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Child porn arrests in Australia

Seventy people have been arrested in Australia in a nationwide operation to crack down on the use of images of child sex abuse posted on the internet.

The arrests, which include a policeman and several teachers, followed a six-month investigation by police into pedophile communities online. The probe was launched after 99 explicit pictures were posted by a hacker on a respected European website.

Over 76 hours, the site had 12 million hits from 150,000 users in 170 nations. More than 2,800 internet protocol (IP) addresses were traced back to Australia and then identified by police.

Good, there is no other comment here!

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Austria’s Fritzl custody

The Austrian man accused of imprisoning his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathering seven children with her is to appear before a judge.

The judge in the town of St Poelten is expected to decide whether Josef Fritzl should remain in custody while police investigations continue. Mr. Fritzl has said he was driven by an addiction that “got out of control”.

Speaking through his lawyer, he said he had locked up his daughter Elisabeth to protect her from the outside world. The statement was carried by the Austrian magazine News. Mr. Fritzl has been in detention in St Poelten, capital of Lower Austria province, since his arrest at the end of April.

He was originally remanded in custody for 14 days. Over the past few days, police have been questioning dozens of people who had connections with Josef Fritzl and his family. And they have been searching the cellar dungeon inch by inch.

Are they going to take him out of the cell and hold him in the cellar of his own house? That they even talk about it proves that justice is really blind!

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Austrian sex captor

Austrian police are continuing to question an elderly man who admitted holding his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathering her seven children.

Police said Josef Fritzl also admitted burning the body of a baby who died at the house in Amstetten, Lower Austria. Mr. Fritzl, 73, remains in custody. His daughter, now 42, and her six surviving children have been taken into care.

A lawyer for the victims said the case showed no sign of institutional failure on behalf of the Austrian authorities. “Up until now there is no sign that there was any mistake by officials,” the lawyer, Christoph Herbst, was quoted as saying by the Austrian Press Agency (APA).

“If there had been such a mistake we would obviously have to talk about it.” However, Austrian media are questioning how such grave crimes went undetected for so long.

Definitely there is something wrong with the Austrian society but I have the sense that there is something wrong with all the societies as well. Would any of us understand if there was something like that in our neighborhood? Most of us have no idea who lives next door!

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Pope attacks US sex abuse record

Pope Benedict XVI has criticized US bishops for their handling of child sex scandals, saying their response to the crisis had sometimes been very poor.

He laid part of the blame for the crisis, of which he feels “deeply ashamed”, on a breakdown in US values. On his first official US visit, the Pope said he hoped the “time of trial” would help start a Church purification.

On Thursday, the German Pontiff is due to celebrate Mass for 45,000 people at a new Washington baseball stadium. On Wednesday morning, thousands of guests welcomed the Pope, who was 81 on Wednesday, to his first White House meeting with President George W Bush.

What’s the matter; he feels that he has paid too much? I mean with all these cases involving catholic priests it seems like the American bishop is Michael Jackson and the catholic cathedral inside the Neverland!!!

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