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Top Mexican policeman killed

Gunmen in Mexico have killed another top Mexican police official – just one day after the head of the national anti-narcotics effort was shot dead.

Esteban Robles headed the anti-kidnapping unit of the Mexico City police department. He was shot several times outside his home on Friday. Mr. Robles was flown to a nearby hospital, but died shortly afterwards. The news came as Mexico’s president was attending a memorial service honoring three other senior police officers.

President Felipe Calderon said these latest attacks would not deter his efforts to continue his government’s campaign against the drugs trafficking cartels operating in the country. “We have to come together to confront this evil, we Mexicans have to definitively and categorically say ‘That’s enough!’,” he said. “We can’t accept this situation, we have to take back our streets,” he added.

Mr. Robles was the fourth top policemen to have been killed in Mexico City in the past 10 days. He was ambushed by four gunmen in a truck and shot as he was driving out of his house in Mexico City, officials said.

Is very sad to read that a country of so many poor has to survive armed gangs also, a fully corrupted society that pushes people from poverty to total desperation.

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