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The Fate of Poets – New EBook

Ovi Magazine celebrates the World Humanitarian Day adding a new Book in its shelves. “The Fate of Poets” David Sparenberg’s fourth EBook with Ovi magazine, dedicated to 45 years poem writing.

The poet is a response waiting for an answer.

Please do download The Fate of Poets, for FREE HERE!

Enjoy the reading!


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The Caligula Presidency: The EBook


The Caligula Presidency: The EBook
Download the Ebook in PDF and epub/mobi format for your tablets and telephones – always for FREE, HERE: http://www.ovimagazine.com/cat/56

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Teaching MySelf to Walk Again by Leah Sellers

Teaching MySelf to Walk Again
I have always Loved Watching Toddlers
The way they pull ThemSelves up from the Ground
Usually finding SomeThing Solid to Hang Onto
As they hoist ThemSelves to their Feet
They so want to Bi-Pedal around
Like the Adults they so want to Emulate
cane01_400Once up, they let go of the SomeThing Solid
And seek to Step Out all on their Own
Bravely and Adroitly all on their Own
They Teeter
They Totter
They sometimes spread their arms out like Fledglings
Seeking to better Balance ThemSelves
One Step – Two Steps
Teeter Totter
More Bird Wing Arm Wobbles
And so it goes
Since getting my way overdue
But much needed Surgery
Thanks to a Good Hearted Medical Community
Led by a Virtuous Surgeon
I have become an Adult Toddler
I have gone from Plugging along behind
A wheeled Walker
To Two Walking Canes
To One Walking Cane
I do not want to have to Use a Walking Cane
I actually resent my Cane
My Dependence upon it
But, I have not Walked normally for almost ten years
For ten years much of my musculature weakened
As other parts of it Strengthened, while compensating
For the parts of my Body which demanded less Use
In Response to the severe and debilitating Pain
Of Broken Parts left Broken
By the Predatory Practices and Non-Practices of the State of Texas
And the Ethical Ground they have allowed
The All Powerful Insurance Companies
To Buy Out from under all of her Citizens
So, every day, after my many required Daily Exercises
After my Daily Walk
I find SomeThing Solid to Hang Onto
I put my Cane aside
I Seek to Step out all on my Own
Bravely and Adroitly all on my Own
I Teeter
I Totter
I sometimes spread my arms out like a Fledgling
Seeking to better Balance MySelf
One Step – Two Steps
More Bird Wing Arm Wobbles
And so it goes
Where is that Cane ?
As I grab hold of my Cane
I Resolve MySelf to See it as a Temporary Friendly Tool
Not a Thing of Permanent Dependency
A Crutch
I take a Deep Breath
I Seek Patience with MySelf and my Rehabilitation Process
Like it or not
I am an Adult Toddler
I Teeter
I Totter
And so it goes……..


Check Leah Seller’s EBOOK
A Young Boy/Man’s Rage, and A Knife He Wanted to Be a Gun
You can download it for FREE HERE!


Ovi magazine

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Melancholy by Dr. Lawrence Nannery

Slowly you come on, slowly you press down.
Seeping and soothing, but darkening my dreams.
Soon my futures are all dun.

Get away, you bitch!
I’ll have to look over my shoulder, walk zigzag, hide in coverts —
Anything to avoid you, you nasty brute you.

melanch01_400I’m tired of shoving you off me, you monstrous incubus,
Tired of carrying you, as though I owed you something.
You swell up behind my eyes and darken everything.
You act as though you have the right to.

Here I lie abed, with you on top of me.
Push here, and you flop over to there.
Suffocating, formless, unanswerable, refusing to shake hands,
Or obey rules, or be fair, or rest awhile, or be shamed.

Stand back! Roll away!
Or I’ll beat you with this stick.
I’ll beat myself on the head until you go away.
Oh, stop arguing that there is a good reason for all this.

I’ve succumbed to you too many times.
No more!
Believe me, if I could just get hold of you,
I’d take you by the throat. I’d do you serious harm.

I’m too old for this crap anymore, these pictures with black borders.
All that crap. … I will outlast you, do you in,
I’ll give a public demonstration of your dissipation
And then, with no explanation, give myself a celebration.

What I need are glad sunrises, and an end to black borders,
Soothing love, bountiful beauty, warm mirth.
Because when you roll in, blocking the light,
You smother all good things, pale them in spite.


Check Dr. Lawrence Nannery’s Poetry Collection:
“Translations from the Cinema”
You can download them for FREE HERE!



Ovi magazine

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From Ovi bookshelves #29


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by | April 3, 2016 · 9:17 am

The Aesthetics of Benedetto Croce

Ovi publications present Professor Ernesto Paolozzi’s new book “The Aesthetics of
Benedetto Croce”

“It is high time that Croce too, like Vico, be rediscovered and appreciated in his own right, as the other great modern Neapolitan philosophical genius that he is. Paolozzi’s books are undoubtedly a giant step in that direction.”

Download the book for FREE HERE!


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The Magic Inside

xmas_400“North Pole. Maybe the coldest place to be. Blinding, bright white snow to where eyes can see. Short, frozen days and long, dark nights. “Of course they are dark! They are nights!”

Shhhhh! I’m trying to tell a story here.

“Now, where was I? Oh, right. Night falls quickly around here. And beautiful nights they are! Northern lights are waving in smooth and bright colours and reflect on the snow making the whole place shining like being under a huge disco ball. Everyone in Santa’s workshop when their shift is over, grab the guitars, the drums, the flutes and the trumpets, the accordions and run out. Some play the violin; and as always, the twin elves, Miny and Mo are carrying their piano gasping with their pink tongues hanging out of their identical mouths, for a sonata with four hands in D major. “It’s B-flat major, you dummy”, Miny tries to correct me. “It’s Mo! Miny said about the “dark” nights!”


It’s an Ovi Christmas tradition. Just like the Christmas tree. A Christmas story.

From our very beginnings, kids have been one of our priorities and we always try to find ways to give them something especially to the ones between the ages of 5 and 105! So now, Mika Moose and the magpie, have new friends in the fantastic world of Santa’s workshop. Rudolph the snail and Joe the brave dog. These two are amazing and just the beginning in a worlds full of magic.

Rudolph and Joe came from a great story teller, Katerina Charisi to Santa’s workshop and we are all Christmassy grateful!

To enjoy this book you must read it aloud to your kids, your grandkids, any kids and make sure that you make all the right voices!

You can download for FREE the book HERE!

Merry Christmas

Thanos Kalamidas

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