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The Ovi Bookshop may not have shelves, but you can still find a variety (even in languages) of PDF books stocked here. Over time, we will be adding more titles to our selection and offer the possibility of digitally printing the books, so you can actually hold it in your hands.

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Prof. Emanuel L. Paparella’s: Aesthetic Theories of Great Western Philosophers

aesthetic_theoriesProfessor Emanuel L. Paparella – familiar to all the readers of Ovi magazine – is the writer of the book: “Aesthetic Theories of Great Western Philosophers” Ηιs second book with Ovi. In twenty chapters, twenty philosophers study the evolution of art and aesthetics.

Borrowing the author’s words from his prologue: “The students complained that they found the reading hard going. Some of them had never taken a philosophy course before. In an attempt to alleviate their difficulties I decided to attempt a simplification, a sort of Ockam’s razor of several entries and definition of aesthetic theories as outlined in Wertenberg’s anthology.

“I simply eliminated the reading themselves, although I left quite a few quotes from each philosopher or artist and focused rather on simplifying and explaining their theoretical thinking and definitions of Art. In other words, while the inspiration for those notes came directly from the text itself, my function as a commentator was that of simplifying, as best I could, the complex aesthetic theories of the great philosophers of Western Civilization and thus make the students more aware of the rich aesthetic tradition of Western Civilization as expressed philosophically.”

And at least for me he succeeded to his aim 110% and if you think that I exaggerate I challenge you to read the book.

Download from: HERE!

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Professor Ernesto Paolozzi’s “Benedetto Croce: The Philosophy of History and the Duty of Freedom”

CroceOvi presents Professor Ernesto Paolozzi’s new book titled: “Benedetto Croce: The Philosophy of History and the Duty of Freedom.”

Benedetto Croce was an Italian idealist philosopher, and occasionally also politician. He wrote on numerous topics, including philosophy, history, methodology of history writing and aesthetics. He was a prominent liberal, although he opposed laissez-faire free trade, and had considerable influence on other prominent Italian intellectuals including both Marxist Antonio Gramsci and fascist Giovanni Gentile. That according to Wikipedia.

But Benedetto Croce was much much more and this is the much more that is what Professor Ernesto Paolozzi, Professor of History and Philosophy at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University, Naples and member of the Italian Commitee for historical studies, introducing us in his book.

Note that the superb translation from Italian is from Dr. Massimo Verdicchio; Professor of Italian at the University of Alberta, Canada and the introduction to the book is written by Professor Emanuel L. Paparella, director of the summer study abroad program for University of Central Florida and Broward College.

Download from: HERE!

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5 new books for the Ovi shelves

ovicover_02_03_13This must be the first time we publish so many books in such thematic variety the same time. And we keep our aim to have some new books in the beginning of every month. Five new books. From economics and environment to photography and from sensing ideas and thoughts to cartoons. Ovi definitely covers every issue even when it comes to books! Just check the Ovi Bookshop and it is all there!

1.  “Campaigning for Environmental and Cultural Integrity” Murray Hunter

2. “The Green Troubadour Source Book” David Sparenber

3. “The first line Of personal care Entrepreneurship”. Murray Hunter

4. “Ovi in Finnish means doors” Ovi Team

5. “Just a salad please!” Thanos Kalamidas

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