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Women’s Critical Role in the Food Chain by Rene Wadlow

15 October is the U.N. designated International Day of Rural Women. It is a day in which to highlight the need to increase food production, especially in those countries that face a persistent food deficit. There is a need to increase production, create better storage methods to prevent post-harvest loss, and improve distribution methods.

Women play a crucial role in every link of the food chain: production, storage, marketing, and finally in the preparation of food for the family. Therefore it is important to look at some of the blocks and drawbacks that prevent better production and to analyse the persistent inequalities and discrimination that women face at the village level — discrimination in schooling, especially at the technical and higher levels, discrimination in land ownership and land tenure, discrimination in inheritance of land and access to resources. We must look at what factors stand in the way of transforming gender relations and of eliminating gender inequalities. Promoting gender equality is an important part of a development strategy that seeks to enable all people — women and men alike — to escape poverty and to improve their standard of living.

farm01_400We must look not only at drawbacks but give special attention to methods used for the empowerment of women and gender equality in the food cycle. There are a growing number of households headed by women in rural areas. The reasons vary but most often the reasons are associated with migrations, divorce, abandonment, widowhood, civil strife, and absent-father adolescent parenthood. I will use examples from Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia where I have worked.

The division of labor between men and women in agriculture can vary greatly from one ethnic group to another even within a limited region and often concerning the same crops and activities. That is why all generations are dangerous and why detailed study of specific patterns is important. A useful tool for study is the gender tool kits prepared by the World Bank’s Gender Analysis and Policy Section. While one may be justly critical of some of the World Bank’s loans and policy directives, the Bank has developed good guides for research such as Monica Fong and Anjana Bhushan’s Toolkit on Gender in Agriculture. See the Bank’s GenderNet http://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/gender). The Net has two subsection on gender in Africa and gender in Latin America and the Caribbean. (1)

While recalling the danger of generalizations, there are nevertheless certain patterns that one finds so often that such patterns merit special attention — such as food preparation nearly exclusively by women. Thus it is important to note both the work in the fields, at the market, but also in the home with the preparation of food and care of children if we want to have a complete picture of the role of women. Household division of labor needs to be looked at closely. Because women in Vietnam do the household budgeting, it is often assumed that women do not need independent access to resources and that they have full control over household income regardless of who earns it. Field research now indicates that this is not always the case and thus it is necessary to look closely at the decision-making structure of rural households to see if there are unmet needs.

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How Dare She ! by Leah Sellers

Well, what did you expect, Ladies ?

Especially those of you who Voted the Trumpian King into the American Presidency.

Yes, the Pussy Cat Grabbin’ (just because He can) Cheatin’, Lyin’, Usin’ and Abusin’ Womanizin’ Trumpian CEO Autocrat has been given tremendous Power over your Bodies, Minds, Hearts and Souls, Ladies.

And all of this present day (soon to disappear into another nano-second guided Algorithimic News Cycle) Circus of Chaos, HeartBreak, MindBlow and SoulRot is over another fine, upstandin’, possible Sex Offender Judge Kavanaugh’s ambition to be a LifeTime Supreme Court Judge, and all of the Republican Gangland Gameplayin’ to get him there over the corpse of a Truly Good Man, and former Teacher of Bret Kavanaugh, Judge Merrick (Oops ! He was former President Obama’s Centrist pick that the Republicans ran over with a Mack-Rack Truck). Oh well !

haras01_400And Ladies, if you have ever been Raped or Sexually Assaulted or had a Man hold his Hand over your Mouth to suffocatingly keep you from hollerin’ for Help, then you understand why the folks who are calling Professor Christine Blasy Ford dazed and con-fused are themselves twistedly and or ignorantly dazed and con-fused.

The Fear based Terror and Loss of Selfhood hurled upon the Lady, soon to be a Victimized-Survivor, is not something you Ever ForGet. The Dark Force within that Man during that Moment in Time (which lasts for a Life time for the Woman so Wronged and Wounded on so very many levels), and all of the things he forced her to Feel and Think and have to Deal with for the rest of her Life, is something Never ForGotten.

Women do not like talking about it or turning their Life-Wounding over to Others, because in most Cultures the Woman is almost always seen to be somehow at fault for the Incident. And the Others have a tendency to make a horrible Mess of things. Leaving the Wounded Woman even more greatly Wounded.

What were You wearing ? What did You do to bring it on ? What did You say to make him Act that way ? Are you Easy ? Were you drinking ? Are you a Party Girl ? Maybe he misunderstood Your intentions in the matter. Maybe You didn’t say “No” convincingly enough……..

And now, Ladies and Gents, Wife and Mother, Christine Blasey Ford, who tried to make her Painful Life Altering Kavanaugh Incident known as a matter of her Civic and Patriotic Duty to the entire Nation before he was elevated to one of the highest positions in the Land, but Anonymously, has been outed (for whatever fair and just or unfair and unjust Reasonings or UnReasonings).

And thusly, the fury of Hurricane ’How Dare She” comprised of the Red Ragin’ Republicans and their Womanizin’, PUssy Cat Grabbin’ Autocratic Trumpian King, and his Sycophants and MAGA Fans, is headed straight for Christine Blasey Ford’s Reputation, her Job, her Family and her very mortal Life.

She chose to go Beyond her Personal Fears for herself and her Family to reveal what she Knows to Be a very UnComfortable and InCon-venient Truth in a Moment of Time shared with Bret Kavanaugh in her Life, that Changed her Life ForEver, but seemingly had no effect/affect on Bret Kavanaugh’s Life at all……until Now, that is. “How Dare She” !

And is she to get a Fair Hearing ? Is the Incident to be Investigated as She wants it to Be, although, apparently, Kavanaugh and his Republican Congress and Fan Base do not ?

Is it to be just another Cruel, Forever Life Changing Moment in Time for Christine, while Bret walks away untouched and unscathed once again ?

Is she to be just another Woman in History put in her Place, so that, yet again, a Man may rise to a more Powerful Place in which he can tell many Other Women what they too, Can and Cannot Do with their very Own Bodies and Lives ?

Yes, Ladies and Gents, How Dare She ?!


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