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We are among one another by David Sparenberg

davy01_400_02At center of my heart is a thinking head.  At center of my head is a feeling heart.  In the core of my body is somebody.

I am a circle following unique rotations.  Seasons within follow seasons.  I am a circle of completing season.

Time of transitions from childhood to personhood is a long time. Consideration arrives late, a slow traveler of diverse journeys.

Memory stops on a horizon, smiling at the sun. Phases of the moon look down, then fade away. While desire of life becomes lips, tears fall among raindrops; in silent drifts of snow.

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Enjoying Life in Another Way

Life can be very busy if you let it be so, but once you make yourself relax, and sit down at a small round wooden table in a cosy coffee shop located in the city centre where you can still find your own inner peace, watching the steam rising up from the cup, enjoying the strong coffee smell mixed with chocolate and sweets, while the air is so clean and warm inside that you can feel the notes dancing on your skin when the music flows in the room gently, people are talking in different languages which are so pleasant that you even find it rhymes with the music in a special way, at that moment, you could drift into your own world…

By Frances Zheng

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