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The Colombian mission called off

The French humanitarian mission sent to Colombia to try to secure to release of the hostage Ingrid Betancourt is being withdrawn from the country.

Colombia’s Farc rebels said they would not allow emergency medical aid to be delivered to the kidnapped politician. The mission was “not acceptable” and was launched without the guerrillas’ agreement, a Farc statement said.

France, Spain and Switzerland, which were jointly behind the mission, said it was “no longer justifiable”. “It will therefore leave Colombia soon,” the three countries said in a statement. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner will travel to the region “soon” to discuss the situation, an official statement said.

President Nicolas Sarkozy had announced the French mission after reports that Ms Betancourt, who holds dual French-Colombian citizenship, was seriously ill. She was kidnapped while campaigning for the Colombian presidency six years ago.

Pity, the Farc rebels even if they had any right to do what they do they lost it because they proved not interest in human life!

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They demand exchange

A leader of Colombia’s Farc rebel group has ruled out releasing a high-profile sick hostage and cast doubt on a French humanitarian mission sent to treat her.

Rodrigo Granda suggested the Farc had not agreed to grant access to Ingrid Betancourt and would only release hostages through a prisoner exchange. A former presidential candidate who also has French nationality, Ms Betancourt is said to be seriously ill.

Her son earlier said she needed a blood transfusion within hours to stay alive. The French mission was sent to Colombia earlier this week after the government promised to suspend military operations against the Farc in the area where many of its hostages are believed to be held.

And then they will demand from the world …understanding on their humanitarian demands!!!


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Free Betancourt NOW!

A French plane and medical team have been put on standby in case the high-profile hostage Ingrid Betancourt, held by Colombian rebels, is released.

The French president’s office said it was a “precautionary” move and there was no information to suggest Ms Betancourt was about to be freed. The former Colombian presidential candidate and French-Colombian citizen is said to be gravely ill. She has spent more than six years as a hostage of the Farc rebels.

France said it had a plane ready in French Guiana so that Ms Betancourt could receive speedy medical care in case she was released, according to a statement from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s press service. The plane would be “ready to intervene at any moment”, it said. News that a plane was on standby comes after Colombia offered prisoner amnesties in exchange for hostages and said France could take freed Farc prisoners as part of a deal.

Let’s hope that this will be the end of her torture.


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