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Sending S.O.S. by Katerina Charisi

“Hello sir, we are from the TV show…”

“TV show? What TV show? Real TV show?”

lola0_400“Yes, the TV show “Today w…”

“Am I on the TV?”

“Yes, but…”

“Now? Is it a live show?”

“Yes but…”

“Do I look fat? They say TV makes you look fat, how do I look? Where should I look at?”

“Sir, maybe you…”

“Oh yeah! Now I can see me! Right there, just right there, I can see me! WOW!”


“Yeah, yeah, what do you want me to say? I will tell you everything, can Mary see me? Do you see me Mary? I’m on the TV and they want me to talk to them! Yeah, tell me, just ask me what you need to know, ask me!”


Ovi magazine

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Settler + Education + Work = Human Right



Ovi magazine

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Ovi magazine “How many NGOs” Campaign

How many really?

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New Ovi “awareness” campaign

Ovi magazine has started a social media campaign with a series of “awareness” posters

An estimated 100 million people are homeless worldwide.
3 million people are homeless in Europe
2.5 million homeless in the United States
4,500 children are homeless in Buenos Aires
According to estimates by NGO Klimaka over 20,000 homeless in Greece of the austerity measures and eurozone economics

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Homeless Japanese lived in a… closet

A homeless woman who sneaked into a man’s house and lived undetected in his closet for a year was arrested in Japan after he became suspicious when food began disappearing.

Police found the 58-year-old woman Thursday hiding in the top compartment of the man’s closet and arrested her for trespassing, police spokesman Hiroki Itakura from southern Kasuya town said Friday.

The resident of the home installed security cameras that transmitted images to his mobile phone after becoming puzzled by food disappearing from his kitchen over the past several months. One of the cameras captured someone moving inside his home Thursday after he had left, and he called police, believing it was a burglar. However, when they arrived, they found the door locked and all windows closed.

“We searched the house … checking everywhere someone could possibly hide,” Itakura said. “When we slid open the shelf closet, there she was, nervously curled up on her side.” The woman told police she had no place to live and first sneaked into the man’s house about a year ago when he left it unlocked.

Sorry I find it had to believe but this must be a closet the size of a room because if you see my closet …not an ant can live in there! The bad news is that it is terrifying where poverty can lead you. However the good news is that she came out of the …closet!

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