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Turkish police beats May Day marchers

Turkish riot police have used tear gas and water cannon to prevent protesters from staging a banned May Day rally in the centre of Istanbul.

The authorities say 505 people were arrested and several were hurt as crowds tried to reach Taksim Square. Stones and bottles were thrown at security forces and police wearing gas masks broke up the demonstrators.

The Turkish government banned May Day celebrations in and around the square after 34 people died in 1977. Turkey’s three main union confederations had announced they would try to hold a rally, but eventually they gave up because of the clashes.

Police set up barricades around the square to enforce the ban, imposed after officials said they had received reports that radicals were planning violent protests. Local media said six police and an unknown number of demonstrators were injured.

Too much about turkey leading towards democracy. It took only hours to prove how many wrong things there are in this Asian country!

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Rally in Cuba marks May Day

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans are attending a May Day parade in Havana honoring the world’s workers.

President Raul Castro, who succeeded his ailing brother Fidel in February, is attending the celebrations. He did not address the crowds. Raul Castro, 76, has introduced a series of reforms since becoming the leader of the Communist state. But he has also made it clear that there will be no political reforms to the one-party system.

Oh man, May Day with ten hours speech from Fidel? Will never be the same again!

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