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Iran’s dictators execute dignity ones more

Human rights groups have protested against the execution on Friday of a young Iranian woman for a murder committed when she was 17 years old.

Amnesty International said it was outraged by Delara Darabi‘s hanging and that she did not get a fair trial. The head of Iran’s judiciary had recently granted a two-month stay of execution but her lawyer says this was disregarded by the prison authorities. Ever since her confession Ms Darabi, an artist, had said she was innocent. She said she had taken the blame to save her boyfriend. Her case received international attention after dramatic paintings and drawings created in her cell were seen around the world.

When it comes to dictatorships especially freak religious dictators, disgust is not enough!

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S. Asia ‘focus for al-Qaeda fight

Washington has pinpointed the frontier areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan as the most pressing central point in which to win the war on terror.

Michael Chertoff, the US secretary for homeland security, said that successes against al-Qaeda should not lead to a weakening of resolve. He warned that militants in Pakistan were training recruits who could mix inconspicuously in Western society.

He questioned whether Pakistan’s rulers had the right strategy to respond. Mr. Chertoff said the US had succeeded in pushing back al-Qaeda in Iraq and argued that Muslims in Iraq were now reacting against indiscriminate militant violence. But he warned that: “If we lose our resolution, we could find ourselves actually losing ground.”

Perhaps they should start thinking if Musharraf is an ally or a foe!

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Africa’s caricature Hitler, Mugabe and his gangsters’ army

Zimbabwe‘s army chief has told soldiers they must leave the military if they do not vote for incumbent President Robert Mugabe in next month’s run-off poll.

Chief-of-staff Maj Gen Martin Chedondo said soldiers had signed up to protect Mr. Mugabe’s principles of defending the revolution, state media reported. “If you have other thoughts, then you should remove that uniform,” he said.

Gen Chedondo was speaking at a target-shooting competition outside Harare, the Herald newspaper reported. Zimbabwe’s generals have in the past vowed never to support the main opposition candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, if he is elected in the 27 June run-off election.

That’s if you had any questions on how far Mugabe’s junta can go! Africa’s caricature Hitler is using the army now and the list for the candidates for the international courts is getting bigger. Monster torturer and idiotic gangster Martin Chedondo is definitely going to keep company to Robert in the dark cell!

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Discussing terrorism settlement with Libya

Negotiations between the United States and Libya that could result in compensation for past acts of state-sponsored terrorism by Libya are under way, a senior State Department official said Friday.

U.S. and Libyan officials met Wednesday and Thursday, the official said. The nations hope to hammer out a deal in which Libya would “resolve all outstanding claims in good faith” and offer “fair compensation” to victims and their families, he said.

“We are just at the beginning of this process. The goal is to get something that is fair and comprehensive,” the official said.

Amazing who would expect that from Muammar Gaddafi back in eighties? Life has some strange turns!

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India issues new suspect sketches

Police in India have issued three more sketches of men whom they want to question in connection with the attacks that hit the city of Jaipur this week.

A series of explosions killed 63 people and left about 200 wounded in the crowded old city on Tuesday evening. Police had already issued a sketch of a man they believe owned a bicycle used to plant one of the bombs.

Jaipur, in Rajasthan, is a popular tourist destination about 260km (160 miles) from the Indian capital, Delhi. The curfew in the old city has been lifted.

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Bin Laden targets Israel

A new audio message purported to be from Osama Bin Laden has called for Muslims to continue the fight to liberate Palestinian lands.

In a tape marking Israel’s 60th anniversary, the speaker pledged to continue fighting the Israelis and not give up “a single inch of Palestine”. The tape’s authenticity could not be verified. The last messages attributed to Bin Laden were aired in March.

The al-Qaeda leader is thought to be in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area. Friday’s message, which lasted about nine minutes, was posted on a website commonly used by al-Qaeda.

It came as US President George W Bush ended a trip to Israel coinciding with anniversary celebrations that began last week. The voice on the tape said the fight for the Palestinian cause was the most important factor driving al-Qaeda’s war with the West, and that it had fuelled the 11 September 2001 attacks on the US.

And he continues living in the fifteenth century riding his horse!

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Chechnya bomb kills five

Five police officers have been killed by a roadside bomb in Grozny, the capital of the Russian republic of Chechnya, officials have said.

The officers were working on security ahead of the inauguration of Russia’s president-elect Dmitry Medvedev. Major fighting between Chechen rebels and Russian forces has died down in recent years but hit and run attacks on security forces have continued. The attack, late on Sunday, is the most lethal in many months.

The Russian nemesis again in focus!

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