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Art That Moves & Art That Moves Us

The Ovi team invites you all to be part of David Sparenberg’s video project and participate into CROSSING THE THRESHOLD TOGETHER

This unique video project for a changing planet, CROSSING the THRESHOLD TOGETHER, is about tough love confrontations with real problems and realizable possibilities, bringing creative and spiritual perspectives into focus in a dedicated effort to stimulate dialogue and healing.  While acts of beauty are recognized and invoked, the project is not an aesthetic exercise, much less escapist art.

Our budget goal is $25,000 and budget will pay for complete production work—video shoots, equipment, studio time, travel—plus honorarium for participating artists. The call here goes out to all who are awake, alert and aware to support this effort to awaken, inspire and motivate a greater majority to participate in furthering the democratization of ecological and humanitarian responsibility.

The project will create a series of short videos, numbering 15-20, based on selected compositions from LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS, volumes one & two.  Videos will be of 4-7 minute duration and posted free as a global outreach effort.  Videos will include author voiceovers of compositions, scrolled texts, still images and live footage, traditional and original music and traditional and improvisational dance.  Some videos will be made in both English and Spanish. All videos will be freely distributed as perception changing cultural tools.

Free downloads of LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTICTIONS (the project’s base script book) are available at http://www.ovimagazine.com/cat/56.  Volume one is published from Helsinki, Finland and accessible through the foregoing link; volume two is a work in progress nearing completion, with publication to coincide with this video project.

Video shoots will take place between August and October, 2013 and will explore the environments and eco systems of the Pacific Norwest—Western Washington & the Oregon Coast—and American Southwest—in an around Moab, Utah and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Each completed video will be posted immediately on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

In this fundraising campaign my friend and I are turning to those who understand the seriousness and urgency of the planetary condition so that through this project we can reach out to those who do not yet grasp the importance of change–most especially we seek to reach out to parents, families and the youth of the world.

CROSSING the THESHOLD TOGETHER is a good project and you are invited to join us and assure its success.  The project is approached in the wisdom of the astronaut who said, “Failure is not an option.” Consider: if only 1,000 persons of the some seven billion of us contributes merely $25 each, we will achieve full budget to fully extend our outreach, contributing to a common future of diversity, dignity, dialogue and democracy.

Here is a text that will provide the theme for one of the projects many eco-culture and educational videos: 


I pray today that there will be peace  That peace will be a lasting breath inside of all living  That peace will be deep breathing  That peace will wing out in every direction traveling through the many colored spirals of time and space

I pray that stones will speak and wind will listen lifting the heavy properties of stone into the warm light of sun  That tall trees will pray from roots of wisdom  That watery darkness will respect tree-prayer  And that Earth—abused elder all around and ailing—will find solace in our new humility and forgive and protect us 

Live Earth has a guardian angel

I pray today that there will be peace  That if I am not gifted enough to add light to light I may be poor enough to add nothing to conflict  That if I am not wise enough to suggest solutions I am foolish enough to treat every stranger as a friend  That as I am not complex enough to be clever I may yet remain simple enough to be honest 

I pray today that there will be peace  Not weak peace which is sallow emaciated cold and compromised  That vanishes quickly at the end of words  That is dreamless groundless and conceived without a home  That peace rather then that dreams in spectrums of senses is multi-dimensional that carries dreams to distant worlds  That stands in bright circles of prayer as in green-fire  That is beautiful and supple as limbs of lovers  That is moved by desire  That is hot with hope 

Better to error on the side of love: Peace forever young

I pray today that there will be peace That the peace of this prayer will have many children

That the children of peace will inherit the Earth 


Artists who have agreed to participate in the CROSSING THE THRESHOLD TOGETHER video project currently include the following:

David Sparenberg, international author of LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS and THE GREEN TROUBADUR SOURCE BOOK; actor & project director

THERERubina, Marcos & David Carmona, CARMONA FLAMENCO, with Guest Artist Ana Montes

The MONKEY PUZZLE ORCHESTRA, a band of world music musicians

Margaret “Magda” Hemmerlin, singer & performance artist

Astrid Allan, photographer & model

John D’Onofrio, nature photographer & Monkey Puzzle musician

Mary Margaret Moore, choreographer, dancer & physical theater actress

Gary Selness, SelnesSongs, musician & audio engineers

special contributions from Bert Monterona, award winning painter & mural artist

THERE IT IS & WE NEED ALL THE SUPPORT WE CAN GET.  Every contribution opens a possibility.  PLEASE CONTRIBUTE.

For project specific comments and questions, please email:shadowstoneTao@yahoo.com

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Joe Jackson’s father figure!

Do I get it right or is something wrong with me? Isn’t it Joe Jackson the man who bullied his sons and barbarically tyrannized Michael Jackson and tortured him? Isn’t it the man who is the real problem and the excuse behind everything happened to the pop star and probably what followed until the end? The very same man who advertised his new copycat company that was going to based on his sons and the very same man who was sharing smiles ay the funeral obviously promoting his business plans and expecting the mourning musicians to help him.

How this man has turned to be the good farther – patriarch figure who can guarantee a safe and stable future for Michael’s kids is a mystery to me! Was it his idea to put the kid in front the microphone and wasn’t it his idea to turn the whole thing into a circus planning to turn even the Neverland ranch into an entertaining park with Michael’s grave in the middle. Apparently I will not be surprised if he will announce a new church for Saint Michael with him as the pope!

This is definitely sick business and unfortunately Michael’s kids are following his steps!

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Jacksons ‘plan private ceremony’

Pop star Michael Jackson‘s family is to hold a “private function” at a Los Angeles cemetery, police confirmed the event would be taking place at the Forest Lawn Cemetery, but it has not been confirmed if the singer would be buried there.

A memorial service for the singer is due to take place a few hours later.

Private with …1.5million waiting outside to enter?

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Madonna kicks off world tour

Madonna has begun her latest world tour in Cardiff, unveiling a stage show that involved 250 crew, £1m of jewellery, 16 dancers and eight costume changes.

And now my question does it include any …music? I doubt!!!

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Enjoying Life in Another Way

Life can be very busy if you let it be so, but once you make yourself relax, and sit down at a small round wooden table in a cosy coffee shop located in the city centre where you can still find your own inner peace, watching the steam rising up from the cup, enjoying the strong coffee smell mixed with chocolate and sweets, while the air is so clean and warm inside that you can feel the notes dancing on your skin when the music flows in the room gently, people are talking in different languages which are so pleasant that you even find it rhymes with the music in a special way, at that moment, you could drift into your own world…

By Frances Zheng

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