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Joe Jackson’s father figure!

Do I get it right or is something wrong with me? Isn’t it Joe Jackson the man who bullied his sons and barbarically tyrannized Michael Jackson and tortured him? Isn’t it the man who is the real problem and the excuse behind everything happened to the pop star and probably what followed until the end? The very same man who advertised his new copycat company that was going to based on his sons and the very same man who was sharing smiles ay the funeral obviously promoting his business plans and expecting the mourning musicians to help him.

How this man has turned to be the good farther – patriarch figure who can guarantee a safe and stable future for Michael’s kids is a mystery to me! Was it his idea to put the kid in front the microphone and wasn’t it his idea to turn the whole thing into a circus planning to turn even the Neverland ranch into an entertaining park with Michael’s grave in the middle. Apparently I will not be surprised if he will announce a new church for Saint Michael with him as the pope!

This is definitely sick business and unfortunately Michael’s kids are following his steps!

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Jacksons ‘plan private ceremony’

Pop star Michael Jackson‘s family is to hold a “private function” at a Los Angeles cemetery, police confirmed the event would be taking place at the Forest Lawn Cemetery, but it has not been confirmed if the singer would be buried there.

A memorial service for the singer is due to take place a few hours later.

Private with …1.5million waiting outside to enter?

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Ovi today

Nothin’ Could Be Finah by Leah Sellers
Mark Sanford, South Carolina-s red faced (red-handed) governor, admits that his Queen of Hearts in Argentina is his Soul Mate (even though he declares that he is going to try to fall back in love with his Wedded Wife), and that he is a Cheat.

Join us in Neverland…….. by Dimitra Karantzeni
The king of pop is dead. Breaking news spread all over the world causing sadness, distress or even panic, while at the same time the hidden aspects not only of the cause of his death but also of his personal life are being unstoppably questioned day per…

“Kendileri calip, kendileri oynayanlar” by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Etliyle… sütlüyle… tatlıyla beslenenler Bilemezler senin kıymetini.

Obama in Moscow for nuclear talks by Thanos Kalamidas
US President Barack Obama has arrived in Moscow for talks with his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, focusing on further reducing nuclear stockpiles. Next step is …boom!

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Britney Spears joins Michael Jackson’s club

Britney Spears and her family have been ordered to pay her lawyers $372,500 by a Los Angeles court.

Commissioner Reva Goetz ruled James Spears, who was granted control of his daughter’s funds in January, must settle the legal bill using her money. Mr Spears was originally granted “temporary conservatorship” over his daughter in February after she was admitted to a psychiatric ward.

The situation will be reviewed at the next conservatorship hearing on 29 May. The decision comes one month after another judge ordered Ms Spears to pay former husband Kevin Federline $375,000 to cover legal fees in their child custody case.

Man this story gets more and more Jacksonalike!

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Michael Jackson ‘saves Neverland’

Pop star Michael Jackson has refinanced his Neverland ranch to save it from being auctioned off, his lawyer says. Mr. Jackson had been told that if he failed to pay $25m (£12.5m) he owed on the sprawling California property, it would be auctioned next week.

L Londell McMillan said the singer had now worked out a “confidential” agreement with an investment group which meant he would keep the property. “Neverland and MJ are fine,” Mr. McMillan said.

Fine, Neverland is fine and Michael Jackson is fine but nobody asks us if we are fine! No further comments!

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