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China moves to curb swine virus spread

China says it will quarantine all those who travelled on a flight from Mexico with a man suffering from swine flu, in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. The 25-year-old man flew to Hong Kong via Shanghai on Thursday, and was admitted to hospital.

Beijing said it would put his fellow passengers under week-long observation. It also suspended flights from Mexico. The move came as South Korea confirmed a case of the virus, the second country in North-East Asia to do so.

And I always thought that the …red book can cure everything!

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Ford in Mexico

US giant Ford is to invest $3bn in a new car plant in Mexico, the biggest investment in the country’s manufacturing sector.

The move is a blow to American car workers who had hoped the factory would be built in the United States. Ford has lost more than $15bn over the past two years and says the new facility is crucial to its future. Mexican President Felipe Calderon hailed the announcement as a “turning point” for his country.

The new factory, and other changes to Ford’s Mexican operations, are likely to create an estimated 4,500 jobs in Mexico, where car workers earn substantially less than their American counterparts. Mr. Calderon made the announcement with Ford president Alan Mullaly at the presidential compound in Mexico City on Friday.

“We want Mexico to be an automotive country, one that is competitive and with the most advantages so that the worldwide automotive industry will establish itself here,” Mr. Calderon said. Mr. Mullaly said: “We are convinced the geographic location as well as Mexico’s highly qualified labor force and economic stability make this decision the right one for our business.”

This might take Mexicans away from drugs and violence a phenomenon that increases worryingly!

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Top Mexican policeman killed

Gunmen in Mexico have killed another top Mexican police official – just one day after the head of the national anti-narcotics effort was shot dead.

Esteban Robles headed the anti-kidnapping unit of the Mexico City police department. He was shot several times outside his home on Friday. Mr. Robles was flown to a nearby hospital, but died shortly afterwards. The news came as Mexico’s president was attending a memorial service honoring three other senior police officers.

President Felipe Calderon said these latest attacks would not deter his efforts to continue his government’s campaign against the drugs trafficking cartels operating in the country. “We have to come together to confront this evil, we Mexicans have to definitively and categorically say ‘That’s enough!’,” he said. “We can’t accept this situation, we have to take back our streets,” he added.

Mr. Robles was the fourth top policemen to have been killed in Mexico City in the past 10 days. He was ambushed by four gunmen in a truck and shot as he was driving out of his house in Mexico City, officials said.

Is very sad to read that a country of so many poor has to survive armed gangs also, a fully corrupted society that pushes people from poverty to total desperation.

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Mexico attacks

Gunmen have killed at least nine people and injured six more in an attack on a cattle ranch in southern Mexico, authorities have said.

At least 40 people launched the attack outside the home of a prominent cattle breeder in Guerrero state, police said. It was the second attack to target ranchers in as many days. On Saturday at least seven people died in another shooting in the same state.

Guerrero has experienced a wave of violence blamed on drug cartels. The ranch in Petatlan attacked on Sunday belongs to Rogaciano Alba Alvarez, the head of the Guerrero cattlemen’s association. Officials said the gunmen drove up to the ranch in pick-up trucks early on Sunday morning before opening fire.

A day earlier, at least seven ranchers attending a meeting of the cattlemen’s association in the city of Iguala were killed. The motive for the attack on Mr. Alba is not clear, but the scale of both attacks and the firepower used suggest clear links to organized crime, he says.

Organized crime and drugs trafficking seems to be the all time disease for Mexico that keeps it in that low condition with no way out.

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Mexico drug gang clashes kill 15

Gun battles between rival factions of a Mexican drugs cartel have left at least 15 people dead in the city of Tijuana, near the border with the US.

Police said all the dead were from the Arellano Felix cartel, which has come under pressure from a rival gang. Two were wearing police uniforms or equipment, but are thought to have been gang members, police say.

Drug-related violence is a serious issue across Mexico. Nearly 200 people have been killed in Tijuana this year. Investigators believe two of the dead were senior hit men for the Arellano Felix cartel and were identified by large gold rings on their fingers.

It becomes urgency for the mecxican government to do something and control all this drug trafficking and killing.


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Suspect in slaying Marine in Mexico

A U.S. Marine wanted in the brutal slaying of a pregnant colleague who accused him of rape was arrested Thursday night in western Mexico, authorities said.

Police arrested Cpl. Cesar Laurean as he wandered on a street in the rural township of Tacambaro in the state of Michoacán. The bearded suspect, chained at the wrists and ankles, stared straight ahead but his eyes occasionally filled up with tears as he answered a reporter’s questions in terse phrases.

“You know my name. You know who I am,” Laurean said while being held at the Michoacán state attorney general’s office in Morelia, the state capital. Asked if he wanted to say anything, Laurean simply said “Proof,” but wouldn’t explain.

Why all of them one way or another try to escape in Mexico? Anything to do with corruption?

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Mexico’s oil plans

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has called on the country’s Congress to approve an energy reform bill to overhaul state oil giant Pemex.

Mr. Calderon said the plan would give Pemex more freedom to manage its budget and contract out work, so boosting both oil production and exploration. Mexico’s known oil reserves are running out and production has been falling.

Mr. Calderon stressed the bill would not privatize Pemex, a national symbol that has been in state hands since 1938. “To strengthen Pemex is to strengthen Mexico,” President Calderon said. “We must act now, because time and oil is running out.” Oil revenues constitute some 40% of federal income, but production has been falling.

So for a country that has oil and thinking to expand plans why there are so many poor? Perhaps before they start making oil plans they should do something with corruption plans!

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