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Hezbollah spy to Lebanon

An Israeli citizen convicted of spying for Hezbollah in 2002 has been deported to Lebanon.

There are rumors that the release of Nasim Nisr could be part of a prisoner swap between Israel and Lebanon. Mr. Nisr was born in Lebanon to a Jewish mother and a Shia Muslim father. He left the country in 1982 and became an Israeli citizen.

When his jail sentence ended a month ago, Israel opted to revoke his citizenship and deport him to Lebanon. Mr. Nisr was driven to the border crossing near Lebanon’s southern town of Naqoura in an unmarked white jeep and handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The wall moved from Berlin to the Middle East and unfortunate Lebanon always in the middle!

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Bush to help Lebanese army

The US is prepared to help strengthen Lebanon’s army so it can disarm Hezbollah, US President George W Bush said in an interview.

He said the Shia Muslim Hezbollah movement had acted against its own people and was destabilizing Lebanon. He made the remarks ahead of a trip to the Middle East later this week.

At least 60 people have died in clashes in the capital Beirut and other cities between supporters of the government and the Hezbollah-led opposition. The sectarian violence is the worst since the end of the 15-year civil war in 1990.

Why every time there is a screw up somewhere George W. Bush offers …his help?

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Lebanese violence

Fighting has been reported through the night in the Lebanese city of Tripoli between Hezbollah sympathizers and supporters of the government.

Machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenades are being used and people have been fleeing their homes, correspondents say. Three people died in the northern city on Saturday. Meanwhile, an uneasy calm has descended on the capital, Beirut, scene of four days of bloody street battles.

More than 30 people died in those clashes between Hezbollah fighters and government supporters. On Saturday, Hezbollah agreed to pull its fighters off the streets of the Muslim western part of the city after the army overturned government measures aimed at curbing the group.

It suddenly seems that somebody has turned on the world button for conflict!

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The army moves in Lebanon

Lebanon‘s army has overturned two key measures in an attempt to defuse the crisis between the pro-western government and Shia group Hezbollah.

The army said the Hezbollah-allied head of security at Beirut airport should remain in his post and the group’s phone network be maintained. A row over these two issues sparked this week’s violence in which at least 24 people have died. The army also called on all groups to withdraw gunmen from Beirut’s streets.

Hezbollah must back-up fast if they want to keep any dignity to their acts and not become a terrorist group in the minds of the people which is worst than any administration.

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Hezbollah in west Beirut

Gunmen from Shia militant group Hezbollah have taken control of most of western Beirut, driving out supporters of the pro-Western government.

The gunmen, loyal to Hezbollah and its Shia opposition allies also forced the closure of pro-government media. The fighting was sparked by a government move on Monday to shut down Hezbollah’s telecoms network. At least 11 people, mainly civilians, have been killed and dozens injured in the city in three days of clashes.

Media offices owned by Saad Hariri, a leader of the pro-Western governing coalition, were evacuated and shut on Friday after being attacked by militants loyal to Hezbollah. The UN Security Council has urged the rival parties to stop fighting amid fears of civil war breaking out. Lebanon was plunged into civil war between a 1975-90, drawing in Syria and Israel, the two regional powers. Analysts say the key to avoiding such a conflict this time may be the neutrality of the army, and its

How can you have …neutrality of anybody while innocent people are getting killed?

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Hezbollah airport spying

A fierce political row has broken out in Lebanon over claims that the radical Shia movement, Hezbollah, secretly filmed aircraft at Beirut‘s airport.

Heads of the Western-backed government accused Hezbollah of preparing for some kind of terrorist attack. Hezbollah dismissed the accusations as scare mongering. The exchanges reflect the divisions that have paralysed Lebanon for eight months and left the country without a president for much of that time.

Is the never ending story!

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Hezbollah in Beirut

Hezbollah is to hold a rally in Beirut to mark the end of the 40-day mourning period for its assassinated commander Imad Mughniyeh. Mughniyeh was killed by a car bomb in Damascus on 12 February.


Israel, although it denies any involvement in the killing, has been braced for retaliation. During his life, Mughniyeh lived in the shadows. But since his death, he has been acclaimed by Hezbollah as one of the group’s most important commanders.

The United States and Israel regarded him as a terrorist, responsible for a string of high-profile attacks over more than two decades. After his killing in Damascus last month, Hezbollah blamed Israel. The group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah spoke of “open war” and hinted at revenge.

The worst crime Bin Laden did was against the people he was supposedly defending and supporting, the Palestinians. Before him the difference between terrorist and liberator was thin and arguable, nowadays Bin Laden has cleared everything… what liberators …they are terrorists!


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