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Films that made history #6 (Ovi poster)


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by | March 19, 2016 · 10:43 am

Joe Jackson’s father figure!

Do I get it right or is something wrong with me? Isn’t it Joe Jackson the man who bullied his sons and barbarically tyrannized Michael Jackson and tortured him? Isn’t it the man who is the real problem and the excuse behind everything happened to the pop star and probably what followed until the end? The very same man who advertised his new copycat company that was going to based on his sons and the very same man who was sharing smiles ay the funeral obviously promoting his business plans and expecting the mourning musicians to help him.

How this man has turned to be the good farther – patriarch figure who can guarantee a safe and stable future for Michael’s kids is a mystery to me! Was it his idea to put the kid in front the microphone and wasn’t it his idea to turn the whole thing into a circus planning to turn even the Neverland ranch into an entertaining park with Michael’s grave in the middle. Apparently I will not be surprised if he will announce a new church for Saint Michael with him as the pope!

This is definitely sick business and unfortunately Michael’s kids are following his steps!

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Jacksons ‘plan private ceremony’

Pop star Michael Jackson‘s family is to hold a “private function” at a Los Angeles cemetery, police confirmed the event would be taking place at the Forest Lawn Cemetery, but it has not been confirmed if the singer would be buried there.

A memorial service for the singer is due to take place a few hours later.

Private with …1.5million waiting outside to enter?

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Father opposes Madonna adoption

The man believed to be the father of the Malawian child who pop star Madonna wants to adopt has said that he opposes the move.

James Kambewa told a US TV station that he would be able to look after four year-old Chifundo “Mercy” James, even though he had never met her.

He said that he wanted the little girl to be raised “as a Malawian”.
The trash musician, material girl finds the real world!!!

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Yves Saint Laurent, a creative genius died

Yves Saint Laurent, considered by many as the greatest fashion designer of the 20th Century, has died in Paris at the age of 71.

Saint Laurent changed the face of the fashion industry when he became chief designer of the House of Dior at 21. He designed clothes that reflected women’s changing role in society: more confident personally, sexually and in the work-place.

He retired from haute couture in 2002 and had been ill for some time. Saint Laurent died on Sunday evening in the French capital, the Pierre-Berge-Saint Laurent Foundation announced.

Pierre Berge, the designer’s former business and personal partner, said he had died at his home after a long illness. He did not give details. French President Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute to Saint Laurent’s “creative genius”.

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A wedding for a Bush

The daughter of US President George W Bush has got married in a private ceremony attended by 200 family and close friends at his Texas ranch.

Jenna Bush wed Henry Hager, a business student who worked as an aide to Mr. Bush’s former adviser Karl Rove. “This is a joyous occasion for our family,” said Mr. Bush in his weekly radio address.

Correspondents say the wedding has been kept out of the public eye, with airspace cleared above the ranch. Jenna’s twin sister Barbara was her maid of honor, and 14 female attendants and 14 male ushers were at the ceremony.

And keep away from politics …three Bush are more than enough for this earth!

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Dan Dare still inspires

Classic comic hero Dan Dare fired the imagination of young Britons in the 1950s and heralded the birth of hi-tech Britain, an exhibition at the London Science Museum reveals.

A British-built nuclear bomb and a prototype of the BT Tower are on display as part of the show. The museum says the Eagle comic’s space hero not only reflected but influenced the UK’s wealth of inventions during the 1950s and 60s. Portable televisions and radio alarm clocks are among the collection, capturing the upbeat spirit of Eagle.

I always loved those funny spaceships and I have to admit I always found funny the film they made inspired by Dan Dare sometime in late 80s!

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