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McCain adviser leaves over Myanmar

Doug Goodyear, McCain’s Convention chief executive officer, and Doug Davenport, one of his regional campaign managers, both resigned after a report that GOP firm DCI — where Goodyear had served as CEO and Davenport had headed the lobbying effort — had represented Myanmar’s ruling military junta.

“Today I offered my resignation so as not to become a distraction in this campaign,” Goodyear wrote in a statement released by the McCain campaign Sunday. “I continue to strongly support John McCain for president, and wish him the best of luck in this campaign.”

At least we know where we are standing, George W. Bush had a soft point for Pakistan’s Musharraf, McCain has it for Myanmar’s dictators

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Obama offended with pastor …teachings

Democratic US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has expressed “outrage” at comments made by Rev Jeremiah Wright.

Ovi cartoon

He said that any relationship he had with his former pastor “has now changed” as a result of the comments. Clips of Rev Wright’s fiery sermons triggered a storm of criticism when they were aired last month.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama’s rival Hillary Clinton was endorsed by North Carolina Governor Mike Easley, and Republican John McCain unveiled a healthcare plan.

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Clinton to take on McCain

Hillary Clinton says she is the best placed candidate for the Democrats to beat Republican John McCain when it comes to the US presidential elections.

She says her win over Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary showed she could gather a broad base of support. She cannot match him in popular votes, but the party’s super-delegates could give her the nomination if they think she is more likely to beat Mr. McCain.

Mrs. Clinton says an appeal launched after Tuesday’s win raised $3m (£1.5m). The internet fundraising is a much-needed boost to her debt-laden campaign – in Pennsylvania; Mr. Obama outspent her three-to-one. She has said securing more donations was the only way she could continue to compete with a rival who was outspending her “massively”.

Why it all ends on how much money they got? Is something that should make us worry about it?

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