a referendum last week. A decision on what to do next is expected to be postponed until October. The EU leaders, who continue talks on Friday, did agree to scrap diplomatic sanctions against Cuba imposed in 2003.

That’s a …thought, but the reason the Irish rejected the treaty wasn’t just the expansion but a seriously ill EU!

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Ovi today!

Dead Parrot? by Clint Wayne
The Irish nation has spoken with a resounding NO. Will the masters of the European Union listen? Don’t be so naive.

Barack Obama’s Audacity of Hope by Emanuel L. Paparella
There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America; there’s the United States of America. There’s not a black America and a white America and a Latino America and an Asian America; there’s the United States of America.

Ireland Says “No” To Plan B, But Don’t Worry, We Still Have Plan C, Plan D And Plan E by Europe & Us
Since the days of Shakespeare, drama is at home in English-speaking countries. So it was almost pathetic that the results of the Irish referendum about the Lisbon Treaty were announced on Friday 13th.

French report by Euro Reporter
Sarkozy and bin Laden… it can only be Euro Reporter in France.

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Sarkozy ‘non’ to Blair

Nicolas Sarkozy has withdrawn his backing of Tony Blair to become the first president of the European Union.

The French president is understood to have changed his mind after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is thought he feels EU opposition to the former UK prime minister is too strong because he backed the Iraq war.

The role, to be created under the new EU reform treaty, would replace the six-month rotating presidencies. Sources also indicated that Mr. Sarkozy felt Mr. Blair was not right for the role because Britain has failed to adopt the European single currency and the Schengen zone of passport-free travel.

A …non worth …thousands of pictures!!! I would love to see Tony’s face when he heard it!!!

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Sarkozy admits he made mistakes

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said that he probably made mistakes in his first year in office by failing to explain his policies sufficiently.

But in a live TV interview he also defended his presidency, saying he was still committed to significant reform. Correspondents say publicity over his private life and the limited impact of his reforms on the struggling economy has damaged Mr. Sarkozy’s popularity.

The prime time broadcast has been seen as an attempt to reverse that slump. Appearing on France’s two main television channels in a live 10-minute interview, Mr. Sarkozy said: “Without doubt, we didn’t explain enough. Without doubt, I myself made some mistakes… I can see very well that there is discontent, but I also know where I am going and I am convinced there is no other strategy.”

Oh man, was Carla a mistake or he means other kind of mistakes?

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