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Rocky Road to World Law: Need for a U.N.-led Conference on the Reaffirmation of Humanitarian Law by Rene Wadlow

World law, as world citizens use the term, is more than current international law. World law has as its base universally recognized international law but also the human rights declarations and standards, the oft-repeated declarations of the United Nations General Assembly as well as the international legal bodies such as the World Court and the International Criminal Court (ICC) The International Criminal Court is the most recent of the world courts, and its Rome States have not been ratified by all U.N. members, the United States being a significant holdout. 

Some States have withdrawn from the ICC and other States do not cooperate with it, such as the Sudan. The ICC can act only after the relevant national courts have acted or when national courts are unable to act (the case of some ‘failed States’) or when there is an unjustified unwillingness of national courts to act when crimes against humanity have been committed.

wc00The Association of World Citizens has repeatedly stressed that humanitarian law (international law in times of war, primarily the Geneva Conventions) are being systematically violated and that there should be a U.N.-led World Conference for the Re-affirmation of Humanitarian Law.

In the armed conflicts in Afghanistan, there have been repeated violations of humanitarian law by all sides: violations in the treatment of prisoners of war, violation of the prohibition of torture, prohibition of attacking medical facilities and medical personnel. The ICC has undertaken preliminary investigations to collect evidence. Among those who have violated humanitarian law are U.S. troops, and thus evidence should be collected.

Although most evidence could be collected within Afghanistan itself, it would be useful to interview persons who had served in Afghanistan but now have returned to the U.S.A. and to see written reports no longer stored in Afghanistan. Thus the ICC plans to send investigators to the U.S.A. to interview and collect documentation.

However, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on 15 March 2019 that the U.S. will revoke or deny visas to ICC personnel investigating allegations of torture or other war crimes committed in the conflicts in Afghanistan. Pompeo also announced that the U.S. will consider imposing financial sanctions and restrictions on “persons who take or have taken action to request or further such ICC investigation”. He could have added imprisonment if we recall those who provided evidence of war crimes in Iraq.

Unfortunately Pompeo sends the wrong message to all other parties that torture, rape, attacks on medical facilities will not be tried. Pompeo helps to undermine further international humanitarian law.

law001_400We have to think back to 1947-1948 and the leadership of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt as chair of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights to recall any U.S. leadership on world law. Unfortunately law has never been part of U.S. culture. The lone cowboy taking the law into his own hands by shooting it out on a dusty street seen in many films remains the U.S. ideal.

As mentioned, most of the necessary evidence can be found in Afghanistan itself. Bringing anyone from any party to trial for crimes in Afghanistan seems to me unlikely. Nevertheless, as world citizens, we need to keep the standards of world law in mind. These standards should be clear. Thus our repeated call for a U.N.-led conference on the re-affirmation of international humanitarian law.

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He Said, She Said, We Say…… by Leah Sellers

These old Republican Good ‘Ole Boys are crafty “Me, Too” Chicken Coop marauders. Yep.

In setting up this so-called Hearing as He Said, She Said with no proper and fair previous Investigative Process (preferably by the FBI), they intend to kill two Chickens with one cold, hard, pre-sharpened Stone. A winning History of past He Said, She Said inquiries and incidents, nationally and globally, where He Said wins the day, because How could such a man of accrued Republican Party Power and ultra-Con-servative Judicial Power, renown, celebrity, inspiration, and so on and so on Do such a Thang ? What do you think Dr. Cosby ?

kavafox01_400Nope. No fair and just process for you little lady. Judge Kavanaugh, your stated Sexual Assaulter (along with his drunken Buddy-in-Possible-Crime, whose intrusive fall upon you and your stated Accoster, saved Ford’s further physical assault, although not her Lifetime of Psychological Tainting), because the Republican Need to have Kavanaugh on the Court so that the Ragin’ Red Republicans can Control Women’s Bodies and Lives, and Kavanaugh can Pardon King Trumpty when his deeds finally catch-up to him (thanks to the FBI you refuse to use in Mrs. Ford’s case). Hmmm……

Yep. And because the Republicans are afraid of the Optics and Cosmetics of a panel of All White Men bearing down upon Mrs. Ford, they have hired a Trained-to-Prosecute, Female ‘assistant’, Rachel Mitchell, to bear down upon Mrs. Ford instead (sigh, Oh me, Oh my !). But the Republicans claim that they are doing it to save the ‘Feelings, nothing more than Feelings’ of Mrs. Ford. Bless their Little Pea-Pickin’ Hearts !

Yep. It would be difficult for AnyOne who knows the True Restrained Brutal and Cruel Character (which leaks out from time-to-time) of Someone to Watch that Predatory Someone continue to Rise in Power and Stature through the ranks of our Courts of Law and Society, and then head to the Supreme Court in order to make Laws the Laws of the Land.

Yep. Wouldn’t every Self-Respecting Woman want herself to be left in those Lawful Hands ?

So, Thursday is it, because the Republican led Congress says so. He’ll Say and She’ll Say, and then what will our auspicious Congressfolks who are supposed to represent We the People say that We Say ?


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Pirate Bay and a charge change

Half of the charges leveled at the founders of the Pirate Bay file-sharing site have been dropped. Swedish prosecutors dropped charges relating to “assisting copyright infringement” leaving the lesser charges of “assisting making available copyright material” on trial day two.

Pirate Bay co-founder Frederik Neik said it showed prosecutors had misunderstood the technology. The music industry played down the changes as “simplifying the charges”. Peter Danowsky, legal counsel for the music companies in the case, said: “It’s a largely technical issue that changes nothing in terms of our compensation claims and has no bearing whatsoever on the main case against The Pirate Bay.”In fact it simplifies the prosecutor’s case by allowing him to focus on the main issue, which is the making available of copyrighted works.”

Another bite the bust for the sharks of the music and film industry. Enough with their unbelievable profits with victims the artists who perform for pennies.

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Austria’s Fritzl custody

The Austrian man accused of imprisoning his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathering seven children with her is to appear before a judge.

The judge in the town of St Poelten is expected to decide whether Josef Fritzl should remain in custody while police investigations continue. Mr. Fritzl has said he was driven by an addiction that “got out of control”.

Speaking through his lawyer, he said he had locked up his daughter Elisabeth to protect her from the outside world. The statement was carried by the Austrian magazine News. Mr. Fritzl has been in detention in St Poelten, capital of Lower Austria province, since his arrest at the end of April.

He was originally remanded in custody for 14 days. Over the past few days, police have been questioning dozens of people who had connections with Josef Fritzl and his family. And they have been searching the cellar dungeon inch by inch.

Are they going to take him out of the cell and hold him in the cellar of his own house? That they even talk about it proves that justice is really blind!

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