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Amazon used neo-Nazi guards

Another embarrassing moment of neo Nazis have infiltrated our lives or one more incident of the new reality where neo-Nazis in the name of democracy don’t ovineed to hide anymore? We need to do something in Europe quickly because these groups of criminals have started becoming more and more visual and we must stop them here and now.

“Amazon is at the centre of a deepening scandal in Germany as the online shopping giant faced claims that it employed security guards with neo-Nazi connections to intimidate its foreign workers. Germany’s ARD television channel made the allegations in a documentary about Amazon’s treatment of more than 5,000 temporary staff from across Europe to work at its German packing and distribution centres.

The film showed omnipresent guards from a company named HESS Security wearing black uniforms, boots and with military haircuts. They were employed to keep order at hostels and budget hotels where foreign workers stayed. “Many of the workers are afraid,” the programme-makers said. The documentary provided photographic evidence showing that guards regularly searched the bedrooms and kitchens of foreign staff. “They tell us they are the police here,” a Spanish woman complained. Workers were allegedly frisked to check they had not walked away with breakfast rolls.”

From the Independent

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