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The Ovi magazine today

Mass murder in Australia by Thanos Kalamidas
The pictures of dead nature, humans and life from Australia that are circulating around the world this moment are horrifying and there are no words to describe the catastrophe on so many levels.

Almost like Backstreet Boys Live by Edna Nelson
The best thing about Helsinki City Theater’s “Spring Awakening” was the first song done by the male cast. Most reviews about the performance are favorable but I’m of a different mind…

“A Ballad Upon a Wedding” by The Ovi Team
Today marks the 400th anniversary of poet Sir John Suckling’s birth. Suckling was an English Cavalier poet whose best known poem may be “A Ballad Upon a Wedding” and it is reproduced here for you to enjoy.

For the Moment: No Smoking by Patrick McWade
Patrick McWade shares one of his cartoon series with Ovi…

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Australian troops goodbye to Iraq

Australia, one of the first countries to commit troops to the war in Iraq five years ago, has ended its operations there.

Australian troops are due to begin returning home in a few days in line with a promise by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who swept to power in November. He said the Iraq deployment was making Australia more of a terrorist target.

The Australians had deployed more than 500 troops in Iraq, helping to train some 33,000 Iraqi soldiers. About 300 Australians will remain inside Iraq on logistical and air surveillance duties. No Australian soldiers were killed in combat in Iraq though several were wounded.

Not that 500 men staying is making a lot of difference but them leaving it will make!

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