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Burma closures camp

A senior UN official has said that any coercion of Burmese cyclone victims to return home is completely unacceptable.

Terje Skavdal’s remarks follow reports that Burma’s military government had begun to evict homeless families from some government-run emergency camps. It has given them bamboo poles and tarpaulins and told them to go and rebuild their lives, say reports.

An estimated 2.4m people remain homeless and hungry following Cyclone Nargis, which struck on 2 May. Mr. Skavdal, head of the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said he could not confirm the camp closures but pointed out that the agency did not endorse premature return to areas with no services.

“People need to be assisted in the settlements and satisfactory conditions need to be created before they can return to their place of origins,” said Mr. Skavdal. “Any forced or coerced movement of people is completely unacceptable.”

After the cyclone the Myanmar gangsters on uniform kill the survivors themselves!

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Burma neighbors in talks

The Association of South East Asian Nations is holding urgent talks to discuss ways of helping Burma‘s cyclone victims.

Foreign ministers meeting in Singapore hope Burma’s military rulers – who have so far blocked most large-scale foreign aid offers – will accept Asean help. But correspondents say the grouping cannot force a solution on a member, as decisions are only made by consensus.

Burma says some 78,000 people have died since the cyclone hit on 2 May. But aid agencies say many more may die without urgent help – according to Save the Children, some 30,000 acutely malnourished children less than five years of age in Burma are threatened by death from starvation.

Let’s see, a bit more push and the dictators might go to a cyclone …hell for good and leave Burma free!

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France angered by Burmese delays

France‘s ambassador to the UN has accused Burma‘s government of being on the verge of committing a crime against humanity by not accepting foreign aid.

Jean-Maurice Ripert made the comment during a General Assembly session, after Burma’s UN ambassador accused France of sending a warship to region. France says the ship is carrying 1,500 tons of food and medicine for survivors of Cyclone Nargis. State TV has put the official death toll of the 2 May storm at 78,000.

For how long? How long these people are going to rule this poor country? How long the international community will let these criminals rule the lives of the Burma people?

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Burma death toll 78,000

The official death toll for Burma‘s cyclone disaster has jumped to almost 78,000 people, with nearly 56,000 missing, according to state TV.

Previously, Burma was giving a toll of 43,000 dead and 28,000 missing while the Red Cross and United Nations had estimated a death toll above 100,000. Aid agencies are frustrated at the slow progress of aid to areas worst hit. Cyclone Nargis battered southern regions of Burma, including the Irrawaddy Delta, on 2-3 May.

The dictators of Burma must go soon, the longer they stay the higher the dearth roll will be!

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Burma votes amid cyclone

A constitutional referendum is being held in Burma despite calls from the outside world for a postponement after last week’s devastating cyclone.

Voting is under way in most of the country – but has been delayed in the worst-hit areas, including Rangoon. The poll comes amid mounting international criticism of Burma’s military rulers for their handling of the response to the crisis. They say they will welcome overseas aid but not foreign relief workers.

The UN fears the death toll from the cyclone could reach 100,000. The referendum has been postponed for two weeks in Rangoon, the country’s main city, and the Irrawaddy delta, which took the full force of Cyclone Nargis. The country’s ruling generals say the referendum will pave the way for democratic elections in 2010, while the opposition says it is intended to tighten the generals’ rule.

Democracy might not feed people but definitely saves lives and Burma nowadays is the best prove why the dictators must go the soonest possible.

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Burma aid delays

Burma‘s dictators are facing growing international concern over their reluctance to accept foreign aid, days after the devastating cyclone.

The UN says its planes carrying vital food supplies cannot enter because they still do not have permission to land. The regional Asean group has urged the military regime to allow in aid flights “before it’s too late”.

A US diplomat said conditions were “horrendous” and warned the death toll could top 100,000 if they worsened. Teams reaching some of the worst-hit areas have described harrowing scenes. Some aid workers reported bodies rotting in the fields and desperate survivors fighting over food and water.

What the dictators’ fear? That with food the airplanes will bring democracy?

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Aid call from Burma

International agencies are pushing to gain access for a massive aid operation in Burma, where the toll from Saturday’s cyclone continues to rise.

State media say 10,000 people died in one town alone, and put the number of dead at 15,000. Hundreds of thousands of people are said to be without clean water and shelter, with some areas still cut-off.

Burma’s dictators say they will accept external help, in a move correspondents say reflects the scale of the disaster. The military government has traditionally been suspicious of aid agencies, limiting their activities.

Perhaps this catastrophe is a chance for the dictators the drug dealers of Burma to go for good!

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