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Ovi today!

Let My Children Go: World Efforts to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labour by Rene Wadlow
June 12 is World Day Against Child Labour. It marks the arrival of hundreds of children in Geneva, part of the Global March against Child Labour that had crossed 100 countries to present their plight to the International Labour Organization.

Japan’s environmental worries by Thanos Kalamidas
I cannot understand it when countries like Japan seriously announce that they are going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 to 80% but all that by the year 2050! This is two generations from now and I presume my grandkids will be adults.

An Ethiopian Strongman Meets The Minnnesota Anuak by Doug McGill
The burning question in the days before the tense meeting held here last Saturday was: How would the traumatized survivors of an accused mass killer greet the very person who had planned their doom?

Medien in der Friedensbildung und Konfliktvermeidung Bericht über Global Media Forum by Leila Dregger
Was können Medien und Journalisten tun, um Friedensbildung weltweit zu unterstützen? Die Deutsche Welle lud zu dieser Frage zu einem weiteren “Global Media Forum” ein, und fast 900 internationale Medienschaffende…

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Homeless Japanese lived in a… closet

A homeless woman who sneaked into a man’s house and lived undetected in his closet for a year was arrested in Japan after he became suspicious when food began disappearing.

Police found the 58-year-old woman Thursday hiding in the top compartment of the man’s closet and arrested her for trespassing, police spokesman Hiroki Itakura from southern Kasuya town said Friday.

The resident of the home installed security cameras that transmitted images to his mobile phone after becoming puzzled by food disappearing from his kitchen over the past several months. One of the cameras captured someone moving inside his home Thursday after he had left, and he called police, believing it was a burglar. However, when they arrived, they found the door locked and all windows closed.

“We searched the house … checking everywhere someone could possibly hide,” Itakura said. “When we slid open the shelf closet, there she was, nervously curled up on her side.” The woman told police she had no place to live and first sneaked into the man’s house about a year ago when he left it unlocked.

Sorry I find it had to believe but this must be a closet the size of a room because if you see my closet …not an ant can live in there! The bad news is that it is terrifying where poverty can lead you. However the good news is that she came out of the …closet!

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The Ovi magazine today

The Japanese Founding Myth by Alexandra Pereira
Japan is an incredibly rich country in poetic myths and legends, many of these derived from folk tales, Shinto and Buddhist beliefs. The majority of them were recorded in the Kojiki.

The psychotic excuse by Thanos Kalamidas
I’m returning to the same subject after a very brief time from my last article but with all the news agencies full of reports I cannot avoid it and I’m referring to the unbelievable Austrian father and the two families that grew under his tyranny.

Democracy, Presidential Election and the Lobby: Part 2 by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
The second in a three-part analysis of democracy, the US presidential election and the Lobby.

“Gay hater” by Alexander Mikhaylov
“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” – Robert Frost

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China’s leader visits Japan

Chinese President Hu Jintao has begun a five-day state visit to Japan, the first such trip in a decade.

He is expected to discuss trade, security and a dispute over undersea gas fields with Japanese PM Yasuo Fukuda – and play him at ping-pong. Mr. Hu said before he left Beijing on Monday he hoped the visit would herald an “everlasting warm spring of friendship” between the two neighbors. Correspondents say there has been a deep chill during the past few years.

China suspended high-level contact with Japan from 2001 to 2006 during the premiership of Junichiro Koizumi, after he made repeated visits to the Yasukuni war shrine; a place most Chinese believe glorifies militarism. Mr. Fukuda has tried to repair the damage by promising not to visit the shrine while he is in power and by calling for Japan to be humble about its past.

In the temple of the Olympics the Chinese are willing to do anything, even meet with the Japanese!

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Protest in Japan at torch relay

The Olympic torch has met with more protests and scuffles on the latest leg of its troubled relay in the Japanese city of Nagano.

With security tight along the route, two demonstrators tried to seize the torch and a third threw eggs at the flame. All were arrested. But correspondents say the relay passed off without serious disruption.

The streets were lined with thousands of Chinese supporters, as well as dozens of protesters. A sea of well-wishers greeted the torch as the final runner completed the relay at a city park. Officials said four people were slightly injured in separate incidents, and a smoke-emitting tube was thrown at the relay without effect, according to reports.

Is getting closer to China, let’s see if anybody will dare to demonstrate inside China now!

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Japan temple rejects torch

A major Buddhist temple has withdrawn from plans to host Japan‘s opening stage of the Olympic torch relay.

Zenkoji Temple, in the city of Nagano, had been due to serve as the starting point for the parade on 26 April. An official said the monks were worried about safety but also linked the decision to concern over recent unrest in Tibet.

Meanwhile the torch has arrived in Thailand in preparation for a parade through the capital city, Bangkok. The relay has been dogged by protests over Tibet, with chaotic scenes in London, Paris and San Francisco.

What more do they need to understand that Tibet must be free?

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