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Eureka: Six ways to fix slow growth and recessions by Akli Hadid

growth01There are more than six ways to fix slow growth and recessions. But the following six ways are a good way to start getting out of the recession. The recommendations are in no particular order.

1- Getting out of debt

Getting out of debt is not rocket science. All you have to do is make a list of the people or institutions you owe money to, rank the creditors from the highest to the lowest, and start paying the lowest debt first because that’s the one that will have the highest interest rate, before you finish by repaying the one with the highest loan.

Getting out of debt means making a few sacrifices, so you probably shouldn’t be building skyscrapers or flamboyant statues of your leaders if you are heavily in debt. The debt advice applies to household as well as public debt.

2- Focus on the goods and services

One thing I find strange is very often those in charge of the economy look at the figures or numbers but rarely think of the economy as trading goods and services. Land can be considered a good, labor is a service, fruits and vegetables are goods, a haircut is a service. Of course numbers are important, but economic policy should enable an easy flow of goods and services traded for cash.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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Eureka: Why all the slow growth and recessions? by Akli Hadid

Decon01_400_01ifferent countries have different reasons to experience slow growth and recessions. The main factor you need to take into account is that growth is calculated based on the previous years’ performance. Not on the previous five years’ performance, not on the previous 10 years’ performance. If you performed poorly last year, your country could have strong growth rates, although most people could be struggling in your economy. The opposite is also true, as if you had a good year in 2015 but slow growth in 2016 then your economy could still be robust.

Overall, prohibitive transportation costs by land and by sea has contributed to the slow growth. The proliferation of loans for housing and small businesses has also contributed to the slow growth. Finally, fluctuations in commodity prices, with raw materials and agricultural products prices going way up and then falling way down has contributed to the recession.

Now let’s take a closer look to recessions by continent.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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Freedom and Globalization: Simultaneously Possible by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota

ovicover_06_12_16Globalization, trade and investment deserve our ”Thank You” for their achievements. Yes, currently, in Europe and the United States, popular discontent is forcefully expressed. An introvert trend has emerged, fed by nationalism, populism, xenophobia and anti-globalization rhetoric.

Globalization is not new; it has existed for centuries. What is different today is the speed of globalizing the world, made possible by new technologies, transportation networks, media, and international marketing. Many claim that never before in history has there been so much evidence about strong opposition to globalization. However, any comparison with the past is highly inaccurate. Only few records of resistance to globalization have been preserved for us today.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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G8 and the financial reform

The leaders of the G8 major industrialised nations have agreed to hold a summit with other states to discuss global financial reform. They have also agreed to reopen world trade negotiations that collapsed earlier this year.

The move follows a call by UK PM Gordon Brown, ahead of an EU summit in Brussels, to rebuild the IMF to help regulate the world’s financial systems. Meanwhile shares fell across the world amid fears of recession.In a joint statement, the G8 leaders said that changes had to be made to the “regulatory and institutional regimes for the world’s financial sectors to remedy deficiencies exposed by the current crisis”.

The amazing thing about them is that they expect the people who have nothing to do with all this mess to pay in the end. These G8 are the ones who control and created this financial disaster ignoring as usual the needs of the simple people, all they care for is the …stock holders!!!

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Brown to meet Wall Street bankers

Why? Is he applying for a new job? Gordon Brown will tell Wall Street bankers to reveal their financial losses quickly during his three-day trip to the United States. Mr. Brown believes the move is necessary to help end a global credit crunch.

He will begin his stay by having breakfast at the United Nations with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The prime minister will also be meeting President George W Bush and Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke to discuss problems with the world market.

Later in the week Mr. Brown plans to meet presidential hopefuls Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain to talk about bilateral relations between Britain and the US. He told the Wall Street Journal of plans to capitalize on English’s dominance as the international language, with the British Council and American organizations offering to help anyone in the world who wanted to learn to speak it.

Now I’m sure, the man is looking for a new job and to immigrate to US the same time!!!

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Brown to calm economy fears

Gordon Brown has said the UK is well placed to deal with global economic crises, after figures showed sharp decline in house prices.

The prime minister said a 2.5% fall in March, recorded by the Halifax, should be seen in the context of 10 years of big increases and low interest rates. He added that the government was not a “spectator” and was “always vigilant” on global economic difficulties. He insisted the UK was in a much better position than in the early 1990s.

The next question is… Gordon what to you take, because the man is under strong illusions!

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Eurotunnel shows profit

Wow! Believe it or not, Eurotunnel has reported its first annual profit, boosted by its huge programme of debt restructuring.

The company that runs the tunnel between Britain and France reported a net profit of 1m Euros in the whole of 2007. That included a 3.3m euro exceptional profit from its capital restructuring.

The company has struggled with its debt levels since the tunnel was opened in 1994, but it finally reached agreement with its creditors last year. “The year 2007 proves that the new Eurotunnel group has broken with its past,” the company said in a statement.

You never know now, Euro-Disney in Paris might report profits as well!!!

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