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A Young Boy/Man’s Rage, and A Knife He Wanted to Be a Gun

A new book for Ovi eBook-shelves scarcely contemporary with another school shooting in USA. A teacher’s experience from a similar incident. A book that everybody should read for free

from Ovi.

Leah Sellers talks about a similar incident and she talks from the teacher’s side. Somebody who has gone through the feelings, because the feelings are what makes an insider, and can describe acts and reactions. Read this story. If possible read it to young adults or give it to them to read it. A hard lesson to learn and a wish to never happen again!

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Ovi today

George Russell: The Song of the Greater Life by Rene Wadlow
George Russell (1867-1935) helped create agricultural cooperatives in Ireland after Independence as part of a larger aim of spiritual awakening to a greater life.

And that was June 2008… by The Ovi Team
What have we learnt during the month of June? Well, Spain is the best European football team, Robert Mugabe is crazier than ever, Obama is the Democrat nominee, Bill Gates doesn’t have a job and eight-year-old party invitations are newsworthy.

Let’s Talk About Guns! by Leah Sellers
Imagine rootin’ tootin’ pistol packin’ mamas and papas strolling the neighborhoods with their children and squeaky baby carriages, shopping at grocery stores, with hip and shoulder holsters and pistols strapped to their well-intentioned bodies.

2nd Opinion #53 by Thanos K & Asa B
He is bad …really bad! Seriously, I think you’ll need a second opinion after this.

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