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NATO to begin Georgia exercises

NATO is to start a series of military exercises in Georgia, a day after the government thwarted an attempt by its own soldiers to stage a mutiny.

Soldiers from 18 countries are taking part in the drills at a Georgian army base close to the capital, Tbilisi. But Russia has said the exercises amount to a provocation. They come just nine months after Russia’s short war with Georgia and are taking place close to areas where Russian troops are stationed.

Are Georgian’s try to find another change to play their games with Russia again using NATO this time?

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Blaming USA

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the US of provoking the conflict in Georgia, possibly for domestic election purposes.

Mr. Putin told CNN US citizens were “in the area” during the conflict over South Ossetia and were “taking direct orders from their leaders”. He said his defense officials had told him the provocation was to benefit one of the US presidential candidates. The White House dismissed the allegations as “not rational”.

And of course US blames Russia for …Kosovo!!!

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More money because of …Georgia!!!

The Finnish Defense Minister Jyri Häkämies called for more military spending as a response to the Georgian crisis. He said the Defense Forces budget should be raised by 50 million Euros a year.

Former opposition leader Eero Heinäluoma of the SDP said increasing material expenditures is no solution to the Georgian crisis. He said the money would be better spent on health and eldercare.

Why? Is he afraid that Russians will invade Finland to defend the poor Russian immigrants who immigrated for a better life? These Finns have real problem with Russians, it’s just it is in their mind and they don’t need to spend money in weapons but in a good psychiatric!

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How to turn the cold war into …the cool war!!!

NATO foreign ministers have said there will be “no business as usual” with Russia, as they urged Moscow to pull its troops out of Georgia immediately. The declaration followed emergency talks in Brussels about the conflict with Georgia over its breakaway region of South Ossetia.

Some Russian troops have been seen leaving the Georgian town of Gori. But Georgia’s interior ministry dismissed the move as a “show aimed at creating the illusion of a withdrawal”.

Are they serious or they are joking? How do they mean this …no business as usual? What was ever …usual in the relationship between NATO and Russia?

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Georgia condemns Russian actions

Georgia has shown a footage which it says proves Russian troops are deploying heavy military hardware in the breakaway region of Abkhazia.

An interior ministry official in Tbilisi said the video footage was from an unmanned Georgian spy plane. He said it proved the Russians were a fighting force, not just peacekeepers. Moscow strongly denies the claim.

Tensions remain high between Moscow and Tbilisi over Abkhazia and another breakaway region, South Ossetia. The two territories are controlled by pro-Russian separatists. Last month, Russia moved hundreds of paratroopers into Abkhazia, insisting they were just peacekeepers.

Let’s see how the American administration will react!!!

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Russian tensions with Georgia

Russia has warned it will retaliate if Georgia uses force against its breakaway regions.

Moscow has accused Georgia of preparing to invade Abkhazia, and says it is boosting Russian forces there and in the South Ossetia region. Georgia has reacted angrily to the Russian move, which its prime minister called “irresponsible”.

The EU also urged caution; saying to increase troop numbers would be unwise given current tensions. Russia’s foreign minister said his country was not preparing for war but would “retaliate” to any attack. Russia says Georgia is massing 1,500 soldiers and police in the upper Kodori Gorge, the only part of Abkhazia which remains under government control.

Is never quiet in the eastern front!

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US reassure Georgia over Russia

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has assured Georgia that the US is firmly committed to supporting the country’s sovereignty.

Georgia says Russian moves to forge closer ties with two of its breakaway regions threaten its sovereignty. The row between the two neighbors will be discussed at a closed-door session of the UN Security Council.

After meeting Georgia’s foreign minister, Ms Rice said the US was “very concerned” by Russia’s actions. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision last week to order closer links between Russia and Georgia’s two breakaway regions – Abkhazia and South Ossetia – prompted outrage in Tbilisi.

This US administration never learns, support another dictatorship for just one reason, to be against Russia which apparently is not the enemy anymore!!! Amazing but with Saddam they did exactly the same!!!

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