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A horse saying moo

French firm mislabelled horsemeat. What? It was saying moo accidentally? A horse learning foreign languages? Impossible especially if it was a French horse!

However and according the news, “French meat processing company Spanghero knowingly sold horsemeat labelled as beef, the French ovigovernment has said. Spanghero’s licence is being suspended while an inquiry continues, Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll said. The firm has denied the allegations, saying it only ever dealt in meat it believed to be beef.  A widening scandal over mislabelled horsemeat has affected at least 12 European countries.  In the UK, three people have been arrested on suspicion of fraud in connection with the sale of horsemeat.  Two suspects were detained at a meat processing plant near Aberystwyth in Wales, and a third was arrested at an abattoir in West Yorkshire.”

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Healthy food – Healthy Thai foo!

Today a new writer joined the Ovi magazine, Phantiwa Kongsiri and she’s going to talk about Thai cuisine but most importantly she’s going to talk about healthy food!

Phantiwa Kongsiri“I was seven when I started to help my grandmother cook, in a small jungle village in Isan. North-East Thailand far away from town.

The first recipe I learned was Nam Prik fish with chilli and salt made into a hot paste in a mortar. I also learned to fry vegetables with eggs. In the beginning I made many mistakes, always adding too much water, making everything into a soup. However, my grandmother never scolded me for my mistakes.

Later when I cooked better, my teachers invited me to cook for sale in a restaurant on Technology Day in Surin. My food was very successful. Everything was sold between 9 and 2 o clock which was a great success. I made grilled herb chicken, grilled herb fish, steamed sticky rice and papaya salad.

After graduation from high school I went to Europe, where three years later I got married. I lived in Hungary for six years where I met my husband. After we got married we travelled all over Europe and I had the opportunity to taste the food of different nations.

In Italy I tasted many pasta dishes, spaghetti and others, tasted their pork ham and pizza. Italians drink a lot of wine, and eat a lot of cheese too. In Croatia I learned the simple but healthy food of Croatians. The make hearty soups of beans and vegetables, with beef of chicken and they fry lamp or pig in the oven. They like to grill fish and sere it with fresh salad.”

And you can read the rest, HERE!


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