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US air strike kills ‘Iraq allies’

If you have …allies like this you definitely don’t need …enemies!!!


Six people have been killed in a US air strike near the Iraqi town of Samarra, with some reports suggesting they were US-allied anti-al-Qaeda Sunni fighters. The US denied claims by a police source and a militia member that those killed at the checkpoint were members of an Awakening Council. The US-funded groups are credited with helping to curb the level of violence.

It came as four more US soldiers were killed in Iraq, bringing the death toll since the 2003 invasion close to 4,000. Three soldiers died when a roadside bomb hit their vehicle near Baghdad on Saturday, the US military said. Another US soldier died after a rocket or mortar attack on Friday, bringing estimated US fatalities to 3,996.

Whoever takes over after George W. Bush has a lot of cleaning and explanation to do especially to …allies!


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