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The caricature dictator of Zimbabwe shows his real face

Mugabe is showing his real face, more than 50 Zimbabwean opposition supporters have been arrested after staging a strike, the party says. Police have accused the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) of trying to incite violence with their strike call, in protest at delayed poll results.

Correspondents say the strike had little impact as 80% of Zimbabweans are without a job. The poll crisis is also likely to be raised at a UN Security Council session to be attended by some African leaders. South African’s leader Thabo Mbeki called for the special meeting, which is supposed to be about how the UN can work with the African Union to bring peace to the Africa’s conflicts, from Somalia to Sudan’s Darfur region.

So this is it, we were expecting it but we all thought that something will stop him the last moment; the man is Africa’s Hitler and proves it day after day. The man must be stopped now!

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