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Campaigning for Environmental and Cultural Integrity

Most of you have already read Murray Hunter’s articles in Ovi magazine about the Kelantan project. The first of his books “Campaigning for Environmental and Cultural Integrity” with Ovi is all about the project and it is something I wanted to become a book from the first time I’veKelantan_cover read the article long before published in Ovi magazine. The project is the essence of green economy.

Green economy for most connects economy and environment, an economic theory and practice that finances business while protecting the environment. That’s semantics; you see Murray has gone one step further connecting environment with culture where culture is the human element and their cultural identity. This is the part that I got lost. I got lost in thoughts and ideas. Because, of course people’s cultural identity is part of the environment and it demands equal respect if you want to succeed the harmony between people’s needs and environment with a successful business.

And here comes Kelantan where the theory has become practice and the practice application in human lives. Where the theory takes examples from real life and becomes the prototype that expands far beyond natural products, their marketing, their management and their market. It becomes an investment on nature from nature. And then is not only about natural products any more. Then it iseco-tourism, it is eco-products, it is eco-investments. The essence of green economy. And somehow I felt envy and I hope my economic troubled compatriots read this book. It might be the break they need.

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